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    Brad James Actor /Cast Member of For Better or Worse

    in Finance

    Brad James  Actor/ Cast member  of The Hit show For Better or Worse 

     on the Own Network Shares His Journey & Thoughts of Empowerement

    With  THE MCGIRT SHOW HOST  Mr Bobby Daryl McGirt  


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    TRUCKER TALK RADIO...Brad James Our Guest Tonight.

    in News

    Tonight's Show starts at 6PM Eastern Time and we will be speaking with Brad James Truck Driver/Singer Songwriter!  646-595-4346 is the call in number to chat LIVE. TUNE IN.....CALL IN!

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    Mr Brad James Actor/Cast Member of For Better or Worse On OWN

    in Finance

    Featured Upcoming Guest On The McGirt Show on Friday 09/26/14 @ 3:30pm EST (619)924-0898 @BlogTalkRadio.com/THEMCGIRT
    Mr Brad James Actor/Cast Member For Better Or Worse   Shares his Journey & Thoughts of Empowerment with  THE MCGIRT SHOW Host

    Bobby Daryl McGirt  

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    Interview with Brad James

    in Country Music

    Born in Belleville, Ontario – now based in Stoney Creek, ON - the past eight years have found Country singer/songwriter Brad James on a musical journey since discovering his first acoustic guitar. “My friend left a guitar in my trunk and I started messing around with it. I learned a couple of chords and really came to enjoy it,” he recalls. “Working at a country bar, I got to know some of the bands. Eventually, one of them convinced me to get up on stage on and sing. Besides being ridiculously nervous, it was amazing.” Brad feels that his self-titled debut album is the perfect representation of his live performances. Rockin’ tunes like “If You Like That Sorta Thing” and ballads like “Bitter” will no doubt earn this talented Canadian artist a ton of new fans. Tune in to hear all about Brad's music career & some songs from his CD.

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    tyler Perry's.... Brad James on Deck!!

    in Self Help

    Most of you will know our guest on “the Conversation with Klarque & Gail” from Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse as a series regular. We know him as an up and coming star! Please welcome back to the show Actor Brad James! 

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    James Borg researcher ufo's and author with host James Haarp talk ufos, drones!

    in Spirituality

    Join host James Haar,p and guest researcher and author James Borg when we talk about ufos, drones spying on you and armed guards from the USA on Canadian soil, why are they are and what are they looking for?

    Ufo sightings why so many lately,  and now drones will be delivering parcels  and what they might find out about you!

    Was the moon landing a fake and why havent we been back considering the so called minerals and gases that reside there?

    What are armed security guards from the states here guarding union station and who invited them?

    This and more with this live to air, call us and join us with real time chat and get the real information!

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    Ascension Soul Wisdom W/ Reverend James Ellis- Free Reading Monday

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Ascension Soul Wisdom - We all know things cannot stay the way they are. We need to step up and become world changers. I am here to help. I have done readings for many many years. Call in early to get a free reading.http://psychicradioreadings.com http://ascensionsoulwisdom.com



    Disclosure Policy:

    This done for entertainment purposes,

    It is very important that you do not live your life from a reading or channeling .

     A reading or channeling  is to assist you to determine choices, that you feel are in your best and highest interest.

    I have the right to provide a service to a client or not.  

    No psychic is 100%  accurate- I have a high accuracy rate, but only God is perfect.

    I am not a doctor and you should never cease medical treatment except if you are medically released . 

    I do not diagnose illness. I do not claim to cure illness.

    All psychic work offered on this website falls under this disclosure policy and is for entertainment purposes only. Obtaining services I offer releases me from all responsibilities from the choices you make based on your readings, healings, and channelings.

    All  clients  must be 18 years of age or over. Bycalling init is be deemed that you verify you are 18 years of age or older. 

    If you do not understand and need clarification on any of the disclosure policy, you may submit your requests in writing.  

    Be Love Always

    Rev James 

    THANK YOU !!!














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    Bringing God's Dream to pass in your life - what are you pregnant with?

    in Religion

    Pastor Brad Morgan of New Life Beginnings Church in Pattison, TX continues speaking about how God is a God of visions and dreams. Dreams are the language of the Holy Spirit. Today pastor brad focuses on the question "what are you pregnant with?" God has very specific things for you to do and He is implanting these things on our hearts and minds.

    What are you passionate about? What do you love to do? God can come in and bring His kingdom into the areas you are passionate about. You should ask the lord why you are passionate about the things that you are. 

    When God gives you a dream there are stages. in Ecclesiastes 5:3 it says, "For a dream comes through much activity,
    And a fool’s voice is known by his many words." The dream that God gives you requires effort and actions on your part.  A dream from God will provide vitality to your life. 

    Pastor Brad continues by talking about Joseph's dream. He speaks about how God favored Joseph.  God will favor you also. Learn to be a sower. Remember, the mercy of God has triumph over the judgment of God.

    A true dream from God will be accompanied by joy.


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    Thoughts, Love, & Reflections by HOST James DeShay

    in Podcasting

    James will discuss the world's social topics and issues. And, he will bring his own spin to it with his poetry. He is an Educator, Poet, Recording Artist , and now Radio Show host. Make sure to join him every Saturday at 8pm. 

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    Cas Anvar Interview

    in Entertainment

    Cas Anvar. 

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    VOICE OF YUBA COUNTY150530B Brad Dacus Common Core

    in Politics Conservative

    Brad Dacus Common Core problems with opting out.  New development with additional areas with common Core, religious brainwashing, nudity required in class,opt in bill by CA Assemblyman James Gallagher for sex indoctrination.

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