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    National Reentry Week: An Essential Part of Our Mission

    March 21, 2016

    Courtesy of Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch

    o encourage and highlight this important work, the Justice Department is designating the week of April 24-30, 2016,

    Under the Obama Administration, the Department of Justice has taken major steps to make our criminal justice system more fair, more efficient, and more effective at reducing recidivism and helping formerly incarcerated individuals contribute to their communities.  An important part of that task is preparing those who have paid their debt to society for substantive opportunities beyond the prison gates, and addressing obstacles to successful reentry that too many returning citizens encounter.




    Addressing the challenges that formerly incarcerated individuals experience is a vital and pressing task.  Each year, more than 600,000 individuals return to our neighborhoods after serving time in federal and state prisons, and another 11.4 million individuals cycle through local jails.

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    REPEAT: Gully Bop and A'mari: The Saga Continues

    in Motivation

    Listen in to the conversation between A-mari and Dr. Richardson a repeat episode on April 29, 2016 at 8 pm sharp

  • The Nat King Cole Trio BOP-KICK , I used to love to Love you

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    Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records   S3productions


    The Nat King Cole Trio






    For information on the background of the songs, Requests or contacting Curt Hahn, write to www.Facebook.com/s3productions2 or Forgotten Music on 78 records or curthahn74@yahoo.com


    The Nat King Cole Trio ‎– King Cole &His Trio, Vol. 4

    Label: Capitol Records Album CC-139

    Released: 1950

    Genre: Jazz

    Style: Cool Jazz


    Date: March 29, 1949
    Location: WMGM, New York

    A3 Bop-Kick Instrumental

    3742 Z 57-641 Composer Nat Cole

     BOP-KICK (Capitol 57-641) 22 Mar 1949 

    Nat King Cole Piano


    B3 I used to love to Love you (but’s it’s all over now)

    From "Volume 4". Capitol 1949.       
    Nat King Cole - Piano & Vocal; Irving Ashby - Guitar; Joe Comfort - Bass; Jack Costanzo - Bongos.

    Composers Albert Von Tilzer-Lew Brown Vocals by Nat King Cole

    Album CC-139


    The King Cole Trio is a series of albums by jazz pianist Nat King Cole's King Cole Trio released by the Capitol Records label. These were Cole's debut recordings.

    Originally recorded and released in sets of 78 rpm records between 1943–49, they were reissued in 1950 on 10-inch LPs.


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    A Just Cause - America's Jails... A Place of Torture & Cruelty

    in US Government

    Lamont Banks, Cliff Stewart, and Lisa Stewart of the Colorado exoneration firm A Just Cause, discuss what happens when the wheels of justice trample unbridled over the rights of innocent Americans.  

    Although the American system of justice is the most-respected worldwide, it is still a system designed, and operated, by humans, which means it's not perfect. Lamont, Cliff and Lisa will highlight ongoing struggles against "the system" and what happens when justice miscarries against our American citizens.

    Our Special Guests for tonight's show are Sheriff Jamey Noel, participant in "60 Days In", a documentary series airing on A&E since March 10th, 2016 and Dinetta Robinson-Scott, the Mother of Sgt. James Brown, an Army soldier that died while in custody at a county jail. 

    A Just Cause is currently campaigning for "FreeTheIRP6," who's been wrongly imprisoned in Florence, CO for a crime they didn't commit. Read full story: www.freetheirp6.org. 

    For more information, about A Just Cause and to Donate to the IRP6 legal defense fund, visit www.a-justcause.com.

    Follow us on Twitter: @AJCRadio, @A_JustCause, @FreeTheeIRP6,  @FreeeTheIRP6 and Like our Facebook Pages: https://www.facebook.com/AJustCauseCoast2Coast, and https://www.facebook.com/AJustCauseCO, https://www.facebook.com/FreetheIRP6

    Thank you for your support!

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    Cheryl Dorsey Discusses the Disturbing Minds behind LAPD and the Police Unions

    in Politics

    Chris interviews retired LAPD Sgt and author of "Black & Blue (The Creation of a Manifesto): The True Story of an African-American Woman on the LAPD and the Powerful Secrets She Uncovered (Volume 1);" Cheryl Ford Dorsey. This book was written and published around the time of the tragic events of former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner.  While Dorsey makes it clear she doesn't condone Dorner's actions, she does understands what he went through because LAPD has made it a habit of targeting black officers who simply do what they pledged to do from the time they graduate from the academy.

    This show may not be an easy swallow for some listeners because it deals much with the side of the police department much of American society is either in deniel or unaware of, the racist, narcissist, sociopathic police agency that seemingly puts more energy towards fighting blacks and black officers than fighting crime.

    Feel free to call Cheryl with your questions or comments, or just drop a comment by scrolling down on this page.

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    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

    in Politics Conservative

    Congressman Dave Trott of Michigan, blasted the Obama Administration for NOT designating the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization.  Rep Trott cited the Muslim Brotherhood's role in targeting Coptic Christians in Egypt and "Inciting" violence!  Nice to see members of Congress stepping up and speaking out, not being intimidated by Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups.  This on the heels of HR 3892 - the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015 and Senate Companion Bill S.2230 introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz.

