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    Meet the World’s Worst Investor

    in Business

    We all feel like the world's worst investor sometimes. David coaches on how to handle yourself - and your portfolio - when the market is down and your confidence in your investing abilities has been dragged down with it.

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    5 Lesser-Known Rule Breakers

    in Business

    You’ve heard about Netflix – but what about Middleby? David Gardner talks about MIDD and four other lesser-known – but compelling – companies.

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    A Rule Breaker's Special Sauce

    in Business

    David Gardner shares three principles he uses when evaluating potential rule-breaking investments -- plus several principles from our listeners.

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    Red Maryland Radio #241: November 19, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    It’s an all new episode of Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.

    On tonight's show:

    Governor Hogan's decision on refugees is making waves. We discuss;
    We'll tackle the #OccupyTowson nonsense;
    The Anne Arundel School Board Nominating Commission is reopening the nomination process for two School Board seats; what does it all mean?
    The Maryland Republican Party Convention is this weekend, and some bylaw amendments are ginning up some controversy (for some);
    And Greg says that the Maryland "establishment" is coalescing around Marco Rubio. We'll discuss that, and figure out when I became "establishment."

    All that and more is why you can’t afford to miss an episode of Red Maryland Radio on the Red Maryland Network…….and don't forget that you can subscribe to all Red Maryland Network programming on iTunes and on Stitcher.

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    Calling a Solemn Assembly Starting Nov. 19 2015

    in Spirituality

    Letitia Peters has sounded the shofar calling for a Body of Christ Solemn Assembly (B.O.C.S.A.) starting today. The church is only calling the body of Christ to pray only, but there has been no real breakthrough. God has placed it in the heart of Prophetess Letitia Peters to call a Body of Christ Solemn Assembly (B.O.C.S.A.) for the church (Jews & Gentiles) worldwide to unite because people are dying due to lack of knowledge & not God’s will because the church is not obeying His Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18, Luke 24:44-49 & John 20:19-23). The church has become powerless against the devil & worse of all there is witchcraft in the church, which is breaking Jesus’/Yeshua’s heart. The church is not preaching the Word of God to demonstrate its power to heal/cure diseases caused by devils or raise the dead (Hebrews 4:12, Luke 9:1-2, 10:19, Matthew 10:1 & 18:18-20) that could save their lives.  She said, “This is not of God, but evil. I’m under illegal surveillance by rogue U.S. Feds who are abusing their power who do not want you to know that the body of Christ has given the power & authority of all devils; sickness & disease. They gave my 5 yr. old nephew the swine flu by “bio-hacking” & he is alive 6 yrs. later. They are mad with me because Donnie McClurkin is still alive.  5 yr. old Chad Carr’s inoperable brain tumor is 90% gone through prayer only, but some devils cannot come out except by prayer & fasting (Matthew 17:14-21). There is power when prayer & fasting are incorporated (http://www.manifestthetruth.com/prayer-and-fasting.html). We have to rebuke, bind, loose, & cast out devils. Devils must be cast out & not prayed out, which is part of Jesus Great Commission (www.DemonBuster.com).

  • Breaker, Breaker... 941

    in Radio

    Topics include:
    Reality Reveal
    The Village Perspective
    She Said He said

    ... and as always collectively understanding

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    Seven Principles for Long-Term Investors

    in Business

    David Gardner explains seven Foolish principles that long-term investors can use to guide how they invest – and introduces a challenge for listeners.

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    Episode 3016 - The Al Cuppett Intelligence Hour 11/19/2015

    in Paranormal

    Episode 3016 - The Al Cuppett Intelligence Hour 11/19/2015
    Al Cuppett www.alcuppett.com
    Recorded 11-19-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Thursday Night Rant - STEVIE MACK RADIO 11 19 15

    in Comedy

    #StevieMackRadio –  Thursday Night Rant   11 19 15

    Mon -Thu 10pm (PST)

    Call in 646.716.6113

    Stevie Mack (Writer/Host) takes the news, current events and pop culture, flip it up, slap it and rub it down with an urban edgy twist! Listen in as political pundits Montel Jackson, Bygh Myke and Rev. Al match wits with Stevie Mack on the "Topic of the Night"

    Visit  http://www.steviemack.com

    Follow  http://www.twitter.com/ComicStevieMack