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    BP Wrigleycast Episode 1: Cubs Top 101 Prospects and Matt Murton is Back!

    in Baseball

    Some of the writers behind BP Wrigleyville get together to talk about the Chicago Cubs. In this debut episode, we take a look at the Cub prospects that made the Baseball Prospectus Top 101 prospect list and what that means for the system. Believe it or not, Dexter Fowler is still a free agent, and Matt Murton is back with the club after his stint in Japan.

    For the stat of the week, Isaac Bennett takes a look at Baserunning Runs and the surprising player who is on top of the leaderboard.


  • 01:08

    BP Wrigleycast Episode 12: Sarah Spain on Cubs' Start, Maddon, and More

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    Our special guest this week is Sarah Spain, and we discuss the importance of a good start for a team with such high expectations, as well as Joe Maddon, Jake Arrieta, Kris Bryant, and much more. 

    Jake Arrieta threw another no-hitter and no one is that surprised...talk about high expectations.

    Ryan has our question of the week on Rizzo hitting homeruns, Joel can't quite match last week's 60 Seconds with a Former Cub, but he gives it a shot with Bill Madlock, and Isaac has our At Bat of the Week with a Jason Hammel at bat.

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    BP Wrigleycast Episode 4: Dexter Fowler is Back!

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    Dexter Fowler shocks the world and comes back to Chicago. We take a look at the repercussions on other players of his return as well as the return on the Chris Coghlan trade. Does this mean the final bat off the bench is now decided? 

    We go around the table and pick out which player worries us the most in terms of how a bad performance would impact the team going into 2016. Then Joel tells us what Michael Barrett has been up to in our 60 seconds with a former Cub segment. 

    The stat of the week is ISO and Joel makes a bad Vanilla Ice joke. 

    The question of the week asks who will lead off: Fowler or Heyward?

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    BP Wrigleycast Episode 6: BP Top Ten Cubs Prospects & Road to the World Series

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    We’re getting closer and closer to real baseball, but for now let’s discuss Baseball Prospectus’ Top Ten prospects for the Cubs. We go deep on Dylan Cease, Jemier Candelario, and a scratch the surface on a few other guys. Kyle Hendricks is apparently a lock in the rotation. Ryan regales us with stories of his trip to Arizona and we talk a teeny bit about the Brewers and former Cub Matt Garza.

    In our main segment we muse on what might get in the way of the Cubs making it to the World Series this year, and Carlos gives a very unsatisfying answer.

    In our 60 Seconds with a Former Cub, segment, Joel takes us back to the days of Bill Mueller.

    And for our Stat of the Week, Isaac walks us through the publicly available information behind WARP.

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    BP Wrigleycast Episode 11: Cubs Winning, Cardinals In Town, Trading Baez

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    With the Cubs off to a good start, the guys break down how it's happened despite some very unimpressive offensive stats (other than Dexter Fowler). Taking pitches has definitely helped, but pretty amazing to be off to this kind of start when so many players are around the Mendoza line. The Cardinals are coming! Wouldn't anyone in their right mind want the Cubs roster over the Cardinals roster? The guys discuss. Also, Javy Baez is back on the team and they discuss the benefits of having him vs trading him.

    For 60 Seconds with a former Cub, Joel drops some serious A-material on Bob Tewksbury and the guys can't stop laughing. Well done, Joel. Ryan has the question of the week and Isaac covers the at bat of the week. Can you guess which one he picked? It's an easy one...

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    BP Wrigleycast Episode 10: Rian Watt, Schwarber's Injury, Initial Impressions

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    Special guest and Editor in Chief of Baseball Prospectus Wrigleyville joins the team to break down the Kyle Schwarber injury and whether or not the front office needs to adjust so early in the season. The Cubs are 5-1 so far and the offense is clicking, the bullpen is solid, and things are looking good. Also, Rian shares something that surprised him when entering a big-league clubhouse for the first time.

