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    Fantasy Football Feeding Frenzy: Diving Into the Draft

    in Sports

    There's only about a week until the 2015 NFL Draft gets underway in Chicago, so this week the Fantasy Football Feeding Frenzy is all about the incoming crop of first-year talent. Fantasy Sharks Senior Staff Writer Gary Davenport welcomes in some special guests, as Fantasy Sharks Staff Writer Daniel Collins and Michael Guido of The Sports Crave join him to discuss the 2015 NFL Draft. Winston vs. Mariota, the top running backs and wide receivers, the draft's biggest potential steals and busts -- you name it, and we'll be discussing it.

    So come on in -- the water's FINE!

    Call - In Number: (347)826-9620

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    The Original Guru

    in Sports

    The Original Guru

    Join "The Original Guru", Chris Bellina and guests at 9pm ET/6am PT as they cover NFL and Fantasy Football and NFL Draft questions during the show.

    Additional topics include:

    NFL:  Tim Tebow, Adrian Peterson, Jim Harbaugh, Antonio Brown

    NFL Draft:  Players with biggest upside by position, Under the radar draft picks

    Fantasy Football:  The 2015 QB position / Who are the busts in 2015 / Who are the under the radar QBs to take a look at in Fantasy Football

    Listen to the show at www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or listen to the show or call in at 646-378-1303

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    The Unknown Zone: Psychic Medium Gary McKinsrty

    in Paranormal


    Internationally known psychic medium and tarot reader, Gary McKinstry joins hosts Judy Sellins and Dave Turco for an hour of the unusual on THE UNKNOWN ZONE.  Gary will be giving free readings over the air and as is his trade mark, they will be grounded, practical, and wise. In between readings, Gary, Judy, and Dave will discuss the latest happenings in the paranormal field including news moon and earth anomolies, sink holes, the unexplained wolrd wide loud booms and more.

    Gary has a private practice out of Central Massachusetts as wee as being a radio and television personality. 

    Reach him at 508 943-9058


    Show call in number: 347 637-2956

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    AskROTObaseball Livecast--April 15, 2015--BAUER POWER

    in Baseball

    The AskROTObaseball Livecast will be LIVE on April 15, 2015 at 8:00 PM on #BlogTalkRadio! This week, host David Kerr flies solo! He will be talking about Trevor Bauer and Shane Greene, this weekend's streaming options, underperforming bats and more. As usual, send your Twitter questions in or e-mail them to askrotobaseball@yahoo.com and we'll answer them on the show. As always, we'll be taking your phone calls. Tune in LIVE at 8:00 PM on FantasySquads Radio!

    You can call-in LIVE with all of your Fantasy Baseball questions to (347) 855-8714 or email them to askrotobaseball@yahoo.com prior to the start of the show. During the show, you can tweet your questions to @askROTObaseball.

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    The RotoExperts Fantasy Sports Show

    in Sports

    The RotoExperts.com Fantasy Sports Show airs 5 times a week and also appears on The Fantasy Sports Television Network. Hosted by RotoExperts.com Staff Writer Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 and Co-Hosted by @GeorgeKurtz, Brandon C Williams @BCWilliams71, Ian Riley @Ian_Riley, Kyle Soppe @unsoppable23, Daniel Dobish @DanielEDobish , Bobby McMann @HelloImBobby, Ricky Sanders @RSandersRX, Lenny Melnick @lennyMelnick, Adam Ronis @AdamRonis, and Jennifer Millman @JMillmanRX.  

    We discuss everything in Fantasy sports with analysts from all over the spectrum of the Fantasy sports industry. 

    Host: Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73

    Guests:  Timothy Mcleod @TimothyLMC  and Joe Pisapia @JoePisapia17  from the Fantasy Black Book

    Tuesday April 14th, 2015

    Topics on the Agenda

    * Draft season analysis: values and over pays.

    * Where the draft was deep and thin this season

    * Busts and Breakouts in 2015

    * Targets in 2015

    * Format specific players: Points vs Category

    * Stories and trends of the 2015 season so far.  

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    Sacredheart Old Time Gospel Hour_Trumpets_Of_Heaven

    in Religion

    Are the Trumpets of Heaven now sounding off..?

    All Around the world, people are recording and hearing strange Trumpet like sounds, Booms, Shaking of the Ground and the Local Government does not know what it is...tonight Dr. Butch will dive into this subject, as it started late 2011 and got going even heavier 2012, the Mayan Year of the end of thier recorded time line. Then we find it has continued and may have gotten louder and worse last year and this year..we will listen in around the world tonight to the recorded sounds from the very people that heard them...news reports all coming in across even now the inter net...youtube..facebook...join us tonight at 8pm USA EST and hear the REAL SOUNDS the people around the golobe is hearing..how fighten they are...where is it coming from...???  The SKY...!!! Is it Gods Warning to mankind, will they listen..??? Is it a warning of the coming of Jesus or warning that the Devil is now on Earth and in FULL CONTROL...no matter which it is THE END OF DAYS or TIME...!!! TUNE IN TONIGHT..!!!

