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    PEGIDA UK Radio ~ Borough of Redbridge a No-Go Zone for Jews

    in Politics Conservative

    ANXIOUS RESIDENTS told would-be candidates for the London Assembly this week that there were areas of their borough where a man wearing a kippah “would start a riot” and in which Jewish women felt frightened to walk. There has been an awful lot of Islamification going on in Redbridge and as usual, along with the Islamification comes Islamic Jew-hatred. An increase in the amount of Islam in the area is the main cause of a lack of safety for Redbridge’s Jews.

    Welcome to the PEGIDA UK Radio Show , where the issues of Islam are discussed within the United Kingdom and Globally.

    We subscribe to the principles of PEGIDA which stands for “Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes,” or “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West.”

    Join us every Wednesday and Sunday at 7PM BST and follow us on Twitter:

    Read ~ and subscribe to ~ the PEGIDA UK website: http://www.pegidauk.org/v1/

    Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23pegida

    Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PegidaUKOfficial/?fref=ts

    “Islam is Alive and Evil…”

  • March 22nd, 2016 - 10pm (PST) - The Crypto Historian Rob Morphy

    in Paranormal

    Once again it's time to take a trip down the Crypto memory lane as Spaced Out Radio presents Rob Morphy, the SOR Crypto Historian, as he joins us once again for his monthly appearance on the show, with host, Dave Scott.

    Rob has been fascinated with the horror and crypto genres since he was a child. There's nothing he won't investigate, as he tries to revive the stories that are on the verge of being lost forever. From Slender Man to Moth Man, and every weird creature in between, Rob does both research and investigative reporting to find out what people are seeing, not only out in the wilderness, but near their homes as well.

    Every month, Rob will bring four creatures from the dark back into the light as he tells us the eerie stories of sightings, and sometimes contact, with these cryptids that come right out of a science-fiction movie. But they're real. And tonight, we will see who, or what, Rob is bringing to our attention.

    His website is www.cryptopia.us.

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    OT: Interview with Leading Historian/Author John Steele Gordon

    in History


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    Enjoy my exclusive discussion with leading historian John Steele Gordon as we discuss his latest bookm Washington's Monument.

    More books by John


    John Steele Gordon is one of America's leading historians, especially in the realm of business and financial history. He is the author of The Scarlet Woman of Wall Street,Hamilton's Blessing, A Thread Across the Ocean, An Empire of Wealth, and The Great Game. He has written for Forbes, Worth, the New York Times, and the Washington Post,and his columns appear regularly in the Wall Street Journal. John Steele Gordon lives in North Salem, New York.

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    A NEW World awakening: Sherri Brake - Paranormal researcher and Historian

    in Paranormal

    The journey continues......

    "A NEW World Awakening" is the pheonix from the blessed ashes of "A World Awakening" which launched just two short years ago. Rosemary Ellen Guiley, the Godmother of the paranormal, acclaimed author, lecturer and paranormal investigator takes over the reigns joining "Dead Air" creator George Lopez on this next leg of enlightenment, awareness and education via the guests and topics pertinent to the community and our world today. 


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    Mr. Edwards talks - you better listen!

    in News

    Tune in tonight to hear long-time civil rights activist, historian and host of Minneapolis Television Network's Black Focus talk about the current event happening in the Twin Cities and across the world. His co-host Don Allen is on assignment in New York City. 


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    O YE DRYBONES : Is the Black CON-scious Movement DEAD OR ALIVE ? AFTER 30YRS

    in Current Events

    history over very long periods of times, such as several centuries, is that a truth may slowly emerge, period after period, until it clearly forms itself into a truth impregnable, a fact nowhere explicitly stated as such in the mass of data covered. As one continues to move on down through the centuries, countless events and situations may continue to make supporting additions to what has already been established as an unassailable fact. Yet that truth may be so repugnant, so utterly void of any rational or intelligent reason for its existence that hardly any historian would wish to state it in his work.Dr. Chancellor Williams {1974}(1)  "The last recession has had a severe and disproportionate impact on African Americans and minority communities," according to Marc H. Morial, president of the National Urban League.(2) In its January 2004 report on black unemployment, the Urban League found that the double-digit unemployment rates in the 14 months from late 2002 through 2003 were the worst labor market for African Americans in 20 years.(3)The term "deindustrialization" came into everyday use in the 1970s, when a wave of plant closings changed the employment landscape. From 1966 to 1973, corporations moved over a million American jobs to other countries. Even more jobs moved from the Northeast and Midwest to the South, where unions were scarce and wages lower. New York City alone lost 600,000 manufacturing jobs in the 1960s.(4) The article discusses the loss of close to nine million acres of land by Blacks in the U.S. since 1910 mostly due to ignorance and deception from whites. Legal and financial assistance to rural Black landholders are provided by the Emergency Land Fund (ELF). Over 130 cooperatives across the South have been set up by the Federation of Southern Cooperatives (FSC).

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    5% Series: The History of Allah's Paradise (Asbury Park). An Interview w/ TRUST

    in Culture

    The 5 PERCENTERS FORUM presents:



    Growing up as a child in the Nation of Islam, “Trust Allah” at 13 years old first heard and accepted the teachings of the 5% Nation in 1969 in Asbury Park, NJ. After leaving his Muslim household at 14 years old, he became a ward of the state and was placed in the care of the first family in the 5% Nation (Eyezame and Earth) in Neptune, NJ.

