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    Brad Simkins Seeing Challenges in a New Light

    in Spirituality

    Brad Simkins has Masters degrees in Child, Couple and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. He is a Licensed Counselor and Family Therapist, with 35 years of experience in the field. Brad has three grown children, an adopted son, and more than 150 kids-of-the-heart, and as you can imagine, he has several grandkids, which are the joy of his heart. He was a Foster Parent for 23 years.
    Brad founded and directed three nonprofit agencies (Advocacy Program for Youth and Adults with Intellectual disabilities, Therapeutic Horse Ranch for At-Risk Youth, and Homeless Youth Resource Center and Transition Home). He is a published author, and has had several articles published in newspapers and magazine across the nation, and is the host of his own radio show (Inner Guide Empowerment Community on the Awakening Zone Radio Network). Brad’s new book;
    Let Love BE
    Life’s Little Lessons



    We live in a dynamic age. A time of tremendous challenges, opportunities, incredible challenges and overwhelming joy. Many people have expressed a sense of feeling like they were Bipolar, with drastic mood swings throughout the day. So, how do we deal with this exciting dynamic time? How do we find peace and a sense of feeling grounded and centered in these turbulent times? These are the issues we will be exploring this Wenesday evening at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern.


    Life is happening For you


    Universal flashlights.

    Allowing the Eagle to fly free

    Goldie the Golden Eagle

    Gratitude stage

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    Life Is What Happens to You While You're Busy Making Plans~ Brad Simkins

    in Motivation

    Our scheduled guest was not able to make it tonight, so we had a discussion about some of the things that I have had on my mind. After the visualization, this is a few of the things we talked about;

    * Now is a very energetically charged time. Focus on reacting with kindness and love.

     * Name five people who you admire and five different things about them you admire.
             *  Embrace all of those characteristics, because they are within you.

     *  When we feel fear or anxious, Surrender, Trust and allow the Universe to move forward. 

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    Brad Simkins - Challenges = opportunity for growth

    in Self Help

    "Seeing challenges as opportunities for growing, learning and evolving, individually, as a community and as a planet."

    Life often presents us with gifts disguised as problems and challenges. When we view these as gifts for growth and healing, we open ourselves up to the opportunities and allow ourselves to view things in an eternal, universal perspective.

    Brad Simkins is a counselor, author and radio host. He has founded and directed three nonprofit agencies; a therapeutic horse ranch for at-risk youth, an advocacy program for adults with learning disabilities, and a resource center and transition home for street kids; He has also been a foster parent for 21 years, working with high risk youth; and has worked with individuals, couples and families of various ethnicities, religions, races and sexual orientation. He offers his clients a balance of Eastern philosophy and Western approaches to psychotherapy, and uses a blend of coaching and counseling.

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    Brad Simkins - following your inner guide

    in Spirituality

    We are moving into a time of deep spirituality, a time of connecting to one another spirit to spirit. Therapist Brad Simkins and I will discuss how we can hear the inner guide within each of us so we can understand our true purpose.

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    Healing through basic Ho`oponopono ~ Douglas “Ka`iwi” Ah Hee

    in Motivation

    Only after learning Lomilomi (Hawaiian Massage) did he understand the concept of “AKA” or etheric cords that causes much to our physical bodies.  Once he started to work on people and could understand what he was “seeing” on their body then he understood how to help them.  Many times much of our physical ailments are tied to memories that we hold on to, whether it be words or actions that happened throughout someone’s lifetime or maybe further. When one can reconcile and release those memories one can shift their spiritual and physical body. By learning to understand this he has helped many not only free their body of pain but also to open themselves up to understanding their own “gifts”.

    Douglas “Ka`iwi” Ah Hee comes from the windward side of the island of Oahu, Hawai`i.  He credits his pure Hawaiian grandmother for his upbringing and “gifts.”  She would talk to people that he could not “see.” Growing up as a “sensitive” was never discussed by anyone in his family.  With her passing when he was 16 caused much angst on not knowing how to deal with his seeing, feeling and sensing “spirits.”  It was not until he had his 2 daughters and they shared with him of what they were “seeing” that he decided to embrace his “gifts.”  The greatest and most important thing one must have to do this work is a solid foundation in their Faith. 

