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    Evolution Fest: 3-days with Experts in Powerful, Personal Transformation.

    in Spirituality

    Today we're speaking with Al Diaz, friend to Medium Eshne. He is an internationally recognized Visionary, Transformational Guide, and Change Agent as an International Keynote Speaker, Author, Film Producer, and Co-Founder of Rewrite Your Story. He has over 10 years experience and 1,000's of satisfied clients. He has guided many people to remember the gift, value, or purpose they bring to our world… and most importantly into their own Life.

    Evolution Fest is a three-day event held in the Los Angeles area. Hosted by Rewrite Your Story, it features leading experts in the fields of mental, emotional, physical, financial, and essential core health to help you remember your inner knowing and guide you through powerful, personal transformation. REGISTER HERE: http://bit.ly/1ewZ022 and to view the lineup and itinerary. SPECIAL CODE FOR AN EXTRA $100 OFF!!: EFEN

    • Three (3) day event hosted at a private residence in Ganesha Hills, Pomona CA
    • Friday-Sunday, June 12th, 13th, & 14th, 2015
    • Early registration: ONLY UNTIL JUNE 2ND — save $200! (register here)
    • Late registration: June 3rd until day of event

    What the event will address:
    • Being stuck in life / Feeling uninspired
    • End self-defeating patterns
    • Conquer limitations

    Resolutions event will provide:
    • Personal breakthroughs
    • Un

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    Dreamvisions 7 Radio Podcast with Dr. Emmett Miller

    in Spirituality

    Conversations with Extraordinary People with Dr. Emmett Miller

    A Conversation with Dr. Judith Orloff


    In this conversation Dr. Miller and Dr. Judith Orloff explore the potential of the mind, when it is centered and balanced, can access the spiritual power within and focus it on health and success. You will learn of Dr. Orloff’s approaches to self-healing and self-transformation, then Dr. Miller will guide you on a deep imagery journey to open to your inner wisdom and serenity.

    Enhancing Your Intuition

    Intuition plays an indispensable role in self-diagnosis, pain control, immune response and recovery from acute and chronic illness. As you nurture your intuitive healing capacity your body then provides the energy needed to create holistic methodologies that assist you in creating breakthroughs in anxiety, panic, depression, and other emotional blockages. This approach can be a bridge between traditional and complementary medicine.

    “Dr. Orloff voices the message that intuition works as a potent therapeutic force that can help us lead smarter, saner lives. She is a serene maverick.”USA TODAY

    Tags: pain recovery  bridge intuition medicine

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    Gospel Music Fest With Pastor Noel

    in Prayer

    This show will be a time of worship & praise, prophetic teaching on the importance of worship, and prayer. Rev. Jean Noel believes that worship will unlock the doors of many breakthroughs in the life of the believer. Effective Worship is essential in the life of the believer or else the gods of this world will try to receive the worship that only belongs to God. 

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    Have you heard about the latest “politically correct” terms?

    in Education

    Call us and join in the discussion! (718) 508-9419 + option #1

    Discussion  topics:

    List of politically correct terminology in corporate America;

    Communication breakdown: man doesn't leave number and goes irate when call not returned;

    The standoff in Waco: errant acts of a few giving a bad name to the many;

    Safety precautions when living with flash flooding and violent weather;

    Chronic illness, more and cases of disease and illness without explanation;

    BB King and his legacy remembered as a nation said goodbye to an influential blues legend;

    Militarization of police forces and President Obama's response at limiting supply;

    Follow the money: From militarized police to political tug of war, it's all about money;

    Rand Paul takes a stand on renewal of NSA bulk correction.

    About our program:

    Hell No! the radio show is a socially conscious water cooler talk show about what’s going on in the world as we feature guests and callers who express their thoughts. Hell No! is friendly, funny, real and focused on empowering the truth. We give a voice to people left in the dust. This program is not democratic, fascist, politically correct or a place for sacred cows. We do advocate peace, critical thought, education, reading and social awareness.

    Email us! HellNoTheRadioShow@gmail.com and to find other episodes you can play on demand anytime, please Like us on Facebook.com/HellNoTheRadioShow.

