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    Brad Simkins Seeing Challenges in a New Light

    in Spirituality

    Brad Simkins has Masters degrees in Child, Couple and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. He is a Licensed Counselor and Family Therapist, with 35 years of experience in the field. Brad has three grown children, an adopted son, and more than 150 kids-of-the-heart, and as you can imagine, he has several grandkids, which are the joy of his heart. He was a Foster Parent for 23 years.
    Brad founded and directed three nonprofit agencies (Advocacy Program for Youth and Adults with Intellectual disabilities, Therapeutic Horse Ranch for At-Risk Youth, and Homeless Youth Resource Center and Transition Home). He is a published author, and has had several articles published in newspapers and magazine across the nation, and is the host of his own radio show (Inner Guide Empowerment Community on the Awakening Zone Radio Network). Brad’s new book;
    Let Love BE
    Life’s Little Lessons



    We live in a dynamic age. A time of tremendous challenges, opportunities, incredible challenges and overwhelming joy. Many people have expressed a sense of feeling like they were Bipolar, with drastic mood swings throughout the day. So, how do we deal with this exciting dynamic time? How do we find peace and a sense of feeling grounded and centered in these turbulent times? These are the issues we will be exploring this Wenesday evening at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern.


    Life is happening For you


    Universal flashlights.

    Allowing the Eagle to fly free

    Goldie the Golden Eagle

    Gratitude stage

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    Life Is What Happens to You While You're Busy Making Plans~ Brad Simkins

    in Motivation

    Our scheduled guest was not able to make it tonight, so we had a discussion about some of the things that I have had on my mind. After the visualization, this is a few of the things we talked about;

    * Now is a very energetically charged time. Focus on reacting with kindness and love.

     * Name five people who you admire and five different things about them you admire.
             *  Embrace all of those characteristics, because they are within you.

     *  When we feel fear or anxious, Surrender, Trust and allow the Universe to move forward. 

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    Brad Simkins - Challenges = opportunity for growth

    in Self Help

    "Seeing challenges as opportunities for growing, learning and evolving, individually, as a community and as a planet."

    Life often presents us with gifts disguised as problems and challenges. When we view these as gifts for growth and healing, we open ourselves up to the opportunities and allow ourselves to view things in an eternal, universal perspective.

    Brad Simkins is a counselor, author and radio host. He has founded and directed three nonprofit agencies; a therapeutic horse ranch for at-risk youth, an advocacy program for adults with learning disabilities, and a resource center and transition home for street kids; He has also been a foster parent for 21 years, working with high risk youth; and has worked with individuals, couples and families of various ethnicities, religions, races and sexual orientation. He offers his clients a balance of Eastern philosophy and Western approaches to psychotherapy, and uses a blend of coaching and counseling.

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    Brad Simkins - following your inner guide

    in Spirituality

    We are moving into a time of deep spirituality, a time of connecting to one another spirit to spirit. Therapist Brad Simkins and I will discuss how we can hear the inner guide within each of us so we can understand our true purpose.

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    Affirmations of the Soul ~ Jack Armstrong

    in Spirituality

    One of the challenges for all of us on the spiritual path is staying connected to our true identity as spiritual beings on an adventure in the physical world. We came here with that understanding, but remembering it and actually living life from that perspective isn’t always easy. Sometimes we need a reminder. Reminding us of that reality has been one of the consistent themes of the spiritual wisdom Jack Armstrong has received over the years.

    In addition to the teachings about life and spirituality in his books, Jack now has begun sharing powerful affirmations that he has been transcribing as part of his writings since the beginning. An affirmation is included in each of his Monday morning The Truth of You e-mails, and he is about to publish Volume One of what will be a series of small books called Affirmations of the Soul.

    For more than 36 years, Jack Armstrong has been a conduit for receiving and transcribing remarkable spiritual wisdom through a form of channeling known as Inner Dictation – the same phenomenon through which A Course in Miracles was received, and he has dedicated his life to sharing this material with others.

    In 2008 he published his first book, Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life’s Journey, and last year he published two more – From the Source: An Introduction to Channeling, and You Don’t Need to Conduct the Orchestra; Lessons on Letting Go, Trusting and Allowing. His newest book, Volume One of a series of small books called Affirmations of the Soul, will soon be available.

    Jack lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and strives to practice the lessons he has received.

    We will be discussing the challenge of remembering who we really are and the many ways it can appear in our lives, and Jack will share excerpts from his books and from other unpublished lessons and affirmations from Source that offer a helpful perspective on it.