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    Overcoming Your Fears to Follow Your Calling ~ Lisa‭ ‬Ulshafer

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever kept from sharing your spiritual journey or gifts from fear that you may be judged? Who we are and what we are here to do is much larger and more important than our temptation to play it safe from fear of being judged or rejected by society. Too many play it safe, being caught up in fear and insecurity, and are unwilling to stand in their truth.We are often too busy trying to please others or worrying about what others think of us.It isn’t serving anyone for us to do so.We each need to remove our protective shell and reach deep within to connect with our spirit to discover who we are and realize our spiritual purpose.

    Lisa Ulshafer graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Psychology. She founded her company Empowered Living after becoming certified as a Transformational Life Coach in 2006. Lisa is also an author, professional speaker, and spiritual teacher. She assists people in freeing themselves from negativity, limiting beliefs,and self-sabotaging behaviors.

    Lisa’s transformational path also led to the discovery of her connection to the Angelic Realm.To Lisa’s surprise, she learned that she was an incarnated angel in 2006. Six years later, this information was confirmed with much more detail and her book, "Journey with an Angel" was born. Lisa continues to expand and share her awareness and understanding of angels and how to reconnect to these powerful and loving beings.

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    Our Soul Chooses a Core Issue for This Life, Part 2 ~ Grace Christian

    in Motivation

    Each of us is a complex masterpiece who chooses to learn on a soul level through a primary core issue: self-worth, abandonment, or not trusting.  We work out these issues by means of one of four major avenues for learning: our body, career, relationships, or finances.  Together, these set the stage for the events that occur in our life; allowing us to come to a new understanding of who we know ourselves to be . . .  and who we are becoming. Grace has talked about how this plays out in the Self Worth Core Issue, and she is back to discuss the other issues.

    Grace will give case histories from her practice of individuals who attracted the perfect circumstances to learn through a core issue.

    Grace Christian began practicing meditation while still in the corporate world, and believes it is what led her to the work she has been doing as a medical/spiritual intuitive for over 17 years.
    Grace left the corporate world, and began studying healing.  Eventually, she began to see images of areas of disease or illness inside the body of clients, as well as images indicating what  caused the illness.  

    Other information began to come, such as images describing the person's unique gifts, what was happening on their life path, their soul’s core issue, and so much more.

    Helping people learn to develop and trust their own intuition is one of Grace’s primary objectives as she feels it is imperative that each of us learn to use our whole brain to make wise choices in life and bring to us solutions to the complex issues that we face in our world.  


    In learning of others’ soul scenarios, we can better comprehend what is true for ourselves and understand why we attract the learning we do.

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    Mork Calling Orson: Talking to The Great Beyond ~ Lynne Sutherland Olson

    in Motivation

    Mediumship involves talking to a broad range of those in spirit, human, animal and otherwise.  With a decade of experience in working with the public Medium Lynne Sutherland Olson offers a chance to talk with your beloved family and friends in spirit, sort out complicated haunting's or check in with your guides to see what you most need to know at this point in your life. With Archangel Michael as her primary guide Lynne is well equipped to deal with a broad range of paranormal situations. Do you have questions about murky circumstances surrounding a death? Are you worried about how your late friends and family are faring in spirit? Want to know where Grandma hid the silver? Lynne has answered many such questions and more.

    As a Psychic Medium Lynne can help you resolve unfinished business between the living and the dead. From talking to the dearly departed to figuring out what your haunting problem is she sees, hears, talks to and communicates with spirits and entities of all kinds. Lynne's tool box of skills includes remote viewing and medical intuitive abilities.

