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    Virtual Book Tour

    in Books

    Interview with Brad Thor, top selling author of "The First Commandment"

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    Brad Thor: the Exclusive Interview

    in News

    Tonight! Author and BigGovernment.com contributor Brad Thor is on The Stage Right Show and live streaming at Breitbart.tv for his first interview over his new book "Foreign Influence" which goes on sale at midnight tonight. Tune in for this exclusive interview!

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    Brad Thor: The Apostle

    in Comedy

    *Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Apostle (41:30) *rock band The Steps *A Michael Jackson retrospective featuring clips from Dangerous Lee, rapper Tru Dog and actor Corey Feldman.

    This show was recorded in front of a live radio audience on Thursday June 25, 2009

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    Paul Gallo Co-hosts w/ me, Rick Shaftan of GotNews.com, Brad Thor & Steve Deace

    in Politics Conservative

    HERE'S A RUNDOWN OF ALL MY GUESTS: Paul Gallo from Super Talk Mississippi stops by to co-host with me.  Rick Shaftan stops by for another gotnews.com update.  Steve Deace Takes down ESPN for their Homofascist treatment of Tony Dungy.  Brad Thor's book "Act of War" is #1 on the New York Times bestseller's list.  He has a strong politically incorrect obversation regarding Eric Holder that you can't miss.  Brad Thor will join me.  Jeremy Spencer GA educator discusses the coming Common Core storm with Governor Nathan Deal.  

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       Today on Black & White Friday we will have an Open Forum, our Guest cancelled due to emergency. However, THOR will go on with a community call.

       We will also in THOR Fashion cover the current Hot Topics, World News, Politics, Law, Consumerism and other related news. JOIN US on THOR where we illuminate Evil & Good on BLACK & WHITE FRIDAY here at The TEMPLE of THOR.


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    Pastor Faircloth, Brad Medd | Brace For Impact

    in News

    ISIS threatening New Yorkers; Sweden fortifying Eurovision; Belgium issuing Iodine. Are crazed jihadis on the cusp of committing mass genocide in the West? Today on TRUNEWS Rick Wiles will discuss the gathering storm with Pastor Benjamin Faircloth, and his dream about bracing for impact. In part 2, Rick will be joined by long time friend Brad Medd, to remind fellow listeners that now is the time to get in the game, as Rick shares plans for the future of the ministry.

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    Brad Sundberg.debuts on King Jordan Radio!

    in Pop Culture

    Brad Sundberg will debut on King Jordan radio on Wednesday April 27th at 9:30 p.m. eastern time, Brad does seminars as you will get to experience Michael Jackson in the recording studio at the very heart of his creative process you'll hear music and behind-the-scenes stories you'll learn how Michael Roach songs and they progressed from the demo into the finished product Brad will also teach you how Michael wrote songs Michael's vision, Brad will discuss his seminars which includes Michael's vision all of this takes place inside an actual recording studio don't miss the show and you could call in to the show at 347 857 - 2950

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    Rise up, be of good courage

    in Religion

    Pastor Brad Morgan of New Life Beginnings Church in Pattison, TX continues to share about God's Suddenlies. God is going to do some things that are not gradual, but they will happen suddenly. One of the way that suddenlies come is the declaration of the word of God. Pastor Brad speaks from Numbers 13 about the rising up of man in this time. In these verses it says "be of good courage." Courage is something that God puts in us. God tells us to be of good courage because He knows fear can come against you. Fear will seek to talk you out of the assignement God has given you. Fear is a sin and does not come from God. People of God need to be people of persistence. Stand and watch the gift of faith be stirred within you. The are obstacles, giants that stand in your way, but God tells you, "you are well able."


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    29 Apr 16 23:30 USEDT PM40 Daily Update

    in Business

    The PM40 Daily Show is a wrap-up of how the PM40, the forest industry/pulp and paper stock index, fared today. We highlight the top winners, along with the top decliners. If you’re on Twitter, just go to simultweet.com and follow Pulp & Paper Radio International (@pulpnpaperradio).

    This PM40 update has been provided only as a courtesy to our listeners. Nothing said here is to be construed as financial advice. Always consult with financial professionals before taking action on market data from any source.

    Available on iTunes

    PM40 Daily Show Host: Brad Magee. Opening and closing audio by Chuck Swann.

    Copyright 2016 Paperitalo Publications.  All rights reserved.

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    Week 4, 2016: Bye Bye Berti

    in Sports

    Has Ben Wagner caught up on his sleep? Did Bob Lipman try to jinx Trenton's no-hitter? Is Jesse Goldberg-Strassler surviving the rigors of a Passover diet? We're talking Lansing, Dunedin, New Hampshire and Buffalo, from the emergence of a new top pitching trio in Single-A, to Brad Allen, Adonys Cardona and Tim Mayza combining on a gem in A-Advanced, to Jon Berti's three-run homer capping off a heck of a comeback in Double-A, to a heck of a pitching matchup tonight in Triple-A. Join the voices of the Blue Jays’ affiliates for the latest insights and observations!

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    Brad Axelrad: Facing Your Fears

    in Relationships

    What are your greatest fears? And how are those “thought monsters” blocking your love and money goals? Whatever they are, tonight’s guest can help you slay those dragons!

    Since he was a young man, Brad faced fear head on. The founder of the Face Your Dragon platform, Brad works with coaches, consultants and other visionary entrepreneurs to face their fears and become successful doing what they TRULYwant to do – sharing their voice to benefit others.

    As a Consultant, Speaker and Catalyst, Brad Axelrad has been featured in such notable media outlets as NBC Nightly News, PBS Television, Orange CountyRegister, Los Angeles Times and USC News.

    His website is www.faceyourdragon.com.