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    YOU are the BRAND, not the "company"!

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    You are the brand not the company.  Please listen and learn.!

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    Build your Brand on Intention, With Natasha Davis

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    What is your brand equity? And why is it valuable? As a business owner, it is important for you to know the answer to these questions. Knowing your brand equity helps you understand the liabilities and assets linked to your brand so that you can leverage it for greater success. Join us as Natasha Davis shares her journey of branding her own companies. As she opens up about the lessons she’s learned and her successes as Chief Visionary for Visionary People, you'll learn the importance of how to transform your own brand power.


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    The Coach's Corner 8pm-10pm PST  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. 

    Home of Indie Hip Hop, Brand New Music, Live Interviews, Hip Hop News and More!

    With Host: Coach Ali 

    Call (347)-884-8745 

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    Entrepreneurs Experts Evolution: Impact Your Brand & Business w/Natasha Davis

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    This segment of the Entrepreneurs Experts Evolution will feature training segments with Business & Marketing Strategist, Natasha Davis from Impact Branding Consulting. These are syndicated podcasts from Alicia "Waters" Cross Industries Intl.'s media platform the Cross Niche Journalist Marketing Training Radio. Click links below to hear the individual segments, learn more about Natasha and/or take advantge of her special offers located in the show decsriptions.

    This combination of trainings by Natasha provides concepts for transforming your brand power, business transitions, making a huge impact with your marketing and up-leveling your entrepreneurial mindset for setting a new industry standard with your business. 

    Training #1 Transforming Your Brand Power

    Training #2 Make Your Marketing Mark

    Training #3 Conscious Marketing Crossover

    Learn more about Natasha at www.impactbrandingconsulting.com

    Learn more about Alicia "Waters" Cross Industries Intl. at www.aliciawaterscrossindustries.com

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    Brand Storytelling and Vulnerability: From Messy to Elevated Message

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    Welcome to The Improvised Marketing Show!

    I am Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping it Human, coming to you live from San Jose, CA, in Silicon Valley. This show airs Thursdays at 3:30 PM PDT twice each month.  We help organizations, execs, and their teams humanize their most important stories! And we do it with fun and humor.

    As always, we are a jargon-monoxide-poisoning free zone. Leave a comment on the blog. Or email me: kathy@keepingithuman.com!

    Brand Storytelling: Finding Your Message in the Messy

    You are a busines owner and young mom celebrating your new roles when life throws you a curveball: you are diagnosed with lung cancer, and you never smoked. What do you do? How do you pick up, move forward, and use that as fuel to hone your personal and brand stories? Well, if you are Felicia Slattery, author and speaker, you fight hard, keep going, and grow your business. You turn messy into a message with a mission.

    Join me for a great chat with the wonderful Felicia Slattery at 11AM PDT Thursday! (NOTE: special time!)

    Felicia Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed., is on a mission to motivate, inspire and train experts, business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and celebrities to create meaningful connections through effective communication and public speaking. The Amazon  #1 best-selling author of “Kill the Elevator Speech,” and “21 Ways to Make Money Speaking” is also the creator of the Signature Speech™ system and is an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning speaker. Felicia presents to audiences large and small on topics related to communication, speaking, and being a successful entrepreneur in spite of everything life can throw at you. 

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    The Branding Buzz: Better Brand, Better Business!

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    Join us today for Women Lead Radio, as Deanna Potter, your host of Sassy Sales & Biz Development, interviews Susan Bateman, Founder and Owner of BrandAwaken.

    With nearly 20 years of industry experience, she brings the creative process together with structure and purpose to help clients breathe fresh life into tired brands, using a unique BrandAwaken™ process.  Susan will share with us her experience, techniques, and philosophy on the critical difference between branding vs. marketing and how to maximize business based strategies that will give new life to your business!

    What does a logo say about a business?  Do the colors really matter that much when promoting a product or service?  What comes first branding or marketing? And aren’t they really the same thing? No! No! No! They are not the same and every one of these questions, and the answers to them, can critically impact the success or failure of a business.  Too often businesses don’t understand the power of their brand and all that it entails.  And if you don’t get it right, you can confuse your customers and find yourself facing expensive re-designs or complete financial failure! Don’t let this happen to you.

    Deanna Potter is your host of Sassy Sales and Business Development, a show focused on down and dirty conversations from real women on real challenges in how to sell. As a woman business owner for the last 15 years, Deanna has delivered stellar sales results over the course of three downward markets.

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    Brand You Podcast Series: Discover your benefits and understand your audience

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    Host Chantilly Elijah-Eggerson of chantillymarketingandpr.com talks defining your brand benefits and understanding your audience. This is the second podcast in a 3 part series for Mompreneurs who need to build a brand.

    In this episode I'll talk about;

    *Defining who your audience is so you can know who they are and how to reach them

    *Creating relationships with your audience so you can know what they need from you

    *Understanding you the benefits of your brand so you can know what to say in your marketing and have more confidence.


    To get a better understanding of your audience and benefits click here ----> http://bit.ly/1WStmhS

  • Tweet Naked: Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

    in Business

    During this #WorkTrends, author of "Tweet Naked" Scott Levy (@FuelOnline) will shed light on how businesses or individuals can use social media to grow their business or brand. Once they gain the following and/or exposure, his book shares tips and tricks of how to maintain visibility and use social media correctly and efficiently. Scott will also discuss when individuals and organizations need to consider having an agency manage their social presence.

    We will explore real-life examples of companies using social media correctly and incorrectly, as well as what Scott does personally on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and, his favorite, Twitter.

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    Let's Coach with Mark and Carolyn - Creating Your Visual Brand Identity

    in Motivation

     Creating Your Visual Brand Identity

     Did you know that 90% of information that is transmitted to the brain is visual?  As an entrepreneur/business owner, in order to be seen, heard and make a lasting impression, you must have a Visual Brand Strategy. This weeks guest Karen J.Brand, is going to show you just how to create one. Karen will explain why visual brand identity is important and what you need to consider when creating your strategy.  Karen has been a graphic designer for over 20 years, starting in corporate America, where she worked in advertising, logos, and print design for all kinds of businesses, including restaurants, foundations, and associations. She found she had a unique gift and could intuitively connect with her clients and their deep-down purpose for their business. Through this process she was able to create websites and graphic designs that assisted with attracting their ideal clients.  

    Karen now uses her process in her own company, Wings of the Sun, creating designs that have been proven to truly build your business and your online reputation.   So tune in to Let's Coach with Mark and Carolyn with special guest Karen J. Brand and learn how you can stand apart visually from the competition.  

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    Positively Memorable Communications - A Success Rx

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    This week on Franchise Today co-hosts, Stan Friedman and Paul Segreto welcome as their guest, Nancy Friedman (no relation to Stan) aka Telephone Doctor. Nancy is a 2-time IFA mini session speaker – and has brought her keynote programs and workshops to dozens of franchise conferences around the country, entertaining the audience with her straight talk, no nonsense, common sense approach to her  tips, ideas, skills and techniques. Covering all 6 touch points of communication… email, snail mail, phone, fax  and face to face, Nancy is more that “just" telephones as she explains how positively memorable experiences are more than just for customers!

    Franchise Today airs LIVE Wednesdays at 11AM CT / 12PM ET with on-demand access on iTunes.

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    Chief Ambasdsdor