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    How AJ Labs uses dumb Women to broadcast anti-Israel Propaganda

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      Let me just say that these stupid segments on AJ Labs drove me crazy. I can't watch all of them because their anti-Israel stupidity will give me a heart attack. But I will analyze what it is with getting stupid women in pretty dresses hosting anti-Israel segments. Is it meant to get brainwash young men more into hating Israel? Why is it that all their segments seem to be hosted by the same type of demographic:  supposedly pretty girls in pretty dresses who don't seem to be very bright? I will discuss the type of stupidity on those broadcasts, wether it's promoting BDS, or saying that Israel "changed" it's story because, according to that shit for brain host, Israel cited the Yeshiva students, rocket fire, and closing the tunnels. Never mind that the kidnapping and the killing of the Yeshiva students and the rocket fire is what caused Israel to again defend itself. And never mind that the tunnels are used by Hamas and other terrorist groups to smuggle in rockets that are fired at Israel. It goes to show how dumn those girls hosting these AJ Labs programs tend to be. All I can say is that they should feel lucky they're not in Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Hamas-controlled Gaza where they will be treated as worse than cattle, forced to wear the Hjiab [or burqa] or could be taken out and stoned. In fact, Israel is the only place in the region where those dummies would have any freedom and would not be treated as worse than cattle. But why is it that these AJ Labs broadcasts promote the same hateful message against Israel? And they're hosted by the same type of demographic: dumb girls? And another provocative question should be: Why no demand for Affirmative Action for these AJ Labs dummies like there would be if all its broadcasts were done by white Conservative males? 

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    Brainwash Childish People and Hacked Accounts

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    SPECIAL EDITION of Diversity News Radio, On AIR with Steven Escobar
    Brainwash Childish People and Hacked Accounts

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    A look at how the mind of negras can easily be brainwash

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    Join me an my co host as we go in detail an explore how easily the minds of black folks can be brainwash an control by simple teaching an materialistic shty. a powerful discussion you will not want to miss.

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    #70 - Chemtrails? Obama Bringing Pestilence And RFIDs With UAC Invasion

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    Why does Obama need to spend millions of dollars to brainwash us when all he needs to do is bring in hundreds of thousands of Illegal alien children, microchip them and plant them in towns all across America? Using resources and risking the exposure of everyone is not the style of this administration. They can specifically target whoever and wherever they want by just dumping these illegal aliens on us. We have no idea where they are from nor who they are nor where the government is placing them. Many have horrible diseases and are gang affiliated. They will put these RFID chips in them to start the process of making sure they are who they say they are. Then you and I are next.

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    Are we Brainwash?

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    The secret history of mind control is upon us and we no longer control what we think. Media give us news that we want to hear but is it true or over truth with lies and subliminal message and the teen wearing clothes that show the sign of the new world order and what society try to make us to believe

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    Episode 35

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    This tentacle of the system is wrapped around people tightly. A chant down of the belief in politics. Taking a look at the cycles of brainwash through the left-right paradigm and where it's leading American sheeple. A breakdown of the real hierarchy. A chant down on voting and movements that do nothing to improve the situation on planet earth. A deep chant down to where most don't take it down to

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    51% of the country is communist and of that 51% only 20% knows they are communist.The communists are so powerfull today that they are openly pushing the soviet envelope.Start off with the fake fall of the wall. Add the split between Russia and China hoax.Who are the sabre rattlers today? Russia and China. Who arms revolutions and military gangs? Russia and China.

    What are we doing? We are inviting drugs across the border. We are killing our own children We save more puppies than kids. Dope is chemical warfare. The Russians won't let us go to outer space anymore. Our so called coalition of the willing (that's really you and me) is casting lots for our cloak of freedom. International communism throughout the world is waging war on hamburgers. When an international movement protests Mc Donalds Burger king and the kentucky colonel that is the communist movement. Everybody is wearing red and the front line is illegal immigrants. The ones that the Mexican government has thrown over no fence.The communists blame the Americans and rub salt in racist wounds. It is a take down America game. Divide and destroy. They already control the morals.  The goal is to seperate children from their mothers. The state will grow vegetables. All the schools are infiltrated and GOD is the enemy. Tradition, patriotism, American history and team work must be destroyed. Marriage and fidelity are to be mocked. The churches must be destroyed. The family unit is a threat to communism. There is only the state and the media must brainwash the people. one generation is already brainwashed and when the old people who knew the difference die, the bolsheviks will rewrite history, If  you are born into communist slavery how will you know that you are a slave?













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    Psychic Predictions - One World Order

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    My latest psychic predictions is on the new one world order which is coming real soon starting with a one world currency.  Our schools have been inflitrated by the government to brainwash our children. They turned them against religion, they changed history books approximately in 1972 so we are bringing up a whole different society. One that is brainwashed by a one world order government controlled by the illuminati. 

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    Episode 33

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    A look at how both nationalism and culture hold us back from seeing the big picture. How they can go wrong by becoming a blockade to understanding the truth.The brainwash that nations use to get soldiers to fight their wars.

     A look into cosmic knowing/ and or natural law as a way to understand that a whole culture can be wrong. 

    How the global elite use political correctness and multiculturalism to their advantage. We?re all just humans, and how they get us to focus on race. A full chant down.

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