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    Marking Out in the Morning (Ep 1, 8/3/15)

    in Wrestling

    We'll be here every morning to provide you with the latest news, rumors and results from the world of professional wrestling. That includes all things WWE (Raw, SmackDown, Tough Enough, Total Divas, the Network), TNA, GFW, ROH and the Indys. 

    Today's episode included such topics as: Rowdy Roddy Piper passes away, James Storm does not re-sign with TNA, UFC President Dana White insults pro wrestling, Adam Rose and Brad Maddox form the new team Beef Mode, WWE Network to bring back an event like WCW's Bash at the Beach, the Vegas odds for the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar match at SummerSlam, our favorite Roddy Piper moments and matches, and WWE.com's Raw Five-Point Preview.

    I am joined by special co-host Brandon Wallace, an up-and-coming 3XW wrestler out of Des Moines, Matthew Hollie from the Barbwire Blog and Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Nation. Plus, the phone lines are open!

    We have a new theme song, thanks to Arma Puros and NoiseTrade.com. Go there, download Arma's music, share it with your friends, and donate some money.

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    Cosmic Awakening Show: Healing Emotional Pain With Brad Johnson and Adronis

    in Spirituality

    Host Michelle Walling interviews the reality whisperer Brad Johnson, who is a psychic, healer, channeler, spiritual teacher, dream interpreter, and Akashic Records reader.  Brad is also the personal channel of the multidimensional consciousness known as Adronis. Topics that are covered include:

    -How to heal emotional pain through Abundance Healing and Michelle's expereince with this technique

    -How fragments of the soul can get frozen in time and how to integrate this to become whole again

    -What Adronis says about the reports of an upcoming electromagnetic frequency shift on the planet

    -Chakra healing and clearing

    -Past life readings and healings

    -How to let go of fear and vibrate at the frequency of love

    -How to clear yourself of negative entities and energies

    -How to protect yourself against interference with negative entities

    -Why has there recently been an increase in people seeing beings- the "good" the "bad", and the "ugly (especially children)


    Find out more about Brad on his website: http://www.realitywhisperer.com


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    in Christianity

    Do they believe that Jesus Christ is Lord?  Check.  Do they know that He is the Son of God?  Check.  Do they know that God is One, and that there is no God besides Him?  Check.  And do they know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and that no one comes to the Father but through Him?  Check.

    There is a new breed of "christian" in the world today.  They are "non-following" followers of Christ.  "Anti-Christ Christians" that are certain they are saved and going to Heaven.

    Indeed, their's is a biblical belief.  Such belief is documented in James 2:19...

    "The demons also believe..."

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    Scottscope Talk Radio 8/1/2015: The Rise of the Rogue Nation!

    in Entertainment

    On this week’s edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, the roundtable reviews Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation!  Could this be Ethan Hunt’s most impossible mission yet?  Is the franchise only getting better with each successive entry?  Has Christopher McQuarrie succeeded where John Woo supposedly failed?  Did he manage to top both Brad Bird and J.J. Abrams?  Could Rogue Nation be the best pure action film of the summer?  Are spy films undergoing a renaissance this year?  Who should be handed the directorial reigns for the IMF’s next cinematic outing?  Is Tom Cruise getting too old to play the lead in this series? 

    The roundtable will also be reviewing Ant-Man! Is the troubled history of the production evident in the final product? Would Marvel Studios be better off right now if they would have let Edgar Wright have his way? Just where does Scott Lang rank among his MCU counterparts? Is he a first stringer, or a bench-warmer? Is the film a pleasant surprise, or is it the first real chink in Marvel’s seemingly impregnable armor? Now that phase II of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has officially come to a close, how does it stack up to phase I?     

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    in Lifestyle

    Our guest this week will be Brad Falls from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, an Afghanistan veteran, squad and section leader of a heavy weapons antiarmor company, Harley rider and Iron Order MC Club member. We will be hearing his stories and experiences from his 12 years in the infantry and 15 months in Afghanistan, the effect that it had on him and his team when they came home, and how motorcycles and camaraderie helped to bring their world back together. This is sure to be intense episode folks. 

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    ArmChair QuarterBack Radio

    in Sports

    ArmChair QuarterBack Radio goes LIVE on Saturday from 11amET-Noon. College football season is around the corner and MLB is Heating up! We go all around the world of sports: NASCAR, MLB, NFL, COLLEGE FOOTBALL, SEC, ACC, BIG TEN, PGA and much much more. What ever topic is hot, we'll hammer it home. NOBODY does it quite like Mac Magee, Justin Waller, Brad Shelton, Temos Wooten and Wyatt Stringer. Call in and join the fun 929-477-3987!!!!!!!!!!!