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    Biggest Loser Trainer Dolvett Quince

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview  Biggest Loser Trainer Dolvett Quince 

    Heading  into his sixth season on the hit NBC show “The Biggest Loser,” Dolvett is proving that

    his passion, regimen and dramatic transformational results are making him one of the most in-

    demand fitness specialists in the country.

    Born in Stamford, Connecticut, Dolvett and his three siblings were adopted by a Jamaican couple

    and later moved to Florida, where he finished high school. Dolvett then moved to Atlanta to

    pursue his passion for fitness and established himself as a leader in his field of health and fitness.

    In 2004, Dolvett opened Body Sculptor, a private personal training studio in Atlanta with a

    commitment to “changing lives one rep at a time.” His business had a solid following, but it

    wasn’t until a local radio personality started talking about it on his show that Dolvett and his

    business really took off. He then widened his business to training other trainers, which then led

    to him training celebrities like actors Angela Bassett, Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker,

    Baltimore Ravens tight-end Daniel Wilcox and singer-songwriter Jojo, among others.

    Within the studio, Dolvett created “Pure Energy,” a high-intensity circuit-training class with a

    live DJ. The popularity of Dolvett’s fitness methods inspired the launch of his own DVD “Me

    and My Chair: The No Excuses Workout,” a low-impact, high-intensity 30-minute workout

    system that helps users tone up and slim down while only using a household chair.

    Soon after, Dolvett was cast on “The Biggest Loser. The Biggest Loser Mondays 9/8C on NBC

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    720 Degree Tennis: Bob Brett - Legendary Coach / Hopman Disciple

    in Sports

    Note: Due to some techical issues we pick up the interview a few minutes into the conversation.

    Bob Brett is a native of Australia who has coached alongside Harry Hopman.  Bob mentored under Mr. Hopman for 5 years, then began to coach a team of professional players.  At the apex of his career he coached Boris Becker, then Goran Ivanisevic.  

    Bill Patton is a 27 year industry veteran, author of 11 books, co-founder of USATennisCoach, and US distributor of Bones Original Tennis Wear.    be sure to subscribe to 720degreecoaching here on Blog Talk Radio to get all the new material. 

    Paid Tennis Coaches are welcome to join Real Tennis Coaches on Facebook

    You can contact Bill at 720degreecoaching@gmail.com  send a message to subscribe to his email newsletter.


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    Are you ready live clutter free?

    in Self Help

    Why are we so comfortable living with clutter? Are you ready to release those destructive behaviors? As a professional organizer and mover, Katie Munoz has learned valuable insight as to how and why clutter shows up in our lives.

    CTHRadio unites healing specialist with childhood trauma survivors. Your host, Susan Jacobi, a thriver after childhood abuse, is the author of How to Love Yourself: The Hope after Child Abuse. She shares her healing journey… and her FREE ebook. CLICK here for a FREE copy of 11 Tools for Happiness. You can reach Susan directly at susan@conversationsthatheal.com.

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    in Higher Education

    Join Rene and Carol as we discuss just exactly what is FRAUD UPON THE COURT. Look under Youtube Carol Keihn in playlist PUBLIC OFFICIAL AND JUDICIAL CORRUPTION for recording titled FRAUD UPON THE COURT and the general Templates are under files Links below. Thank You for listeening. For Educational Purposes and as a public service only! We are not offering legal advice!!!






    carol You Tube 


    One Mom on a Borough formerly Two Moms on a Borough


    Simulated Legal Process RobbRyder  Youtube 


    Project Free Law 









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    #1 How They Use And Sell The Paper They Attached To Us

    in Higher Education

    A discussion with special Guests boris and michelle who will discuss why  and how  the courts take custody and gain control. Why do they do this? Often it is to enter and create a  relationship (contract) through uninformed CONSENT. Some insight into the back office world of reportedly our courts.They are not our courts and they are a private for profit entitiy. The Truth is not what many have been led to believe.

    Any Documents will be available at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1493121810990169/

    Boris webpage link http://iamsomedude.com/

    Or you may contact Carol Keihn at 


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    Ed Snowden Scapegoat

    in Politics

    "To some people the whistleblower Edward Snowden is a hero; not to me. It is pretty clear that his bean-spilling has taught some of the nastiest people on the planet how to avoid being caught; and when the story of the Paris massacre is explained, I would like a better understanding of how so many operatives were able to conspire, and attack multiple locations, without some of their electronic chatter reaching the ears of the police. I want these people properly spied on, properly watched – and I bet you do, too". Boris Johnson

    Whistleblowers are always accused of helping America’s enemies (top Nixon aides accused Daniel Ellsberg of being a Soviet spy and causing the deaths of Americans with his leak); it’s just the tactical playbook that’s automatically used. So it’s of course unsurprising that ever since Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing enabled newspapers around the world to report on secretly implemented programs of mass surveillance, he has been accused by “officials” and their various media allies of Helping The Terrorists Glenn Greenwalt

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    Dead Man Walking Rod Parsley Uses His Cancer Scare To Raise Cold Hard Cash (205)

    in Christianity

    Despicable "DEAD MAN WALKING" Rod Parsley is slowly making his way to the gallows where he will "Hang High" for twisting the Scriptures and fleecing the saints despite God giving him a temporary REPRIEVE with his recent cancer scare.  Wolf Tracker provides abundant audio showing how "Boris Karloff" looking Parley is still scamming despite having one foot in the grave.  In addition, Wolf Tracker University has made the decision to put Paula White's First Fruits Offering Teaching on trial  since she has repeatedly refused to debate Dr. Elisha Coles.  This historic mock trial will start Friday January 1st 2016 and end Sunday January 31st.  E-mail us at wolftracker14@gmail.com if you desire to follow "The Trial of the Year" and receive the WORKBOOK containing ALL OF THE DATED OUTLINES that will cover the proceedings in this 31 day mock trial.  There is no cost for WORKBOOKS.  YES, WORKBOOKS are yours FREE OF CHARGE!

  • Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Internationally Heralded Luis Munoz!

    in Music

    Luis Munoz might not live in Costa Rica any longer - but he takes his homeland with him whenever he composes and plays. He is able to bring his country's folklore and rhythm to music in a way that defies description.  Lush, tranquil, passionate.  He moves your mind geographically to locations where you have never been physically.  But you can feel the outlay of the land when you hear the direction of the song.  It's unbelievable.

    Educated in both music and architechture, Luis finished his degree in the former at the University of California, Santa Barbara - where he now resides.  Under some amazing tutelage, Luis found his way in composition - he has worked with documentaries, animated films, dance and theater projects.  In the late 80's, he made his way into the recording end of the business.  In the 90's, more work that honed his intuituve skills.  By 2004, "Downbeat" was singing his praises.  "Vida" was named "Best Latin Jazz CD - and, in 2006 - Luis was recognized by his birthplace for Best Jazz Composer/Producer.

    "Of Soul and Shadow" and "Invisible" followed - two immensely respected works that brought more international recognition. With "Luz" in 2013, Luis introduced the amazing voices of Magos Herrera and Teka Penteriche.  At that point in his career, he was overwhelmed with the praise for his musicianship and creativity.  With "Voz", he takes both to new levels.  Bringing Magos and Teka back to the studio - with the addition of Claudia Acuna, he has imbued a new sense of truth into the mix. With mostly voice on this album, the listener is engaged in the moment - with both original and beloved songs - that will compel you to travel.  You may not have a ticket - but you WILL travel.  The best vacation EVER :)  Join us on 9/29 at two p.m. Eastern.


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    The Author's Talk Show with Laurie Boris (author and editor)

    in Books

    Hi, my name is Laurie Boris, and I’m a writer and editor. (“Hi, Laurie…”) I’ve been in love with the written word since I was big enough to pull books off the library shelves and point out the misspellings. Okay, I might be a bit of a grammar nerd, but typos bother me. Sloppy writing bothers me. Letting my clients go out the door with the literary equivalent of lipstick on their teeth REALLY bothers me.

    Which is why I try as hard as humanly possible not to let that happen to you.

    My clients have told me that I make their jobs easier. I take deadlines seriously. I research from credible sources, and produce a quality, proofread product. If you want a collaborator on your book, blog posts, or marketing copy, I’m there. If you want to hand me a project you haven’t had time to tackle and send me on my way, I’m there, too. Need a ghostwriter? (That’s my secret identity.)

    What clients get when they work with me is reassurance that their projects are in the hands of a seasoned professional, and the knowledge that they will be done well, done thoroughly, and delivered on time.

    No lipstick.

    More About Me

    I have a background in marketing and a natural curiosity; both come in handy. As a freelance writer, I’ve covered subjects from health and well being to entertainment and even explored the reality-show appeal of the Madagascar hissing cockroach. I’ve written about zebra mussels and school lunches as a correspondent for a local newspaper. As the featured health and well-being blogger for a popular women’s website, I delivered consistently high page views and developed a loyal following.

    All that knowledge rolls up into a skilled, versatile freelance writer/editor ready to work with you.

    You can see more at Laurie's website www.laurieboris.com.

  • Ringside Report - Santa Cruz MD12 over Mares, Mosley KO6 over Mayorga

    in Sports

    Sunday, August 30, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, "War a Week" Radio presents a special "LA Express" edition of "Ringside Report" with Rodney Green and Joseph Herron!!

    Kicking off this evening's 90 minute program, the "War a Week" team will review both fight cards from Los Angeles, California, at the Staples Center and Forum respectively!

    - Santa Cruz MD12 over Mares 

    - Mosley KO6 over Mayorga

    - Ceja TKO5 over Ruiz

    - Diaz Jr. TKO4 over Arceo

    - Luna KO4 over Lopez

    - Angulo RTD5 over Munoz

    Rodney and Joseph will also talk about the upcoming events on the boxing calendar and latest fight news around the community!!

    - Does Mosley really want a piece of Mexican fight legend Juan Manuel Marquez in 2016?

    - How well will a special Sunday edition of boxing on CBS do in Corpus Christi, Texas?  Dirrell vs. Rubio? McDonnell vs. Kameda II?

    - Miguel Cotto "No one will force me to face Golovkin/Lemieux winner"...really?

    - Thoughts on Andre Berto media workout...should fight fans take a chance on this PPV event?

    Tune in to another all-new edition of "Ringside Report" with Rodney Green and Joseph Herron!!

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    Scarefest Radio On The iCon with co-host RJ Deacon

    in Paranormal

    Our last episode of Scarefest Radio before THE EVENT. How are the ducks rowing up?