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    NBA Conference Finals Discussion, UFC 187 Dissection & Dad-Bod Debate

    in Sports

    Welcome back everyone to another edition of That Other Sports Show [!]

    Tonight, Jay and Jesse will break down the NBA conference finals. In the Western Conference we find the Houston Rockets going toe to toe with the Golden St. Warriors led by the 'Splash Brothers' Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. In the Eastern Conference we get back to the reliable LeBron James led Cleveland Cavaliers as they take on the #1 team out East the surprising Atlanta Hawks.

    Also on tap is one of the more important breakdowns of an MMA event as we head into this weekends UFC 187 event this upcoming Saturday in Las Vegas, NV. UFC 187 was going to be headlined by NOW former Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones but in the wake of his sudden legal issues we will crown a new champion for the first time since 2011 as we get to see Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson take on Daniel Cormier for the vacant LHW strap. Also, co-main eventing will be Chris Weidman as he defends his Middleweight Championship FINALLY against challenger Vitor Belfort.

    To finish everything we will welcome back to the show, Chris W. Power and his lovely friend "Double L" for some legal talk and Dad-Bod debate. 

    Listen in, tune in and enjoy [!] 

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    CLIN Show Session 2: Christian Women Living In The Now

    in Lifestyle

    The program developer, and host of LICICS Broadcasting Network is back on the Blog Talk Radio Broadcasting platform on May 20, 2015. Larry C Bardge is the founder / visionary of LICICS (Life In Crisis Impacting / Changing Solution) a multi training programs and services providing organization. The LICICS Broadcast Network goal is the effective informing, educating, impacting and changing, training, equipping, inspiring, motivating, empowering, and enriching of people lives through LICICS Radio / TV Show, LIPASS Radio / TV Show, RYGN Radio / TV Show, and CLN Radio / TV Show. And through broadcasting media audio, video, and graphic design products. So, join us on May 20, 2015 at 9:30 in the morning for the second episode of the CLIN Show Sessions. This is a show developed by the Host Larry C Bardge that will deals with the kingdom living topics concerning christian men, women, teens, youth, and family . I don't know why we think that the christian body of believer don't have hurts, wounds, setbacks, trails, breakdowns, emotional problems, choas, circumstances, difficulties, personality / lostness Crisis, Fatherlessness issues, and so much more to face and deal with on a daily basics. So I have modified a lot of my training programs and coaching material just for the Christian Body of Believers.The Christian Living iN The Now show sessions has been specifically made and design just for them.

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    * Day 3 | A 40 Day Journey | Prayer! Praise! Power! Help Us To Live Right *

    in Prayer

    Heavenly Father I Praise Your Most Precious and Awesome name

    for you Oh LORD are worthy to be Praised and there in no other God

    like you Our Jehovah.

    The Songwriter sings Bless the LORD Oh my soul and all that is within

    me Bless His Holy name. For you Oh LORD has done wonderful things

    for us Your Children. You have sent Your Son Jesus Christ who knew no

    sin Father to be sin for us. Jesus took our sins upon Himself and became 

    our Passover Lamb. Because of His Blood that was shed on Calvary's cross

    we a made right in your eyes. Father as we Pray, Praise together for these

    40 Days, Dear LORD I Pray for Your Holy Spirit Power to fall afresh on us

    Dear LORD and make us more like Jesus. Father I Pray for Breakthroughs, I

    Pray for Healing, Father I Pray for Supernatural Blessings and the Manifestation

    of Your Glory. Father there is no one like you Dear LORD...no one like You and 

    we set aside time to come to Pray, Praise and Worship You. Father as we come

    we Pray that everything that is not of You, will we washed away by the Righteous 

    Blood of Jesus Christ. Father, We Thank You, we Praise You and we Glorify Your

    Name. We lift Your Name Dear Father above All Other Names. Father, we cannot 

    Thank You Enough for Jesus Christ...Through whom we have the Gift of Eternal Life.

