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    Big Orange Saturday Night 8/9 Kyle Oliver and Kahlil Mckenzie

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    The first week of practice is in the books, and there is plenty to talk about on this Big Orange Saturday Night. Brad Shepard from Bleacher Report joins us to talk about observations and major story lines from the first week of practice, including which freshmen to watch out for to possibly land a starting gig. In the same week, the NCAA grants autonomy to the Power 5 conferences and the Ed O'bannon trial comes to a close, with the courts siding against the NCAA. We will go over their proposed plan involving Trust Funds and talk about if this is the beginning of the end for the NCAA and more importantly, when another NCAA video game will be able to be made. 2015 Vol Tight End Kyle Oliver joins the show for an interview at 11:00. Immediately following that he will play Vol Trivia against Kahlil Mckenzie, and then they will take calls from our audience. (657) 383-0822 . 

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    Big Orange Saturday Night 6/28 - Kahlil Mckenzie

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    In this episode of BOSN we talk about all the new commits, how the Rocky Top League is going, and an indepth look at where the 2 Vols went in the NBA draft and whether or not we think they will stick on those particular teams. There will be a recruiting update and our weekly look at an opponent leading up to the season, this week's installment is focused solely on Utah State and our chances in that game. Our guest of the night is Kahlil Mckenzie. Kahlil is a 5 star Vol legacy defensive tackle. He's the most likeable guy off the field but on the field he's an animal. Hosted by Ben, Will, and Pacman. 

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