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    Carson's Corner: The Election Boycott Advocates.

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    Almost another year in the books, and the oppression of the American worker continues to get worse. From phony billionaire-owned elections, a us-backed fascist coup in Ukraine, to an out-of-control militarized police force that seeks to perserve the privilege of the ruling class, the workers in America have been forced to engage in non-compliance. Non-compliance already exists in our society in the form of the non-voter. However, we are starting to see the beginnings of a mass response from the oppressed.

    Join the Election Boycott Advocates as they recap some of the year's events, as well what we in the working class have to look forward in 2015.

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    Carson's Corner: The Election Boycott Advocates.

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    The Election Boycott Advocates welcome a very special guest to the show. Deputy Editor at the Greanville Post, Alya Rea, joins the show to discuss the relationship between the United States, Russia and Ukraine.

    The Following is Rea's bio from the Greanville Post:

    Alevtina Rea is a researcher, analyst and writer and a strong supporter of social justice and human rights. For 7 years (2005 – 2012), she worked as an assistant editor with CounterPunch, a leading left political journal in the Anglophone world that exemplifies, along with The Greanville Post and a small cluster of sites, what an oppositional press should be like. She believes that “the role of the media is to educate, inform and shed light where there is none” in order to counter state-sponsored propaganda. Given the appalling criminality and atrocities committed by Western imperialism around the world, she believes that Russia—by opposing such power, and by her growing cooperation with Latin American and Asian countries— offers a new hope to humanity. Ms. Rea is also a contributing author to CounterPunch, Cyrano’s Journal Today, Uncommon Thought Journal,  and the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies. She can be reached at rea.alya@gmail.com.

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    Should Blacks Boycott Black Friday?

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    On the heels of the Ferguson verdict this is the hot debate in the Black Community.  Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and can make or break many retailers.  In protest many Black consumers have decided to boycott Black Friday to show the power of the Black Dollar.  I have expressed my opinion here Why I do NOT think Blacks should boycott Black Friday, but I want to hear from you.  Let's talk about it.

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    Carson's Corner: The Election Boycott Advocates.

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    It's Sunday, and it's time for the Election Boycott Advocates to appear on Carson's Corner. Last week after a great discussion on the origins of socialism and social democracies, the Election Boycott Advocates welcome Harry Cason, member/supporter of the Zeitgeist Movement to the show. We will discuss our vision for the future of America and the current issues that face working class Americans- or better yet, the very system that oppresses all of us. How do we overturn that system? What do we put in its place? We will attempt to answer all these questions and more.

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    Carson's Corner Election Boycott Advocates.

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    On this edition of Carson's Corner, the Election Boycott Advocates welcome Harry Cason of the Zeitgeist Movement to the program to discuss how to create a new sustainable world. The working class undoubtedly faces many challenges- change is easier said than done. However, there are steps that we can take to overcome the ruling class. Harry Cason believes that we have to sell everyone a program that contains enormous benefits to everyone. Bob Carson believes we have to reevaluate the way we look at the market system and move beyond capitalism. Capitalism in its current ( and arguably any form) is not designed to address human needs, and therefore continuing capitalism will only further increase the pain of the working class. This consciousness spurred on by the miserable conditions of the working class will lead to a revolution. Christopher Driscoll believes that we need to pull out the rug from the ruling class- the rug of legitimacy- and establish worker owned factories and workplaces. Thomas Baldwin believes a new set of principles will emerge from a value system. All believe that the ballot box is no ride to power for the working class, so what do we do? What course of action should we take? Tune into Carson's Corner to hear this very unique discussion that you will hear few places elsewhere.

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    The Election Boycott Advocates on Carson's Corner.

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    The Election Boycott Advocates welcome one of their own to the show, Christopher Alan Driscoll. Driscoll, who was Ralph Nader's media director for his three presidential campaigns, has a firm grasp on the origins of socialism that he will discuss. EBA members Bob Carson and Thomas Baldwin want to explore how to arrive at socialism here in the U.S. with Christopher.  We want to know how we create a more equitable and sustainable society that is owned by the workers.

