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    Sasha's Podcast of Darkness: Episode VI- Return of the Games

    in Entertainment

    Discussing movies that feature games as part of their plot.  Films such as, but not limited to, the following:  Brainscan, Evolver, Hellraiser, Jumanji, Zanthura, Saw, Stay Alive, Ouija and Witchboard.  Join us live every Sunday at 6:30 pm - 7 pm EST for discussions on all things horror- movies, music, television, games, art... You name it!  Featuring (mostly) live guests, and me- Your hostess with the mostest, and a little bit extra- Sasha, the Princess of Darkness.  You can always listen live, participate (347) 857-4099 or listen to the archives (or see them up on my Youtube channel later- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHhJrGdeV9SxriEnOj9yvmA).  Until next time- Unpleasant Screams....

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    movie horor bash

    in Movies

    we will talk about all old horor scary movies and new ones

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    The Dr. Karen Show

    in Women

    This week the the guest is Mark Waldman and the subject is your brain and God, is there a relationship?
    Mark Robert Waldman is an Associate Fellow at the
    Center for Spirituality and the Mind, at the University of Pennsylvania, an Adjunct Faculty at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, a therapist, and founder of the Mindful Living Foundation.
    Mark is the author of 11 books on relationships,
    spirituality, and neuroscience. According to Time, Newsweek, and the Washington Post, he and Andy Newberg are the world’s leading authorities on spirituality and the brain. His research has been featured in special issues of Time, Oprah,
    The New York Times, Washington Post, and USA Today, and in dozens of magazines throughout the world. He has appeared on Oprah Radio, PBS television, and National Public Radio. In 2010, Mark received the Distinguished Speaker award from the Mind Science Foundation.
    His newest book, How God Changes Your Brain,
    explores the neural correlates of meditation and spiritual practice. And their brainscan studies show how you can improve memory, cognition, and compassion as you neurologically reduce anxiety, depression, anger, and stress. In fact, you may even be able to slow down aging process of the brain. Their research changes the way we view consciousness, religion, and reality itself.
    Mark and his research team have created CDs and
    videos to train people how to improve the functioning of their brain, and to enhance the way we communicate with others. These tools are now used by therapists, doctors, attorneys, and caregivers in schools and hospitals across the
    His mission: to help bring a little more peace into our lives, and to use these strategies to bring a little more peace into the world.
    Wellness is the new fitness, and wellness extends well beyond the physical boundaries of the body. We will open our show lines to listeners and take your questions and comments too!