    As part of the first wave of 5 Percenters who came immediately after the assassination of the Father Allah, The Firstborns of Allah's Paradise all were taught by and bonded with the 5% Elders, the Firstborns of Mecca and Medina, Allah's Sons (A-Allah and B-Allah) and the First Fruits of Allah's 5% while attending the 1969-70 Parliaments at Mt. Morris Park, Fort Greene and were instrumental in the first annual Show & Prove in Mecca (Harlem) 1971. They were the first to bring busloads from out of town to 5% functions. Allah's Paradise became "a home away from home" for many 5% in New York City, and the city became recognized as a stronghold for the 5% Nation to this very day.

    TRUST Allah and others moved to Newark and other New Jersey cities in the early 1970s and helped spread the teachings of the 5% Nation.

    Today TRUTH is recognized as a prolific teacher in the Black Community via his Study Groups in History and the Knowledge of Self, and is recognized as a strong historian of 5% Nation and Nation of Islam history.

    Don't miss this powerful interview!

    with co-hosts Wakeel Allah, Understanding Allah, Allahmal Allah and YOU (THE CALLERS)!

    Wed. 5/4/16 at 8pm EST 
    Call in # (646)595-4289

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    From Canaanites and Moabites to Hebrews and Moors

    in History

    Prof. Dana Marniche, historian and anthropologist, discusses new research on Moorish history and our connection with it.

    Marniche, former instructor of World Civilizations and Anthropology at Rowan University, will be sharing some of her extensive research into North Africa and Asia.

    This revealing discussion with Ali's Men Radio will include topics such as:

    The Hamitic hypothesis and the present African historical myths being passed as African history
    The current findings on present African tribes and their connection to Moabites and Canaanites
    Why this information is not known or held back from the outside world

    Tune in live! You will not want to miss this ground breaking interview.




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    in Entertainment

    Join Carol Keihn and Rene' Powers as the Two Moms catch you up on what they have been doing for the last year in research. They took a break from the show to bring together information and gather research that gives more evidence to their accusation of, Identity Theft, laundering of Social Security/IRS/Treasury funds, Counterfeit documents, pirating and more. Together these two women share their  knowledge based on personal experiences and facts they find. They do not give legal advice but give you information to think about and how it may affect your life.

    Carol delved deeper into the paper crimes and Rene' delved deeper into the Private Side, bringing all sides together. They are determined to protect the offspring of America and to help save this country from tryranny.

    They agree that the courts are not a place of justice and that the men/women of this country must learn what US INC. and US CITIZEN really are to them. The International securities perpetuated upon the people through the court cases/cause numbers/warrants/liens have created the truth that the courts of the US are securitizing the cases and collaterolizing Americans for unjust profit of the courts, public servants and politicians. With the knowledge that the country is run by corporations, not government, the two seek to share with others so that we can bring true Freedom back to America, true government of and for the Americans! 

    These two moms spent a year doing their own shows, thier own research and took the approach that when they came back to join their information it would be stronger than ever, AND IT IS!

    This show is a half hour of discussion about up coming shows and their desires to rid America of tyranny and Corporate take over as they uncover the truth that has set us free.


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    SFTL 135: David Gormley | Donna Halper | Smoke & Junction Creek

    in Entertainment

    if it's Monday night - then it's the the RK sho | join Russell Hinkle and Kevin Hale as they shoot with a variety of guests - totally unfiltered.  also, Chris Lucien - Manager/Bartender - joins us for the County Line Countdown segment.


    08:30 | David Gormley - Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers


    38:09 | Donna Halper - author, professor, media historian; former broadcaster/radio consultant. discovered rock band Rush

    Donna's latest blog - http://dlhalperblog.blogspot.com/2016/04/putting-our-differences-aside.html

    1:07:23 | The County Line weekend gigs

    Smoke (4.29)
    Junction Creek (4.30)


    music/voice credits | Steven Clark & Jeni Carr

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    Deepertruth: Eucharistic Miracle of GRUARO (VALVASONE) ITALY, 1294

    in Religion

    Among the most authoritative documents which describe the Eucharistic miracle which took place at Gruaro in 1294 is that of local historian Antonio Nicoletti(1765). A woman was washing one of the altar linens of the Church of St. Giustoin the public wash house of Versiola. Suddenly she saw the altar linen become tinged with Blood. Observing more closely, she noted that the Blood was flowing from a consecrated Particle remaining among the folds of the cloth.

    The relic of this miracle is kept in the Church of the Most Holy Body of Christ in Valvasone, but the miracle happened in Gruaruo. In 1294, a young housemaid went to the public wash-house of Versiola to wash the altar linens of the Church of St. Giusto in Gruaro. Suddenly, the woman noticed that a consecrated Host had remained by mistake among the folds of the cloth and that Blood was flowing from the Host.

    Frightened by this inexplicable event, she immediately ran to alert the pastor who then informed the Bishop of Concordia, Giacomo di Ottonello from Cividade. The Bishop, having learned the facts, asked to be able to keep the cloth of the miracle in his Cathedral in Concordia. However, the pastor of Gruaro and the family of the Counts of Valvasone, patrons of the churches of Gruaro and of Valvasone, wanted to keep the cloth.