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    Establishing Your Boundaries

    in Christianity

    Today’s strategy discusses boundaries in relationships. Do you have clearly defined or established limits and restrictions for your conduct with others? Have you helped others treat you with respect and dignity? When someone crosses the line with you, how do you handle it? Let’s talk about these questions and others as we strategize about ways to firmly construct boundaries that you can live with in your relationship with others.

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Sovereign Boundaries with Desires: Men, Money & Magic!

    in Women

    I"ve been playing with my own boundaries these past few years and talking about them in these past weeks.  In this last week of April, we explore Boundaries and Desire. 

    How much do I want to contain?  How much of me do I want to be transparent?  Is it safe to radiate my Brilliance?

    Energetic, emotional and psychological boundaries are something I experiment with on a daily, maybe hourly basis.  I love discovering what is more attractive and where and when I am repelling - especially around those areas of my life where I am most sensitive...

    Do you project your desires?  Or protect yourself from them?  Join me as I share a few of my tips to hold them, then let them go...

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ April's Topic? Boundaries!

    in Women

    The more I have learned about Boundaries, the more authentically I've been able to connect.  On video with clients and listeners, in personal and romantic relationships and even with my family!  This is a great way to shine your light with truth and love while not stealing from others or leaking your power.  For women of influence, this is an essential life practice to master!

    This sounds like the opporsite, doesn't it?  By creating a physical, emotional, energetic and mental separation we create an even deeper, more intimate and true relationship with others...and our self. 

    Let's begin the month of April with redefining Boundaries and build each week on the symptoms of poor boundaries, what healthy boundaries look like, how to incorporate simple daily practices to support boundaries on all levels (mental, emtional, physical and energetic) to support these for yourself, and the benefits of doing so.

    Let's get started!  This is Spring, the time for new beginnings right? 

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    Learn How To Set Boundaries

    in Relationships

    Quite often, people mistake kindness for weakness. When people receive things for free they often do not value it fully because it is not something that they have earned on their own and learned to appreciate its value. This can lead to a lack of consideration when it comes to someone's time, money or other forms of generosity. Do you often feel misunderstood or taken advantage of? Boundaries are very important for maintaining healthy relationships with friends, family and even at work.  Do you know when to create a boundary? Why are they necessary? Tune in to this segment of The NLP View Radio Show, as host, Donna Blinston R.N is joined by special guest, June Stoyer to discuss different NLP techniques that will help you to set boundaries.  Today’s show is sponsored by Austria’s Finest Naturally Authentic Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Seed Oil from the Steiermark available at OrganicUniverse.com. Listeners of TheOrganicView can receive $1 off their purchase by using the coupon code "orgview".  For more offers, please visit our website at www.theorganicview.com 

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    How to Plug Your Energy Leaks & Strengthen Your Boundaries with Lisa Fraley

    in Health

    On this exciting episode of The Period Party, Nicole jams with Legal Coach® and Attorney, Lisa Fraley. You won't want to miss this! 

    Here are some highlights of what we cover during this episode: 

    Chakras! We talk about the second (sacral) chakra of the body which is associated with important areas of life - from sex and sensuality, to creativity and "birthing" not just babies but also ideas/art/creative works, to money. 
    How the sacral chakra relates to trust and boundaries, like legal boundaries, energetic boundaries, and emotional boundaries...
    How the sacral chakra relates to releases and "leaks" (think money leaks, energy leaks, and, of course, the release and shedding associated with the mentral cycle). 
    Finally, we talk about how to plug those energy leaks, shore up your boundaries, and get (legally!) protected. 

    Lisa is a Holistic Lawyer® who has combined her years of legal experience as a Health Care Attorney in a large corporate law firm with her extensive coaching skills as a certified Health Coach and Life Coach. She uniquely believes that legal protections protect you both in practical ways and energetic ways so she aligns each of the 7 key legal steps that most entrepreneurs need as they grow in their businesses with each of the 7 chakras.

