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    in Relationships

    Life after a breakup can be very painful and lonely. Days seem endless.while.dealingwith a broken.heart. We will discuss healthy ways to mend.a.broken heart as well as rebuild and repair our self esteem.

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    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Or Is It?

    in Lifestyle

    What happens when the man is ready to end the relationship but the woman isn't? This is an interactive discussion about the different types of personalities that come out during the break up process. Nadia and Pablo discuss how they coach their clients through a difficult break up. 

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    When Breaking Up is Hard to Do...

    in Lifestyle

    If you were lucky growing up then you had great support around dating and falling in love. However if you had even greater support around responsibly and respectfully breaking-up then consider yourself more then lucky. Breaking up is hard to do, but at one point or another you’re going to have to go through the pain of it. Many of us will go through this pain some of us will encounter it quite a few times. Love is full of lessons, and breaking-up as hard as it may be, is simply one of them. Join us and our special guest, Ezekiel Goodwin this Saturday as we explore the phenomena of breaking up and more importantly how to bounce back. See you on the other side...  


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    Is closure necessary after breaking up with an ex?

    in Relationships

    The premiere show of On a Roll With Heather Nicole show! Meet your host The Heather Nicole and my co hosts, Terry Bams and Miss Debbie! Today we will talk about how necessary or unecessary it is to get closure after a break up which is a question submitted by one of our fans! We will also discuss current news as well as entertainment news. Prepare to laugh and learn all at the same time! 

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    We Are Breaking Up!!!!

    in Entertainment

    Check out the 12 RADIO SHOW. The 12 RADIO SHOW is the most innovative and interactive show on Blog Talk Radio. Tune in tonight at 9pm EST as the host, 12kyle, informs and entertains! Don't just listen to the show...be a part of the show and participate in the interactive chat room...or call in to speak with 12kyle and his co-hosts.

    On this week's episode, we will take a entertaining, comical, and romantic look at breaking up in relationships. Co-hosted by MzKayotic. We have ALL had break ups in our lives. Some were good for us. Some left us heartbroken. Don't miss this show. 

    You can listen online (www.blogtalkradio.com/12kyle) or via phone (347)215-7162. Press #1 if you want to speak to the host.

    Follow the show on twitter: @12RadioShow. Also follow the host 12kyle on twitter: @12kyle 

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    When Breaking Up is the Only Option

    in Romance

    Join us as we talk about breaking up; what causes it and why sometimes its the only option.

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    Breaking Up, Who is more impacted?

    in Radio

    When you are in a relationship and things go south, how do you breakup? Who handles it better, Men or Women? Do you agree the person that does the breaking up has the upper hand or not? Who gets over it quicker, men or women? Does the reason for the break-up matter? Do you ever get back with the person you break-up with? Is there a such thing as  relationship Karma? Feel free to call in and give your opinion @609-203-5357

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    Author Debra Rogers, He Did You A Favor: A Smart Girl’s Guide to Breaking Up,Wak

    in Entertainment

    He Did You A Favor-- these five simple words that can change your audiences lives forever!

    When Debra Rogers was eight months pregnant she discovered her husband was having an affair. A month after her daughter was born, she woke up one morning and the words “He Did You a Favor.” popped into her head. Those five simple words changed the way she saw herself, the way she saw her life, and how she was going to live it from that day forward.

    Award-Winning Author, Relationship Expert, and Queen of Breakovers. Debra Roger's is your best girl expert in the school of love. With years of dating and breakup experience, including one crushing breakup at eight months pregnant (which evolved into a supportive divorce and loving friendship)  Debra’s earned her relationship MBA. 

    Debra interview will empower and entertain your audience with a humorous hands-on look at how to navigate both good and bad relationships. She will guide your listeners through the confusion of a breakup, offering tips on how to heal, the secret to dealing with both old and new relationships and how to ultimately grow from the break-up and turn a negative into a positive by creating a better and more fulfilling life.

    Web Site: He Did You A Favor 

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    Cyber Affairs How They Are Breaking Up Relationships and Causing Divorce

    in Radio

    On this Episode of The Anthony & B.Fly Show we will be Discussing America's Latest #1 Reason for Divorce....Cyber Affairs!!! In this day and time majority of people are online in some way, rather its selling something, buying, socializing or looking for a mate. Everything people could want or desire are right at their fingertips. But Cyber Affairs have become the main reason why couples are breaking up and why married couples are getting divorce. What may seem like harmless, fun conversations with the opposite or the same sex in some cases turns into more than some could ever bargain for. So we are talking about how this happens, and what you can do to make sure you dont fall into the trap youself. So Join us for this spectaculor topic and if you have had a personal experience or know someone who has with Cyber Affairs.. Please Feel free to Call in and Join us!!

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    Breaking up is hard to do...How to break up fair

    in Education

    How many of us can say, “One of the deepest hurts I have ever experienced is that of a break up?”  You know that time, when you think you are in love and believe everything is going great only to have that love of your life suddenly disappear, disengage emotionally, and leave you wondering, “What just happened?”  Through your tears, heartache and pain you say, “I never saw it coming!”  You are feeling confused, angry, revengeful, and torn.  You can barely function because you feel like your emotions have been ripped and stripped away like a hot Brazilian wax.  OUCH!!!!  Then, all of a sudden you begin to hear that great 80’s hit by Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald blaring in your mind, “On my own, why did it end this way, on my own, this wasn’t how it was supposed to end,” while your heart breaks into various little pieces.  If you have ever felt this, Check out my new book available in August 2014, "Living Single in a Married World.  How to Survive and Thrive. It's not easy, but it is Possibe!" and listen to this radio show and learn about breaking up fair!

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    MINDS UP Sessions- 6/10 Breaking UP with the EMOTIONS that BREAK up Your LIFE

    in Spirituality

    There are Many things that put us on the edge about life such as  unhealthy relationships with money, family, spouses, lovers, friends, bosses and just people, places and things in  general that you WISH would Change to make you FEEL Better, But the TRUTH is, none of these circumstances can Shift until YOU SHIFT the emotional garbage attached to it Is OUT first!   We all GROW though things in life that may take us for a ride. Daily we all face challenges that have a tendency to make us or break us but they all stem from how we handle what is brought our way. A PAST that is TORN somehow seems to not be mendable in our Normal thinking mind; but there is a Higher Mind that is rarely utilized because of the programs placed in the mind that block you from accessing that higher thinking. It has you in a state of sleep, however, my INTENT is to wake you up and help you see there is a level of consciousness that repairs old wounds by rewiring the brain.Tune in to Find out how to control these emotions that sabotage your life. Understand how to stop looking at things from a negative perspective  and see things from a righter Light to alter the perception of it in the NOW.  Learn how to use the Emotions you feel as a guidance system to know when your OFF Track and how to get  On TRACK by creating something Greater. Don't miss this #MINDSUP SESSION. It will Free you in a major way and assist you in living a life that serves you.

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