    For the 60 Seconds with a Former Cub segment, Joel stalks Steve Trout and almost gets him to open up. Ryan takes a question from a listener about other positions Kris Bryant might play, and Isaac debuts the At Bat of the Week with an Anthony Rizzo number.

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    BP Wrigleycast Episode 5: Let the Games Begin

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    Spring training games are underway! Small sample sizes be damned! We review the first two games and chat about Javier Baez's versatility, Pierce Johnson's chances of pitching at Wrigley in 2016, and Kyle Hendricks' expectations. 

    Then we go around and each of us picks our top players that might surprise in 2016. 

    Joel takes us back to the Hee-Seop Choi era in the 60 seconds with a former Cub segment, and Isaac walks us through Fair Run Average in our stat of the week. Ryan tackles a Matt Szczur question from a listener and Isaac almost makes it to the end of this one before getting fired. Again.

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    BP Wrigleycast Episode 13: Hail Szczur, Almora Interview, Deviating from Plan

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    The Cubs keep winning despite some of the team's big offensive names coming up short. But Tommy LaStella and Matt Szczur had a nice week. We touch on Jorge Soler again and the perpetual mystery of whether or not he'll be a big leaguer. Miguel Montero gets hurt and Willson Contreras doesn't come up, which makes sense. 

    We also talk about Adam Warren, John Lackey, and the plan to pull pitchers early. Whatever happened with that? Oh and was Dusty Baker really that bad? Judging from the analogies we all draw...yes. But we still like him.

    Isaac talked to Albert Almora about confidence and the role it plays in the game, which was fascinating.

    Then Joel goes into 60 Seconds with a Former Cub and breaks out his thesaurus to describe the zaftig Hector Villanueva. 

    Ryan's got the Question of the Week on who the Cubs's best player has been so far.

    Isaac breaks down a great at bat by his idol Addison Russell in At Bat of the Week.

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    BP Wrigleycast Episode 7: Rondon Struggles, Schwarber & Hammel, and Laroche

    in Baseball

    Hector Rondon has some pretty miserable Spring Training numbers, but should fans be concerned? How would the pen hold up if someone else had to step up and close games? Word on the street (or at least Rick Sutcliffe's street) is Kyle Schwarber will be catching Jason Hamel on the regular. Wasn't this inevitable in a way?

    It may not be Cubs news, but the guys chime in on Adam Laroche and his decision to retire rather than stop bringing his son to games EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Before we fire Isaac, he brings you the stat of the week (WHIP) and Joel revisits the days of El Pulpo in our 60 Seconds with a Former Cub segment.Ryan, in the meantime, has surprising results from a Twitter poll.

  • 01:06

    BP Wrigleycast Episode 9: Opening Day is Here, Watching Live, Cubs Predictions

    in Baseball

    The guys talk about their most important questions of the season as game one wraps up WHILE THEY RECORD. Can the bullpen really keep it together this season? Will the Cubs win the NL Central? Will they have to trade away any prospects to reinforce the team? Will all the young players improve or is that asking too much. Lots of questions but we have answers!

    Joel brings Nomar back for 60 Seconds with a former Cub and his horrifying groin injury. Ryan's got the Question of the Week and it's about a six-man rotation. And Isaac hits up the final Stat of the Week segment to make way for At Bat of the Week.

    Then everyone gives their predictions for the NL Central. After that, the Cubs wrap up the win as the guys wrap up episode 9 and all is well in the world. Cubs win.

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    BP Wrigleycast Episode 2: PECOTA Projections, Regression Candidates, and BABIP

    in Baseball

    PECOTA projections are out! Curious how the Cubs fared according to our robot overlords? We take an in-depth look at players like Jason Heyward, Jon Lester, and Addisson Russell to find out where we agree and where we agree to disagree. We'll also take a look at which players might take a step back in 2016 after everything going so well last year (sorry Jake!).

    For Stat of the Week, Isaac covers BABIP and Joel tackles old-time Cub George Mitterwald in our 60 Seconds with a Former Cub segment.