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    Emotional Waves Of The Boston Marathon Bombings

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    When Terrorism Comes To YOUR Backyard When the two bombs blew my city apart at 2:50 pm on April 15, 2013, I was leading my group on the Cultural Caribbean Cruise that had been planned for more than a year. We had just docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico and I was able to turn my phone back on and check my email massages.  As I finished that task and prepared to get off the ship to enjoy parts of the island, my phone rang. It was my childhood friend, Denise Gray Felder, calling in a panic.  “Carole!  Where are you?  Are you and Michelle safe?” How close are you to the explosion that just happened at the finish line of the Boston Marathon?”  
    I thanked my friend for calling and reassured her that we were thousands of miles away from the scene of the amazing event. I collected my thoughts, wiped the shock off my face, and desperately searched the internet for more information on this breaking story. I had just sent off unrelated emails to friends and colleagues and learned that one friend had just handed the award to the winning female marathon runner more than half an hour before the first bomb exploded.
    I took this terrorist act PERSONALLY.  These two demonic young monsters tried to destroy MY city. 
    And as the chair of the Multicultural Committee of the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau, I took these bombings PERSONALLY. Our committee and our Bureau have worked for nearly 20 years to eradicate the stigma of racial hostility that still lingers with some people. This incident was a personal affront to all of the efforts of our committee and Bureau. I was concerned that it would further hurt the Boston brand and keep diverse conventions, conferences, meetings and family reunions away from our city.
    Join me in today’s program and learn why Boston is MY city...a Boston Strong city.  

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    Boston Marathon Bombings: Security vs. Freedom

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    This week, Roundtable with Stephanie Robinson takes on the Boston Marathon Bombings and the age-old question of security vs. liberty. At the Roundtable are Juliette Kayyem, columnist for the Boston Globe and a mainstay on CNN throughout its coverage of the events; Senator for Massachusetts William “Mo” Cowan; Eric Hauser, democratic strategist and owner of the progressive communications firm, the Hauser Group; and Harvard Law Professor Ronald Sullivan.

    Is there really such a thing as national security? What are our privacy rights as we grapple with the threat of domestic terror? Did the incident leave public officials wishing for some absent tool of government to improve safety now or in the future?

    Roundtable guests take on these questions and more, all while listeners ask questions and share their experiences about the bombing and its aftermath. Time to gather at the Roundtable as Stephanie Robinson leads the discussion on hot topics, deep talk and a little bit of uplift. Roundtable with Stephanie Robinson...pull up a chair.

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    Red Fox - Boston Marathon Bombings

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    Boston Marathon Bombings.

    Mujahid Enderi was an outright bullish manipulator.

    Welcome to the Red Fox with your Host, Kel Fritzi. As my listeners know, I am rather passionate, and sometimes I forget to reign myself in. But, I believe in what I do and am proud of it, as I can look future generations in the eye and say I did something…

    *This program does not accept calls unless pre-arranged, or callers are known by the Host* 

    Thank you for supporting the Red Fox heard here Tues. and Fri at 8PM ET .

    "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell.


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    Boston Marathon Bombings: Security vs. Freedom

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    This week, Roundtable with Stephanie Robinson takes on the Boston Marathon Bombings and the age-old question of security vs. liberty. At the Roundtable are Juliette Kayyem, columnist for the Boston Globe and a mainstay on CNN throughout its coverage of the events; Senator for Massachusetts William “Mo” Cowan; Eric Hauser, democratic strategist and owner of the progressive communications firm, the Hauser Group; and Harvard Law Professor Ronald Sullivan. Is there really such a thing

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    Dealing With PTSD After The Boston Marathon Bombings

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    The horrific bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon has had a profound impact on all of us whether we were there or watching on TV.  The images are forever part of our lives now.  
    Events  of this magnitude have the potential to cause Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD).  What is happening is, the brain is having great difficulty filtering and understanding the information.  It is trying to process the experience or visuals.  The result is can cause stress with symptoms ranging from anxiety, disrupted sleeping patterns, anger, sadness, fear and loss of appetite.
    It is often thought that PTSD occurs only to those who experience a severe trauma like war.  But this is not the case.   An event like the bombings can traumatize and cause PTSD to those who only see it on TV.
    Healthcare Whisperer welcomes back Michele Rosenthal,  an expert on PTSD to talk about PTSD. She has personally experienced and overcome PTSD.  She has dedicated her life to helping others to understand PTSD and find the appropriate care.  Her website www.healmyPTSD.com offers a wealth of information on PTSD and resources.  Her book, Before the World Intruder: Conquering the Past and Creating the Future  is an award nominated book.
    Michele will be offering assistance and resources for those experiencing PTSD after the horrible Boston events.  Listen and call in with questions

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    Radical Islam Here - An Interview W/ Ilya Feoktistov - The Boston Bombing

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    Join us for a very important interview with Ilya Feoktistov, is the Director of Research at Americans for Peace and Tolerance.

    The Obama Administration is conducting a national conference on combating terror, and has chosen Boston as one of three model cities where authorities have a good working relationship with the Muslim community. In fact, Boston may be the most important US city where radical Muslim leaders are building an extremist base of followers.