    Beloved, may the LORD richly Bless You for agreeing in Prayer, Praise and Power

    over the next 40 Days. It is my sincere Prayer the Great LORD move on Your Behalf

    in all aspects of your's and your families lives. Beloved as we choose to follow Jesus,

    let us be mindful of a Characteristic we identified in Noah and that Charateristic Beloved

    is "Righteousness." Righteousness Beloved is defined as "The State of Moral Perfection

    Required by God to enter Heaven." 

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    The Father Factor - Vincent Ellis White

    in Lifestyle

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America - 1-3 live in biological father-absent homes. Nine in ten Americans agree this is a crisis. Due to the "father factor", affecting most of the social issues in America today-from police brutality, to youth delinquency and academic failures-breakdowns in the system have become all too prevalent. This underscores the fact that children with involved fathers do better across every statistic on child well-being than their peers in father-absent homes. A stable at-home dad was something yearned for by author/advocate Vincent Ellis White when he was a kid. Seeing how it led to rage and rebellion in his own life, he now focuses on mentoring, healthy family advocacy, & strengthening families by way of creating awareness and open dialogue to help address similar problems faced by youths dealing with the father factor.

    He is joining us to discuss his book titled "Finding Chris My Father."  (347) 637-2319 and press 1.

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    Coach Henry --- Coach Les ---- and Kathy SHOW!!

    in Relationships

    Every day we tell ourselves lies and then live with the breakdowns of integrity that happen as we plod along bumping into the potholes of the lies. What does it look like to actually open them up and work through them. On this call Coach Henry and Coach Les will take a look at their own lives and discuss this assignment:


    Where have you lied to yourself in the last 24 hours and why.......each of us look and be prepared to share and do the work!

    This will give us the necessary information to work with and as we are always at work on integrity everyday in our lives.....bingo our training ground and development arena!

    Looking forward to great times and fun experiences to be shared by all.

    Listeners will have 10-15 minutes at the end to ask questions.

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    Make your financial dreams a reality

    in Health


    Are you tired of the worn-out, predictable advice touted in the media and from traditional financial planners? If you want to learn the rules that the truly wealthy live by, and if you desire a purposeful, passionate and prosperous life then you don’t want to miss my interview with the New York Times Bestselling author of Killing Sacred Cows, Garrett Gunderson. Garrett believes there are many amazing people with incredible gifts, but they may be limited by mistruths in their financial lives. His message is unique in that it blends the empowerment of the self-improvement industry with the technicality of the financial industry. When listeners can make the connection between their finances and their societal contributions, Garrett believes you will see phenomenal breakthroughs and increased productivity. And as people begin to prosper more—under the correct definition—we will see more happiness and abundance in the world.


    Garrett Gunderson is a highly successful entrepreneur who started his first company at the age of 15 and became a multi-millionaire by the age of twenty-six. Garrett is a winner of Utah's Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He has founded several prosperous companies, including an Inc 500 company that was named by The Utah Fast 50 program as one of the top companies in the state for entrepreneurial spirit, innovative business tactics and skyrocketing revenue growth. Garrett co-authored the highly acclaimed Curriculum for Wealth series, and is the author of the revolutionary financial book Killing Sacred Cows, a New York Times bestseller. Garrett coaches large groups of business owners and financial service professionals nationwide, and is a sought after speaker and personal finance coach.

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    Capitals Corner w/ Alan Z

    in Hockey

    Please join Alan Zlotorzynski, from NHL on the Ice for a special edition of Capitals Corner. Tonight, Alan breakdowns and previews Game 7 between the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers.

    Despite Rangers goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, 9-0 record in Game 7’s at home, Alan will tell you why the Capitals will win against the Blue Shirts. A win in the decisive game would advance the Capitals to the Eastern conference finals for the first time in the Alex Ovechkin era. If the Caps advance to the E.C.F, it would be the third time in franchise history and first time since the Caps were swept in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1998.

    Alan will also help Caps fans relive some of the best playoff moments in franchise history. Despite the doom and gloom that many say surround the club in the spring, you’ll be surprised at the success the team has had during certain points in the franchises 40 year history.

    You will also hear dressing room interviews from Capitals and Rangers players, as well as the head coaches, as they prepare for the big game tomorrow night. Follow Alan on Twitter @zlotsports and @NHLontheZlot