    From Creeping Sharia - DOJ Launches Combating Islamaphobia effort nationwide.  What a strategy by the Muslim Brotherhood and their Front Groups. Islamic terrorism is on the rise around the world (ie., Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino) and the response from Islamic groups in America?  Islamophobia in America. CAIR's response in combating terrorism - put up posters: "Build a Wall of REsistance, Don't talk to the FBI".  This gives the Brotherhood Front Groups the platform to play the victim and for DOJ to go after those who seek to talk about Counter Terrorism in the United States. What a ploy and they have willing accomplices in the US Govt to aid and abet. 

    Join us this evening at 6pm EST where we may or may not be broadcasting live from Little Falls, NY.   Follow us on Twitter: @radiojihadnetwork or @mamamiaNOsharia; like us on Facebook and our website: www.radiojihad.org 

    God Bless our Troops and God Bless America! 

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    The Improv Show

    in Spirituality

    On this show, we will discuss improvisation in order to learn to improvise in daily life in order to make it more fun! So, join me for this special show all about improvisation! Opa

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    Anthon Samuel, RB, Florida International 2016 NFL Draft

    in Football


    Running Back








    Opa Locka, Fla.


    Monsignor Pace


    Go one-on-one with Anthon Samuel who discusses FIU football and his thoughts on a career playing professionally when his collegiate time ends.

    Samuel will share his strengths and ability to our audience of listeners around the globe who crave the unique setting made available by College2Pro.com who strive to enhance the progress of any college athlete with hops of one day playing professional football. 

    College2Pro.com bringing the hardcore NFL enthusiasts the absolute most detailed interviewed and analysis of NFL Draft Prospects. 

    Join host Bo Marchionte and special guest Anthon Samuel on the C2P podcast powered by football lovers everywhere. 

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    THE JAZZ BEAT CAFE: featuring: This is jazz

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    Bebop or bop is a style of jazz developed in the early to mid-1940s in the United States, which features songs characterized by a fast tempo, complex chord progressions with rapid chord changes and numerous changes of key, instrumental virtuosity, and improvisation based on a combination of harmonic structure, the use of scales and occasional references to the melody. It was developed in the early and mid-1940s. This style of jazz ultimately became synonymous with modern jazz, when both categories reached a certain final maturity in the 1960s. Bebop developed as the younger generation of jazz musicians aimed to counter the popular, dance-oriented swing style with a new, non-danceable music that was more of a "musician's music" that demanded close listening. As bebop was no longer a dance music, it enabled the musicians to play at faster tempos. Bebop musicians explored advanced harmonies, complex syncopation, altered chords, extended chords, chord substitutions, asymmetrical phrasing, and intricate melodies. Bebop groups used rhythm sections in a way that expanded their role. Whereas the key ensemble of the Swing era was the huge Big Band, often supplemented by a string section, and playing heavily arranged tunes, the classic bebop group was the small combo that consisted of saxophone (alto or tenor), trumpet, piano, double bass and drums. 1 Be-Bop 6:17 Dizzy Gillespie 2 I've Got You Under My Skin 3:34 Charlie Parker 3 Cotton Tail 3:26 Ella Fitzgerald 4 I Get a Kick Out of You (Remastered) 2:50 Sonny Criss 5 The Inch Worm 6:12 John Coltrane Quartet 6 Broadway 6:46 Dexter Gordon 7 Groovin' High (Remastered) 6:22 Lou Donaldson 8 With a Song In My Heart (Remastered) 7:55 Sonny Clark 9 Ah! So 7:05 Horace Silver 10 Artistry Jumps 2:37 Stan Kenton 11 Speedball (Remastered) 5:30 Lee Morgan 12 Cherokee 3:40 Bud Powell 13 The Chase 2:46 Fats Navarro 14 Blue L .

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    A'mari "DJ Mona-Lisa" LIVE

    in Motivation

    It is a special hour with A'mari "DJ Mona-Lisa" LIVE on The Dr. Karlene Richardson Show on Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 8:00 PM

    Gully Bop's New Girlfriend and she is telling it all like it is!


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    GOP Should Stop Hillary, Use News To Make Money, & The True Censors

    in Politics

    Liz Peek-The GOP Should Stop Hillary, Not Trump If They Want to Win. Peek, is a columnist for FoxNews.com and The Fiscal Times. She spent over 20 years on Wall Street, most of them as a top-ranked research analyst.

    Matt Towery-Use the News to Make Money.  Matt is a nationally syndicated columnist, pollster, attorney, political strategist, and a former state legislator.

    Jerry Newcombe-Liberals Are The True Censors.  Dr Newcombe serves as the co-host and a spokesperson for Truth that Transforms (formerly The Coral Ridge Hour), the television outreach of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy.

    Avi Melamed-Avi Melamed is author of the new book, Inside the Middle East.  An internationally acclaimed Middle East expert and former Senior official on Arab Affairs and Intelligence official.

    Tom Borelli-The Weaponization of the Department of Justice. Dr Borelli is a contributor with Conservative Review and is an authority on energy policy and crony capitalism.

    Steve Moore-Presidential Campaign Politics And The Economy-Does It Make Any Sense?  Moore is an economic consultant with Freedom Works and a Fox News contributor.