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    AABCP Audio Blog: A bra is a bra is a bra...or is it?

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    I have heard on more than one occasion, from both men and yes women, the statement, "it is not Medicare's job to fill a woman's lingerie drawer."
    But Early in 2012 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) altered their classification of a post mastectomy bra and prohibiting unequivocally a woman's option of paying for additional qualities on a post mastectomy bra.

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    Barry and Cam, Erin Go Bra

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    Join the boys for a celebration for your ears during this St Patty's Season!

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    MissusSmartyPants: Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide!

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    Get it this week! MSP's Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide

    Ask yourself these bra fit questions:

    Does your band ride up in the back?
    Is your breast tissue spilling over the top, at the sides or under the cups?
    Do your cups pucker or gap? OR, do your cups runneth over?
    Do your straps slip down?
    Do your straps dig into your shoulders?
    Does the wire poke your skin?

    Did you know a woman's bra size changes up to 7 times in her lifetime? From young adulthood, to motherhood, and then later in her mature years...a woman's bust changes in shape and size. Of course, gaining weight or losing weight will also change your bust size and shape. When was the last time you checked your bra size and style? Hmm...I thought so. Wearing the RIGHT bra will make you look slimmer and younger! Shall we check that we have the right fit? Yes absolutely!

    MSP is the Know-it-all of style MissusSmartyPants Fashion Rescue. I'll help solve your dressing dilemmas! This show is for women looking to reinvent their style. Tips are offered weekly for makeup, dressing, hair and more! Come join a supportive group of women & get a style tip or two.

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    Coming up tonight on The Boiler Room: New Year's Resolutions have been something by which many, if not most, people swear by each year; and all too often, they fail and fall back into habits they've been trying to beat. What causes this, and how can people overcome this point of failure and stick to their guns? George Jr. Shaouni, owner of Powerhouse Gym in Troy, will be live in the studio to talk about tips and tricks to overcome this vice of laziness. Then, why have women suddenly started wearing the pants and men the panties in the community? What caused this shift in roles that has left men wussified and women dominant? Listeners are encouraged to call in with questions and comments at 347-857-3847.

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    Does Your Bra Fit?

    in Self Help

    This episode will cover why the appropriate bra fitting is important, how to make a proper purchase without a specialist, and how to care for your bras to maximize their life.
    Our special guest this week is Kathy Bartholomew from My Essential Bodywear.

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    Just Guy Talk: Carter Cruise - No Bra No Panties

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    The very cute, busty, and shapely 5'4" blonde bombshell Carter Cruise joins us this episode. We talk life, career and her eight 2015 AVN nominations.
    • best new starlet
    • best actress
    • best oral scene
    • best DP scene
    • best three way scene (BBG)
    • 2 best all girl scenes
    • best group scene 
    • best showcase - Meet Carter

    Join us for the fun!

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    Technology Showcase featuring Debra Sanders "The Bra Coach"

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    This episode will feature one of our small business partnerships, entrepreneur and author, Debra Sanders otherwise known as "The Bra Coach".  Listen in on how Technology Expresso and The Bra Coach leverage technology to reach a broad audience informing the public about the importance of  "Bra sizing awareness and its health benefits". Debra will also share her success story to date, and how she leverages our interns to collaborate with our other clients. Learn how Technology Expresso is helping The Bra Coach and how we can help you launch your business venture on a budget.

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    Politics & Beer - Giuliani Hits New Low, GOP Racism & The Folly of GOP DHS Fight

    in Politics Progressive

    What a week for the racist GOP. A Miss. Rep. says blacks are on welfare and don't deserve education. Rudy Guliani says President Obama doesn't care about America, Conservative hero Dinesh D'Souza tweeted a horribly racist message about Pres. Obama, calling him "boy" and from the "ghetto."

    Wow, can you assholes be anymore racist???

    And three wonderful victories for the NRA: toddler shoots self to death in La., Mom killed after getting son with gun to chase "bad driver," and story revealed: Michigan GOPer shoots self when adjusting her bra holster.

    And...what will be the real fallout fron the GOP's crazy "shutdown DHS" movement?

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    Uncle Waynee Presented by the Deystarr Radio Network

    in Lifestyle

    Special Guest: Lisa Montoya

    Executive Coordinator - Untouchable Media & Event Services


    TV Host and Spokesperson

    DeyJay Fashions


    Lisa Montoya discusses being a sexy curvy woman over 30, weddings, events, planning, and crazy new wedding trends.


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    Så blir du bra på att nätverka och mingla

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    Nina Jansdotter intervjuar Jennifer Lind som ger sina bästa tips på hur man nätverkar och minglar effektivt. 

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    The Becky Book Club Talk Live Radio Show/Bill?Done?/Bedroom Ministry.Angela Bra.

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    Becky is the Host of Becky Bookamiliar Club which airs on her Talk Live Radio Show. BECKY is an avid reader who loves to read great books and enjoy talking to authors from around the world. Aspiring to, read millions of books from all genre and to share the vast variety of stories from authors around the world with her great audience, Truly enjoys reading stories in books since high school and I like getting into character and adding the flavor of Becky's character to the featured review Bill ? Done ? Part 2 Bedroom Ministry by Angela Braham. Come and be BLESSED

    Part 2 of this story is short and to the point of view of the Host of Becky Book Club. Bill is being very quiet and Becky and everyone in the world has alot to say about the rape allegations. Bedroom Ministry by Angela Braham is thought providing and riveting invoking a new school of thought on cutting edge issues. Great ministry tool, come be enlightened and inspired to Greatness in your bedroom ministry....

    Call (347) 205-9535 to be a guest or part of the audience at 11:00 am

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