    Lisa has worked 1:1 with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them protect themselves, their businesses and their brands through contracts, terms and conditions, corporate entities and trademarks with lots of Legal Love™!

    Check out more of what Lisa has to offer in her legal course for coaches and entrepreneurs: Get Legally Covered So You Can Go Bare.






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    Boundaries: Redefining the Self

    in Self Help

    Robert Frost says, "Good fences make good neigbors." Healthy fences or boundaries are essential to our well-being and the health of our relationships. Whether the boundaries are visible or invisible, overt or covert, expressed or unexpressed, knowing who you are depends on knowing the limits of where you end and another person begins.  The invisible, covert and unexpressed boundaries are not so obvious but can be even more important than the visible ones. Join us now as we guide you to successfully set your boundaries in order to strengthen your relationships with others and yourself! Isn't it time to live powerfully, authentically, and JUST BE YOURSELF?

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    Knowing Boundaries Part 2

    in Lifestyle

    As I go on social media I see so much things that needs to be address and the things that people say and do which it's not so pleasant so I will be speaking on the boundaries so the people know and understand their lanes in which they are in and shouldn't go beyond with no filter nor cut cards so time in because it's going down once again!!

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    Knowing Boundaries Part 1

    in Lifestyle

    As I go on social media I see so much things that needs to be address and the things that people say and do which it's not so pleasant so I will be speaking on the boundaries so the people know and understand their lanes in which they are in and shouldn't go beyond with no filter nor cut cards so time in because it's going down once again!! We must understand that what ever you out out there will be out there so watch what you do because this new Live they created on Facebook will codec a rememberandce that will impact your life!

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Boundaries, Are they Holding You Back?

    in Women

    Healthy Boundaries are knowing where we stop, start and how much of our energy is being expended at a given time.  Since we are human and spiritual beings, we are always giving, receiving, allowing, blocking, breathing in and breathing out. 

    Often our Boundaries are set by reactive and subconscious patterns, learned early in our childhood.  We learned to Comply: following rules to be loved or seen as the good one.  Another is to Protect: fearful to let others see our truth and light.  The other one is a big one...Controlling!  And, many of us have forms of that which show up today in our lives as Perfectionism, Autocratic decision-making, or needing to be right. 

    Which ones come into play for you?  Do you know which ones are your underlying programming that are keeping your energy bound up playing Reactive games versus flowing for more Creative types of Leadership in your life?

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    Empowering Women Through Setting Boundaries -- The Parker J Cole Show

    in Entertainment

    Join me for the month of March as we discuss women's empowerment in various aspects of life as we celebrate Women's History Month

    Traditionally, women have carried the brunt of heart break in various aspects in life. From single mothers to career-focused women to married woman and single ladies, we put ourselves in positions of heart break through the lack of setting boundaries. We open our hearts to all sorts of situations from relationships to life choices and we lack the understanding and knowledge of what to do to assess where we need to set our boundaries. 

    Join me as we to empower women by setting healthy boundaries with my guest co-host and contributor R. J. Thesman from Gateway of Hope. You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the Stitcher app on your mobile device. Or, you can click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/8351039.   Tune in!


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    Overwhelmed? How to Set Energetic Boundaries for Sensitive's and Empaths!

    in Spirituality

    Feeling overwhelmed is a natural state from time to time. But when you are heightening your intuitive senses and opening yourself up to feel more, you can become more susceptible to being affected by other people's energy and issues more than before. It becomes very easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, agitated and cornered when you are dealing with the pulls of other people.

    On this show we are going to talk about what it means to be energetically sensitive and how to set boundaries on your energy.

    I will also give you my top 3 ways on how to protect yourself from the energetic demands from others and some of my best ways to clear other people's energetic agenda's from your field without feeling guilty or obligated to meet their demands.

    Setting energetic boundaries and regularly clearing your energetic field is extremely important to your well being and easier than you might expect when you know what to look for and how to handle it on a regular basis.

    If you are feeling tired be sure to tune into this show!

    I will be taking your questions, so be sure to call in early!

    347 215 9485

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