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    Hearing Loss: Fact vs Fiction & Meet A Radical Survivor on Read My Lips Radio

    in Lifestyle

    READ MY LIPS' akaRadioRed goes beyond the typical blah-blah-yada-yada canned interview, engaging multiple guests in spontaneous conversations.

    "Can't hear me? Got a banana in your ear?" If you remember this "joke" from when you were a kid, it's time to learn the truth about hearing loss, which is NOT a laughing matter for millions of people. According to Tim "The Hear Doctor" Frantz, MD, we typically begin to experience hearing loss as early as age 12. His book, Hearing Loss: Facts and Fiction: 7 Secrets to Better Hearing is an easy-to-read guide that busts myths about hearing health, testing and aid devices. Dr. Tim's experience and wisdom could help you and/or a loved one avoid the ramifications of poor hearing: relationship communication issues, lower earning power, social discomfort and more. www.TheHearDoc.com.


    Nancy Saltzman is a "Radical Survivor" who beat cancer twice, and learned to live and love again after her husband and two sons perished in a small plane crash. Nancy wisely advises, "How you respond to loss will define you as a survivor or a victim." Learn her 3 techniques to help ensure you survive. Wondering how to express your condolences to help someone through a loss? Nancy says, "Make lasagna or at least write a condolence letter." She will also differentiate between the grief of a widow vs. a divorcée, and how to offer appropriate support to each. Her book is Radical Survivor: One Woman's Path Through Life, Love, and Uncharted Tragedy. www.nancysaltzman.com

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    Hot Pink YOUniversity: Are Your Limiting Beliefs Limiting YOU?

    in Self Help

    Hot Pink YOUniversity explores core beliefs and busts through to how they may be limiting you.  What if life wanted you to love it?  How about waking up every day to a life you LOVE?  What beliefs would you need to make that happen?  Get too big for your britches.  Shine bright.  Believe you are enough, beautiful and powerful.  Foundational work for creating a Hot Pink Life!!!  A dose of positive injected beliefs to start your week.

    Work with the women of Hot Pink to co-create a life on fire!  info@hotpinkyou.com

    Grab your free gift 4 keys to Radical Self-love by visiting www.hotpinkyou.com

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    Redux Sunday - Show Four of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic 3 December 2013

    in Current Events

    Show Four - of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic was broadcast on Tuesday, 3 December 2013, 2:30 p.m.

    The show was live from the Janesville Community Radio studio at 321 East Milwaukee Street at the MY OFFICE JVL building in downtown Janesville, Wisconsin.

    - Intro to hosts, crew, and the new show
    Bob Keith a.k.a. Dadio, chief cook and bottle washer and..., jack of all trades - master of none
    Donald, play-by-play tech / research guy
    Sal, tertiary host and scientific consultant of sorts
    Jamie, ad hoc producer and astronomy sage

    The Lunch Bucket crew plays the missing 18 1/2 minutes Nixon Watergate tape
    Sal hates seat belts
    Quiz - tavern gaming machines
    Robert's Rules of Order..., explained
    Chinese tourists
    "Nickel and Dined: On (Not) Getting By in America" (2001) by Barbara Ehrenreich Ph.D.
         odious day labor
         Mom and Pop neighborhood Walmart stores
    Drunk steals turkeys from Walmart
    Illinois busts on Handicap parking cheats
    Dropping Jeffery Dahmer's name in pick-up lines
    Word of the Day - "Sardonic"
       Sardonic laughter and senilicide
       "Over the cliff you go grandpa, ha ha haaaa!!!"
    Sal diagnoses Dadio with Circumstantiality Disorder 
        Tangential Thinking
    Pizza Guy 357 - tips go up after Wisconsin Concealed-carry enacted
    Burgers - Looking Glass - Janesville, Wis
    Wis Military Casualty
        Marine Corps Private First Class Andrew Jason McFall Halverson 
        Muscoda (and Rock County connections), Wisconsin
    Friday Fish Fry
        Wedges - Janesville, Wis
    ?Brett Favre talks "Huddle Speak"

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    Sunday Night Sandlot Sleeper Spectacular

    in Sports

    Buck Davidson and Doug Anderson return in the Sunday Night Sandlot; a look at all the players and strategies that make Fantasy Baseball the King of Fantasy Sports... Fantasy Football has the quantity. Fantasy Baseball has the quality. In tonights episode the duo go over their personal choices for hitting sleepers and busts at each position.

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    It's Just A Fantasy Sports Show - The Second Basemen

    in Baseball

    Check out the "Living Legend" Joe Gallina's analysis of the second base position. He'll use his unique style to provide you with the stars, sleepers and busts that you need to know about before your fantasy baseball draft.  Listen closely you never know who will be featured on this entertaining show. Don't miss the Living Legend's fantasy baseball draft tip of the day. Stay ahead of your competition and start preparing for your fantasy baseball season right now!

    Please not that this show has been pretaped