    Questions about yourself, your life, work, loves and health Lynne talks to your higher self, sort of a soul to soul communication. Another great source of information are your angels or guides who are issued to each person when they come into the world. Their job is to help us learn our life lessons, celebrate our successes, help keep us out of trouble and assist us in enduring tough times. They are usually delighted to have a chance to directly tell each of us what we need to know, to comfort, console or inspire. 

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    The Healed Self: Healing Your Body, Soul, and Life With Grace - Grace Christian

    in Motivation

    Welcome to my new show - The Healed Self:  Healing Your Body, Soul, and Life with Grace!  Join me and Brad Simkins of Inner Guide Empowerment Radio as Brad interviews me in this episode about my intriguing world working as a Medical Intuitiive and Healer . . . . and my intentions for this show. 

    I am fascinated with exploring why people don’t heal when all circumstances are right for it, how some people heal even though seemingly they should have died, and so much more.

     As a medical intuitive, I get excited about helping people find answers to their health and life concerns.

    I have entitled the show, “The Healed Self” as I believe when we see ourselves as already healed, the way will be made clear for this to occur.

    My intention with the show is to bring direction, inspiration, and understanding to those seeking  answers .  Join me as I discuss what I have learned over the years about the body’s unique language in healing, how to eliminate sabotaging beliefs, and opening up to spiritual growth.

    As a Medical Intuitive, Grace Christian uses her heightened sense of intuition to see inside the body to the core of an illness . . .  as well as factors that initiate illness.

    Grace began practicing meditation while still in the professional world, and believes it is what prepared her for the work she has been doing as a medical/spiritual intuitive for the past 18 years.

    Teaching people to develop and trust their own intuition is one of Grace’s primary objectives as she feels it is imperative that each of us learn to make wise choices and generate solutions to life’s complex issues. 

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    Choosing Happiness Amidst Life’s Messiness ~ Tina van Leuvan

    in Motivation

    It’s easy to be happy when everything in your life is going well but what do you do when things are falling apart and your life seems to be out of control? How do you deal with setbacks and disappointments? How do you balance your heart’s desires with the demands of your loved ones and your business or career? You often won't know how you’ll respond under extreme stress until the rubber hits the road but you can prepare yourself by making some empowered choices every day, no matter what. Choosing happiness amidst life’s messiness is a skill anyone can learn.
    Join us for an inspiring conversation and discover some practical tips you can immediately apply to your finances, relationships and wellbeing.

    Tina van Leuven is the Joy Oracle at InnerDelight and international bestseller coauthor of Inspirations for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness and author of Money and Miracles: 40 Days to the Perfect Relationship Between Who You Are and What You Make. She traveled the world as an international flight attendant for fifteen years while studying a wide variety of healing modalities, and now coaches passionate entrepreneurs who find it challenging to maintain life/work balance around prioritizing themselves in their businesses and personal lives so they can do what they love without burning out. Learn more at www.InnerDelight.com

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    Practical Dreaming! ~ Francis Rico

    in Motivation

    Our world’s spiritual leaders, mystics, gurus, and prophets are revered - but are considered "impractical dreamers" whose suggestions for love and peace don't seem applicable to modern realities.

    There is another tradition - the shamanic tradition - that is based on "wild creation" - it's a tradition that works with what "IS" rather than "what should be. 

    Practical dreaming involves accessing and using the innate intelligence of our inherent design - accessing inner potentialities and resources that seem magical but that are a natural expression of our true capacities - and even though they seem to be the stuff of dreams, they are now being rediscovered in the latest research and developments in neuroscience.

    Shaman's have long anticipated these incredible times of transition we’re living in now - and have long taught practical readiness for this new world. Francis will introduce a 6 month course in shamanic wisdom and practices that will begin in the North Bay Area on the Summer Solstice of June 2015.


    Francis Rico apprenticed with his Spanish grandfather. From this early start, his life work has been to follow the pathways of indigenous shamanic wisdom traditions around the world. He works with young people, spiritual seekers, shamanic practitioners, and with people with problems. He is the author of the instant classic A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty and co-author of Dreaming Heaven. His work is sponsored by the WildWorld Foundation.

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