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    The Backstage Pass Lunchtime Concert Series

    in Music

    Diva Taunia hosts The Backstage Pass Radio Program Lunchtime Concert Series on Fridays at NOON, PST - featuring some of the best new music from around the globe!  We encourage you to visit the artists pages and websites and let them know you heard their music on the show today!   On today's program:

    1. October Dawn with "Winds Of Change"
    2. October Dawn with "Goodbye To Love"
    3. Doug Cash with "Believe In The Love"
    4. Rick Mercer with "Lousiana Cajun Girls Rock"
    5. Yehi with "I Wish" 
    6. Wormhole with "Hooves of The Ibex"

    Our program is sponsored by our wonderful friends at Wellesse Liquid Vitamins and Supplements (www.wellesse.com). Interested in becoming a program sponsor?  Drop us a line at info@divataunia.com for more information.




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    Tomorrow's show is gonna be off the heazy for sheazy!!!!!!! We are previewing the NBA playoffs making predictions on each series. We are doing Part 3 of our rap music reflections, going from 1994-1998. If you were wearing Karl Kani, Fubu, Wu-Wear, vests with no shirts, Timbaland boots, watched the Dirty South take over the rap game, this is your show. If you were watching Living Single, Steve Harvey Show, Jamie Foxx Show, and New York Undercover, check us out tomorrow. We also tragically lost two of the best rappers ever during this era. We will discuss that as well. The 3 questions this week are: 

    1.) Best Hoop Movie- Above the Rim, Blue Chips, He Got Game, Space Jam(choose one)

    2.) Best Hood Movie- BAPS, Friday, I'm Bout It, Set It Off(choose one)

    3.) Best Comedy Movie- Bad Boys, How to Be A Player, Money Talks, Thin Love between Love and Hate, Rush Hour(choose one)

    Our Think About It Thursday topic is:

    What is your biggest pet peeve with your spouse/partner/mate?

    Holla At Me 914-338-1434

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    The Butcher's Block Party LIVE: What's up with the Police lately?

    in Current Events

    Tonight on "The Butcher's Block Party LIVE" Join ACSLIVE.TV's trifecta of co-hosts, Dave "The Butcher" Clifford, Steve Lafrate, and Robert Gordon for a whale of a topic, and it's the police. Recently, on social media, and in the news, we've seen what appears to be an increase in the shooting of unarmed individuals by police officers, and we're here to talk about it, and take calls from you as well. Don't forget we always feature both sides of the issue here inside the Every Victory Earned virtual studios, brought to you by Nutsack Foods, Mr. Vaper E-cig, and Genco Boots of Jackson, MI. Call in and throw some gas on this volatile topic at (347) 857-1024

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    Live in the Cage: Uncensored with James Lee and "The Butcher"

    in MMA

    Acslive.tv, Genco Boots, Every Victory Earned, and Nutsack Foods proudly present tonight's episode. First guest is Domonique "Fallen Angel" Robinson, who's coming off a victory over Joe Stevenson! After that we re-connect with Sheena Starr, gearing up to compete in Missouri this weekend. Call in at (347) 857-1024

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    That "fucking" show: A Show About A Close Encounter... of the sexual kind!

    in LGBT

    For some fucking is something that is done for fun and for others is it is something that is a dreaded. During this epidose we are going to discuss all things sexual! Whether you like to sleep in the top bunk, bottom bunk or maybe you like to romp around in both. What are some things that we like to do adn how do we like to do it? Does PrEP factor into the conversation about PrEP expecially when we put on our "Kinky Boots" or when someone is "showing us the ropes?"

    Mark S. King has been writing about living with HIV since testing positive in 1985, the week the HIV antibody test became publicly available. His blog, My Fabulous Disease, was a 2015 GLAAD Award nominee. Prior to becoming involved in AIDS work in the 1980's he owned and operated Telerotic, a phone sex company for gay men.

    During this week's episode we are going to talk about all things sexual, freaky, kinky and everything in between.

    You can follow Positive Radio Network on Twitter at @PRNTweets. 

    You can follow Aaron Laxton on Twitter at @aaronlaxton and by visiting his website www.aaronmlaxton.com

    You can follow Mathew Rodriguez on Twitter at @mathewrodriguez. and by visiting his website www.mathewkrodriguez.com


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    Comedian "Big Jay" Oakerson & MLB Opening Day - 4/6/15

    in Sports

    It's Opening Day of Baseball, it's sunny and 65 Degrees & FINALLY feels like Spring on the East Coast!

    We had tons of topics, crazy stories and were joined by comedian Jason "Big Jay" Oakerson. Big Jay has opened for Dave Attell, has appeared on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, Comedy Central Presents, Tough Crowd w/ Colin Quinn and is has also appeared TV shows such as Louie and ZRock.