    The Obama Administration is now planning to hold a conference based on its program to “Counter Violent Extremism” in February. It has identified Boston as one of three cities where Administration policies are preventing radicalization of the Muslim community. Boston is said to be a model for others cites to emulate, because, it “has taken the lead in building pilot frameworks integrating … religious leaders, with law enforcement agencies to address violent extremism.”

    Far from being a positive anti-radicalizing model, Boston is actually a model for how Islamic radicalism is created, developed and spread. As the Boston Marathon bombings showed, the Obama Administration’s willingness to be deceived by false moderates can have drastic consequences.

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    Nadia Ruiz, youngest person to run 100 marathons

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    Nadia Ruiz began running during her freshman year in high school.  She comes from a first generation immigrant family from Ecuador. Her parents raised their children with the principles to work hard, dedicate yourself to ones education, and always aim for ones highest personal integrity. 

    Unfortunately in middle school, she fell victim to bullying possibly for her academic achievements and late development. Her mother enrolled her immediately in the community boxing and Nadia had the opportunity to discover there as an endurance bug within. 

    She learned immediately that there was something special that running brought to her life so she decided to register for her first marathon at the age of 14. 

    Sixteen years later, she has completed over 120 marathons (3:16 PR), 55 half marathons (1:26 PR), 11 ultras, and 4 Ironman triathlons (12:34 PR) frequently in the top of her age group or Top Overall women. 

    Nadia graduated with her BS, M.Ed, and Teacher's Credential from UCLA at the age of 20.  Nadia has been a HS Biology educator, coach, and marketing consultant for 10 years.

    Nadia shares her passion of fitness, health, and education with her family and friends in hopes to continue to encourage others to seek their goals, especially young aspiring Latinos who dream of achieving their dreams. 

    Nadia shares, "I will live my life as I choose. I hope to continue to follow where my heart guides me exploring and challenging myself in new terrain as long as I can while encouraging others to do so as well."

    Nadia states, "In order to reach others, I have created some profiles on social media where I share my struggles, triumphs, and challenges throughout my life to demonstrate to others that they may other overcome their struggles to reach their goals."

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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner Headaches Part 1

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                                                  Headaches & Stress

    Since 1989 Cocoa Lady also known as Sister Re, has practiced and taught headache massage therapy in area colleges, technical schools, adult education and fitness facilities, medically recommended. If you are seeking to learn more about some of the the triggers or causes for your headache pain or to help someone you love, tune in,       call in ask questions. Reaching for the medicine bottle is not your only option.

                                                  Call in 347 215 8559

                                 Nutrition, Fitness, and Relaxation techniques.

    http://youtu.be/CIzqnLnP45k   http://www.CocoaLady.org   http://AfroChiFitness.blogspot.com/

    Contact Boston Consultations 516 408 2376 

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    Celtics vs Warriors: Post-Game Podcast | Call into Studio: 347-215-7771 #Celtics

    in Basketball

    CLNS Radio's Celtics Postgame Show, powered by Lynda.com/CLNS will be live immediately following tonight's action to break it down after the game as the Celtics are at TD Garden, hosting the Charlotte Hornets. Cal Lee and Mike "The Scotsman" Munger will have you covered with everything you need to know for the game tonight.

    Call the guys to give your opinion on the game at 347-215-7771 and tweet @CLNSRadio to get your thoughts #OnBoard.  You can also get involved in the action by joining the CLNS Sports Hub Discussion Group on Facebook.

    Jared Weiss will have our Locker Room Report from the Garden.

    Support CLNS! We are now entering our 6th year servicing Celtics fans. Support CLNS for less than $1.99 and receive tshirt, travel mugs and/or entry in to our monthly autograph drawing. Click here for more info!

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    Show 166 - Hello, Spring

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    It's March, so you know what that means... yep, the NFL Draft is less than 2 months away! OK, OK. There are a few things that happen before that. March Madness selection happens in 2 weeks and Spring Training is underway in Arizona and Florida. Join hosts Joe and Justin on Episode 166 as they celebrate 4 years of the program.

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    #KingOfUndergroundMedia @ConnorTKCassidy & @BenBruud

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    Call in number to speak with the host (646) 378-0298

    Send questions or comments to thelivebyterrenceshow@gmail.com Twitter @LiveByTerrence

    Special Guests & More (Subject To Change)

    Connor Cassidy - @ConnorTKCassidy

    Born on November 12, 1995, Connor Thomas Khalil Cassidy is an emerging Hip-Hop/Rap artist rooted in Boston, MA. With the pride of a bostonian, vibe of his Irish side, positive state of mind, & musical ability that stretches beyond his years, Connor is an artist far from easy to come by. First transitioning into the city's music scene in 2012, Connor has dedicated himself to honesty throughout his music at a young age. "To put it simple I just spoke my mind, and let everything I've seen & lived through take the music where it needed to be.

    Ben Bruud - @BenBruud

    Ben Bruud has been electrifying dance floors across the Southeast for the past five years. He has shared stages with artists such as Nelly, The Ying Yang Twins, Cage the Elephant, Buck Cherry, DJ Tina T, Dj Hardwork, Tim Gunter, DJ Doc Roc, DJ Freebird and many more. Ben Bruud is also currently the resident DJ at three of Auburn, Alabama’s largest clubs: 17-16, Bourbon Street Bar, and Quixotes. In addition to this, Ben Bruud is also a contract DJ for Red Bull North America.

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