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    The Ed Boston Podcast - February 19th 2015

    in Christianity

    Lots going on with the Ed Boston brand. Tonight on the show, a new chapter in the podcast begins ...... Can you say video simulcast? Gives opportunity to show articles referenced and other features that I'm really excited about. 

    As for topics, I plan to discuss the EdBoston.com site outage and other internet security "issues", this podcast having had over a quarter of a million listens AND celebrating 7 years on the air. 

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    The Ed Boston Podcast

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    Tonight will be a little bit of everything. I will take a look at the upcoming NBC series A.D. The Bible Continues, some news from Bethany Hamilton, and my thoughts on recent Katy Perry headlines. Who knows what else I will come up with, so you will have to join and find out. 

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - February 26th 2015

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    The Circle of Life - For the first part of the show, we will be talking about how we aren't promised tomorrow and life from beginning to end. Depending on how long it takes to end that first topic, we will look at some of the recent happening covered at EdBoston.com. 

  • The Ed Boston Podcast - January 8th 2014

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    Several topics to talk about tonight. I will talk about my follow-up interview coming tomorrow with Jeff Jarrett as well as other topics from today. Those will include Elvis' 80th birthday, Barbara Boxer retiring for the Senate, the terrorist attack in Paris by Jihadis. All of that an much more on the Ed Boston Podcast. Tonight at 9 pm eastern on Blog Talk Radio. 

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    Is Boston Broken?

    in Politics Progressive

    The easy part is the snow, but it hides and reveals much. Underlying the white stuff, the ice, the subzero weeks, what does Boston's ability to manage itself say now and beyond?

    Chums around the country and beyond ask us how we are faring, whether our roof can take it all, and more. We can report good — as in no power outages, we have heat, water, power and internet. Outside that small fence, it's not so good.

    The city's T, as in subway, trolley, commuter rail and bus have been totally shut, then mostly shut, and running only on the few underground lines. Workers, students, shoppers and plain folk are back in previous centuries, at the mercy of the elements. 

    The mayor and governor have avoided blaming each other for various failures, likely knowing there is plenty of shame and naming to share. Yet there will be reckonings, as businesses tabulate many millions of losses, schools calculate federal dollars, required dates, vacations and such, and ordnary citizens wonder whether they can trust Boston to provide basic services.

    This is the big town that won the US bid for the 2024 Winter Olympic Games. Granted blizzards then are extremely unlikely, but what does all of his say of its transportation system? Can students' [parents rely on the city to keep its skeds? If the city can't haul away snow, i9s it ready for more acute emergencies?

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - Third Day Press Conference Report and More

    in Christianity

    I was invited to participate in a special press conference with Third Day yesterday. I will go over my notes from the hour long press conference and promote their soon to be release worship album Lead Us Back. 

    Still debating part two of the show. Will probably have to do with the National Prayer Breakfast in DC and other recent issues regarding islam. 

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    in Politics Progressive

    As a 3-time finisher of the Boston Marathon -the tragedy that took place is of profound sadness to me, personally, on many different levels.

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - December 4th Edition

    in Christianity

    Ed Boston's weekly podcast looking at what's going on in the world around us. As always, Ed will be looking at the subjects from his own unique Christian perspective. 

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    BATH MASSACRE-Arnie Bernstein

    in Entertainment

    On May 18, 1927, the small town of Bath, Michigan, was forever changed when Andrew Kehoe set off a cache of explosives concealed in the basement of the local school. Thirty-eight children and six adults were dead, among them Kehoe, who had literally blown himself to bits by setting off a dynamite charge in his car. The next day, on Kehoe's farm, what was left of his wife---burned beyond recognition after Kehoe set his property and buildings ablaze---was found tied to a handcart, her skull crushed. With seemingly endless stories of school violence and suicide bombers filling today's headlines, Bath Massacre serves as a reminder that terrorism and large-scale murder are nothing new. 
    "A chilling and historic character study of the unfathomable suffering that desperation and fury, once unleashed inside a twisted mind, can wreak on a small town. Contemporary mass murderers Timothy McVeigh, Columbine's Dylan Klebold, and Virginia Tech's Seung-Hui Cho can each trace their horrific genealogy of terror to one man: Bath school bomber Andrew Kehoe. BATH MASSACRE-America's First School Bombing-Arnie Bernstein




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    The Ed Boston Podcast - New Year's Bash

    in Christianity

    2015 is here and I will take a look at different things from around the world and a variety of topics. Whether 2014 was great for you like it was me, or if you couldn't wait for it to end, we are going to talk about the HOPE we have for 2015. Join me live at 9 pm eastern, and who knows how long we will go. 

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    Jeff Jarrett Exclusive on The Ed Boston Podcast

    in Wrestling

    I will be interviewing professional wrestler Jeff Jarrett, who is also the owner of Global Force Wrestling. For the first time ever, GFW is bringing New Japan Pro-Wrestling Wrestle Kingdon 9 live on Pay-per-view here in the United States. We will talk about WK9, the The Bullet Club, and Jeff's faith in Jesus Christ. 

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