    Plus, in hour two, we'll delve into all things Ferguson.

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    The AE System: Episode 19 Loving Until it Hurts

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    "I have found a paradox that if we love till it hurts there is no more hurt, only love." Mother Theresa?

    Running across this passage made me reflect on the transparent journey that has taken place within and without the development and production of The AE System by The Creator through His vessel Arlene Embola. In this episode we will revisit some sound bites from video clips  in some of the earlier stages of AE. 

    We would love for you to call in with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have at (646) 949-0061

    For more information please visit us at http://www.transformationsalondecoiffure.com/

    or  http://www.theaesystem.com/


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    It's a new day, it's a new age. People have woken up to the fact that consumerism is not their friend. Every item that is purchased potentially funds a maniac police officer's murderous rampage. The people successfully boycotted Black Friday. They have boycotted the malls. Now there is a major push to #BOYCOTTCHRISTMAS and all consumer driven "holidays" that do nothing but exploit and disenpower the people. #2RAW4TV supports the boycott and the #movement to #liberate the people from the tyranny of #capitalism. In celebration of the courage, power, and potential of the people 2RAW4TV is throwing a listening #party featuring your favorite artist and #Jesus
    DJ WHYTE JESUS (@DJWHYTEJESUS on twitter) is one of the most controversial and prolific djs of our time. We ask him how he got started, is he wishing for a #whyte #Christmas, and what's next for the world's most talked about DJ. We will also really get to the bottom of both the truth and lies behind the world's most #expensive holiday 2RAW4TV PRESENTS BOYCOTT CHRISTMAS LISTENING PARTY #Xmas day 12-25-14 @ 11PM EST blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV CALL 3234100036 TO COMMENT, QUESTION, OR #PARTY LIVE WITH US... ALSO ALL #ARTISTS SEND 2RAW4TV AN MP3 OF YOUR FAVORITE TRACKS WE ARE PLAYING NOTHING BUT NEW MUSIC! SEND IT TO: toorawfortv@gmail.com #merrychristmas #happyholidays #boycott #racism #lies #revolutionaryradio #Kwanzaa #music #HIPHOP #RAP #ROCK #HANNAKAH #Christmastree #santa #krumpus #Newage #pop

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    The AE System: Women in the Military, Are women walking in truth today?

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    A very compelling discussion has taken place on our Facebook feeds for the past 24 hours dealing with the position of women in the military. Some very insightful veiws have been presented as we will discuss them with our listening audience as well as invite those who commented on the thread to this very show to talk tonight if they are able. This may be a 2 part series.

    What does this have to do with The AE System? Arlene Embola is ex military and has a wealth of experience on the topic. What do you say about women on the battle feild, what is our Created and given role according to scripture?

    Join us as we reveal what The Fatther is doing in our ministry to restore the image of His children, we are created in His image.


    To learn more about The AE System please visit our website at www.theaesystem.com or


    You may also interact with us on Facebook: /TheAEsystem or /butterfliesandpearls

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    The AE System: Hair should not cost our women their freedom!

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    December 2013 a newsfeed link went viral. It was the day that 4 brown skinned women stole upwards of 20K worth of hair from a Houston store . This article is still circulating the internet as is it just happened. The problem is that when things like this go viral, it plants negative seeds in the minds of our children. This is what The AE System fights against. Bondage.

    We send a call our to all people of all skin tone manifestations to break free of the fences and boundaies put up by society that make you think unreal things are worth going to jail over or binding yourself into because you feel there is no other alternative. Allow us to introduce you to your healing IN THE WAY TRUTH and The LIGHT who is our Savior who has come to set the captives free, Our Savior Yeshua Christ Jesus.The AE System does not promote vanity, yet we boast in what our Creator can do and is currently doing. 

    please feel free to call in during our live show.

    Join us at www.theaesystem.com for more infomation or



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    Protest or Boycott or Both!!!!

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    Will the powers that be hear you more if you protest or boycott

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