    Tony welcomes in opening day for Major League Baseball while aslo righting a wrong by Miss Robin on twitter yesterday

    Are you trying to get divorced but are having trouble getting the message to your spouse? We provided one solution that could help.

    Tony talks about getting horizontal as we sampled some quality product from Victory Brewing Company courtesy of Larry From Port Richmond.

    Just in case you get stuck in the 16th century and want to "knock some boots" we gave you the lingo to help you score 

    Robin gave us an update about an Argentinian Scarecrow who is facing charges for sticking his straw where he should'nt have.  WARNING this was a "Pisstercial" segment

    As always Luigi was in the hallway taking calls but not any crap.

    We'll be taking your calls LIVE so call in early at 914-219-0864. Don't forget to Press 1 (otherwise you get put on eternal hold)


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    Live from Viva Las Vegas! Talking to Female Vets of Pinups For Patriots

    in Military

    Started in 2010, Pinups for Patriots was founded by Kalen Arreola to raise funds for military charities. This year, they will file for nonprofit status and adjust our fundraising goals. 

    Mission: To bring back the patriotism of the WWII era while supporting our military veterans and their communities.
    Vision: To be recognized nationwide as the largest group within the pin-up community supporting our service members and first responders.
    We are a female veteran-owned small business, with the first calendar published in 2010 and more than 500 calendars sent overseas to deployed service men and women since then.

    We generate revenue through sponsorships, events, product sales and memberships. We will begin offering grants to non-profits starting in 2015. In the meantime, we will continue to donate to non-profit organizations that we partner with during our events.

    The women in our chapters are business owners, service members, veterans, military spouses, medical professionals and more… they are the REAL LIFE “Rosie the Riveters” of today, and they are beyond passionate about the veterans we support. Our sponsors must share the same love of veterans and pin-up as we do.


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    Interview with Anthony Tullo

    in Music


    Oakville, Ontario's ANTHONY TULLO is an accomplished actor/producer/screenwriter and is now adding 'Country artist' to that list of credits.

    “I always wanted to make music. I was a big fan of Bryan Adams and that gritty vocal style and great songs. But the more I thought about the stronger I felt the lure of country music with a rock edge. I hooked up with some talented and well connected folks and my new album Switching Tracks is the result.”

    Anthony has starred or co-starred in television and film projects such as “Liberty Street”, “Mutant X”, “The Relic Hunter”, and “Out There with Melissa DiMarco.” He wrote a psychological thriller screenplay called “A Secret Cross” in 2011. “A Secret Cross” got the attention of social media distributor Linda Nelson at Nelson Madison Films in Los Angeles and also won the International Award of Excellence at the Los Angeles Movie Awards in 2012. It was also selected to be a part of the Moving Images Film Festival in Toronto and won Best Independent Feature Film.


    REBEKAH STEVENS is a country/pop singer-songwriter currently residing in Kitchener, Ontario. As well as being a Boots & Hearts 2013 Emerging Artist Finalist, Rebekah recently released her debut EP called Here I Am featuring the current single "Better In The Past."

    MURRAY WILLIAMS - born & raised on the farmlands of rural Ontario - is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, piano, bass and banjo. Country fans are loving his current album Goin' Nowhere Fast which showcases his traditional country music style. 


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    Joey Boots from The Howard Stern Show - Ep 7

    in Comedy

    Joey Boots is a long time member of Howard Stern’s “Wack Pack” and has a very popular podcast The Joey Boots Show. We talk about how Joey had a difficult time coming out of the closet and how he perceived as “straight acting”. Joey is looking for relationship so don’t be shy, tweet at him @JoeyBoots. Please tell people about this show and help spread the word. Thanks for listening. We love you! 

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    Tool porn? What tools and workshops do you envy?

    in Design

    We're talking about tools on MyFixitUpLife.

    Forget the must-haves and the innovations, let's just drill down to it: The likelihood you have enough tools is not likely.

    You know what tools you like. You know what tools you want. And you definitely know tool-drool...Come on...You know...Walking down the aisle, envying the be-jeezus out of that table saw and what you can make with it.

    So join us to talk tool dreams, tool fantasies and tool stuff, all of which we're just calling tool .

    Tool expert David Sheinkopf joins us on this episode of MyFixitUpLife. He's been building for clients both on and off TV for many years, originally seen on HGTV's Design on a Dime, and most recently has enjoyed the sublime features of Ellen's workshop on Ellen's Design Challenge. David is sharing which tools he prefers, what tools have to be nearby on any project, and we're going a step further to talk 3D printing, boots, and more.

    Join our conversation online and share your tool envies with us.

    Tune in to watch our chat with David Sheinkopf.

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