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  • Tweet Naked: Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

    in Business

    During this #WorkTrends, author of "Tweet Naked" Scott Levy (@FuelOnline) will shed light on how businesses or individuals can use social media to grow their business or brand. Once they gain the following and/or exposure, his book shares tips and tricks of how to maintain visibility and use social media correctly and efficiently. Scott will also discuss when individuals and organizations need to consider having an agency manage their social presence.

    We will explore real-life examples of companies using social media correctly and incorrectly, as well as what Scott does personally on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and, his favorite, Twitter.

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    Encore... intuitive readings / healings ! JULIE ANN COHN!

    in Spirituality

    To learn more about Julie Ann Cohn, PhD 

    Please call her at 310-795-6575 

    Julie Website>>> http://www.julieanncohn.com./

    Julie is world renowned in her healing & teaching work, having taught and provided healing to clients in Israel, London, Brazil, Bulgaria & Australia. Julie is also founder and co-creator of The Blend™ & an active partner in Silver Unicorn Spirit Gifts. A partial list of her spiritual credentials include: Usui Reiki Master, Magan David Life Energy Master, Vibrational Healer, Sufi Reiki Master, Shaman, Crystal Resonance Therapist & Ordained Minister. Julie say’s “I found the road to healing myself was through being of service and healing others”

    We asked several of Julie’s clients from various arenas and without exception, “Julie embodies Integrity, loyalty and if you pay attention, you will see Julie asking herself, “can you feel the love in that star tonight?”. Julie does not just get the big picture quickly, she is an expert in sequencing ( putting the building blocks in order) has her focused. She is humble, compassionate and does not ask anything from someone else what she is unwilling to do herself. Julie has no idea how amazing she is. You will not know this, but Julie is disabled. She prefers “power enabled”.

    She is also a certified Coach giving service to incarcerated individuals through the “Getting Out By Going In” (GOGI) Program. “Work,” she says, “feeds my soul!” Julie wrote a 46-Week Personal Empowerment Program for inmates. It is being re-edited and updated now.

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    Come Get Sum Day 12: Get To The Sum Of DeadXRadio Jeff Hillyer & Chance Hancock

    in Pop Culture

    Jeff Hillyer and Chance Hancock of DeadXRadio talk about early interest in entertaining, actibg and the paranormal. In this (P1 of a 3 part series) We learn how the gang came together to create and grow the DeadXRadio Brand. Also, We talk about Independent film like, Jules Dongu saves The World and John Rusnack's House of Blood. Being recognozed, no being a jerk to the listeners and world domination.

    Follow the crew on Twitter

    @chanceDXR      @PatWebbDXR

    @JeffHillyer        @ IamJohnRusnack

    @DeadXRadio    @MorganStrebler


    Attend great Upcoming events with the guys:


    See Jules Dongu Saves The World on Vimeo!




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    Franchise Interviews Meets with the Sloan's Ice Cream Franchise Opportunity

    in Entrepreneur

    We have a great show today.  We are meeting with David Wild, Director of franchising for Sloan’s Ice Cream.  A true icon of South Florida, Sloan’s is renowned for its award winning luxury ice cream flavors, candies and world-class bakery items. The brand’s signature pink walls and ceilings, along with the plush toy collection lining its walls add to Sloan’s fun, funky experience. In 1999, Sloan Kamenstein, a classically trained chef and ice cream connoisseur, created Sloan’s Ice Cream along West Palm Beach, Florida’s famed Clematis Street.

    In part 2, we will hear a clip from our Great Quotes in Franchising Podcast. 

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    Why is it important to work on your Brand?

    in Entertainment

    You must be relevant with branding yourself!

    Chyna Elise is the the Mermaid of Philly.. Kachina is a great artist with a lot to offer

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    Brand You Podcast Series: Discover your benefits and understand your audience

    in Religion

    Host Chantilly Elijah-Eggerson of chantillymarketingandpr.com talks defining your brand benefits and understanding your audience. This is the second podcast in a 3 part series for Mompreneurs who need to build a brand.

    In this episode I'll talk about;

    *Defining who your audience is so you can know who they are and how to reach them

    *Creating relationships with your audience so you can know what they need from you

    *Understanding you the benefits of your brand so you can know what to say in your marketing and have more confidence.


    To get a better understanding of your audience and benefits click here ----> http://bit.ly/1WStmhS

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    Darrell Gardner's Horsemanship Show

    in Culture

    Darrell Gardner's Horsemanship was founded upon four principles: 

    Showing Your Horse Love 
    By expressing love to your horse it helps to build a good relationship and strong bond. This will lead to a better response from your horse. 

    Gaining Respect 
    If you don't have respect on the ground, you won't have it on the saddle. Respect is an essential part of horsemanship and it begins with good ground manners 

    Teaching Obedience 
    Obedience comes with consistent training. This teaches your horse what you expect and how to quickly respond to the cues given. 

    Loyalty between the horse and trainer 
    It all begins with gaining trust. Your initial approach is extremely important. It takes patience and time to get your horse to gain faith in you.

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    Fantasy Alarm Podcast: The Return

    in Sports

    Howard Bender and Michael Stein bring the Fantasy Alarm Podcast back from the dead and are gear up to help you win your fantasy baseball leagues. The boys will lay out the new show plans which include numerous guests, fantasy baseball and football coverage and a brand new DFS game exclusive to Fantasy Alarm Podcast listeners. Tune in for the live recording every Wednesday night at 9:30pm ET and if you miss the show, you can find it in the Blog Talk Radio archives as well as on iTunes. 

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    Live Wednesday, 9P ET, a night of Hot Topics and Guest Martin Rogers, USA Today

    in Sports

    Join David Weinstein with USA Today sports reporter Martin Rogers.  A night of hot topics. 

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    Email: sportstalkradio@huddlinwiththepros.com

    Call Us: 347-989-0227

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    Enjoy The Week n Music! On RichkidRadio

    in Entertainment

    Unfortunately Mz.Cherry has taken sick. Our prayers out to her! BUT....DjRichKid will keep you rocking this week with our music library! and DjRichKid Friday Night live Mix with Open Mic on FRIDAY!!!! Get in the CYCLEZONE!!!! On RichkidRadio!

    No live calls...Only music play until Monay May 9th. Mz. Cherry will return.

    Send in your music to Richkidradio@outlook.com

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