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    8 Rules On How To Deal With A Bad Break Up!!

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    I know it can be hard dealing with a bad Break up but tonight we will give you all some tips on how to handle yourself during a bad break up!!! Lets Turn Up!

  • How Do We Go On After A Break-Up?

    in Motivation

    Once the unbelievable happens and we break up or have to move on whether it is our choice or not, what does the next day, week, month, year look like. What do we go through and how does it feel to face the world from two to one for now? Not an easy subject, yet worth everything to talk about. Tune in and Join in on the Conversation, 5:30 AM, PST! 

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    "Relationship Tuesday" Your Relationship Isn’t Working? Break Up or Fix It!

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    There are certain issues in a relationship that are deal breakers and when you run into one of these that one question pops into your mind “Do I break up or do we work it out?” Well, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer here. In two separate relationships the two exact same situations can mean two completely different things. With that said, here are ten of the most common reasons people grow apart or want to break up and advice on how you can break up smoothly or fix things. 

    Problem: One of You Thinks the Other Is Needy. Relationships are great, but they work best when it’s two people coming together to make a greater whole. One of the most important parts of that is being an independent person who holds his own. 
    You’re in a High-Conflict Relationship. You guys fight. A lot. Even by the standards of people who fight a lot. No matter what, it seems like the two of you can’t even do the simplest things without it becoming a huge deal. In fact, constant fighting is the cause of nearly one-third of all breakups.
    Problem: Jealousy Is a Constant Undercurrent. Jealousy can originate from one person, though more often than not, it’s a dynamic that involves you both. You worry when she talks to another guy, she worries when you even mention a woman. With that kind of energy in a relationship it can be draining as well as limiting on both of your freedom. The question is how do you fix things and reverse the trend? 
    One or Both of You Is Bored. Boredom is almost inevitable in relationships if the relationship lasts long enough. It is easy to settle into a routine and routines and boredom go together like peanut butter and jelly. The question isn’t whether or not boredom is going to happen

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    Episode 33: Break up to make up

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    Is it just me or does it seem like this whole month has been nothing but relationship problems. Tyga and Kylie are yet back in the headlines for breaking up or was it all just rumors?? Rich Sex video was released and the title speaks for itself, it was nothing but sexual tension. A black protestor was punched in the throat at a Donald Trump rally. Future claims WATTBA never happened. 11pm Tune in as we have the scoop and answers to all the juiciest topics. Call in (347) 850-8600 

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    "Break Up To Make Up - The Thangs We Go Through" - IT IS WHAT IT IS on KLJN

    in Relationships

    IT IS WHAT IT IS - on KLJN 107.7   --

    This Episode: BREAK UP TO MAKE UP: The Thangs We Go Through"

    Host:  Author, Ron E. Jefferson

    Produced by LadyJaz The Entertainer

    Special Guests:  Author Nakilah Shannon

    Rapper: John 'Black' Proctor

    Love Coach: Anthony T.J. Johnson

    Music Selection:

    THE STYLISTICS - "Break Up To Make Up"

    THE PERSUADERS - "Thin Line Between Love And Hate"

    AL GREEN - "Let's Stay Together"



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    What's Your Advice On How To Break Up With Someone?

    in Social Networking

    Let's discuss some of the ways that a person can break off a relationship without hurting the other person. Join our show at 6:00 p.m. Call (818)301-5834. Let's talk out loud.

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    How To Get Over A Break Up

    in Relationships

    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

    I do not care who you are it is tough to end a relationship when it has been serious. 

    It is usually even harder if you are not the one that ends it. 

    We will talk about all that but even more important is what I have experienced that I want to share with you about it. 

    I suffered so bad after a surprise break up I thought I would never come out of it. 

    I do not believe I would have either and you may think that is crazy but if so you have never been in love and will not get this show anyway!

    If you know, you know.

    I hope to get to know some of you that know after a few shows. 

    This goes out live every night at 1am CST but you can always listen to the reruns too. 

    Just go to the website at www.breakingupnotstayingdown.com



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    LOVE WEEK #2 Do Not Ever Do These 7 Things After a Break-Up!

    in Spirituality

    Put the power of the law of attraction to work for you to save your relationship.  You can have the relationship you desire, but never do these 7 things.  When you do any of these 7 things you destroy your energy, and lower your vibration.  Focus on your intentions and become the person you mate seriously wants to return to.  

    Join Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach Robert Zink for this special law of attraction podcast on how to save your marriage or relationship.  Thousands all over the world have been help by Robert's incredible insight into the Law of Attraction.  You can too.



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    Jade Helm, Veterans Today Break up

    in Spirituality

    Jade Helm 15 is a planned United States military training exercise that is scheduled to take place over multiple states in the US from July 15 through September 15, 2015. It will involve U.S. Army Special Operations Command (SOC) with other U.S Armed Forces units in a multi-state exercise that includes Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.[1] The SOC claimed, "the size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart" from previous training exercises.[2]

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    DamnFoolz Show Season 5: Ep 4: Break-up Aftermath

    in Comedy

    DamnFoolz Show..

    We talking about Break-ups... Who's at Fault? Who moves on First? Any get Backs

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    ShowTime Synergy – EP 10 – The Bands Break Up!

    in Television

    In Episode 10 of ShowTime Synergy TFG1Mike, LadyWreck, and BeatlesDiva give you their thoughts on the next three episodes of Jem and the Holograms! This week we see that there is One Jem Too Many, and then The Bands Break Up, finally we run into The Fan!! So get truly outrageous with us here on ShowTime ...

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