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    Boomer and The Babe - Traveling with MJ

    in Travel

    Mary Jo Manzanares, aka MJ, is a writer, Flight Attendant, and avid traveler.  When she’s not on a trip, she’s planning or researching the next one, and has a bag always packed, ready for the next great adventure.
    Mary Jo is a founder and the editor-in-chief of The Traveler’s Way, an online travel magazine proving informational and inspirational travel recommendations for curious Baby Boomer travelers.  She’s also a member of the Travel Blog Mob.
    Professional memberships include IFWTWA (International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association), NATJA (North American Travel Journalists Association) and ITWA (International Travel Writers Association).  Additionally, Mary Jo has been a speaker at various industry events on topics ranging from travel blogging as a second career to copyright issues to how the travel industry can best work with travel bloggers.
    In addition to traveling, Mary Jo is a big fan of food and wine, movies, reading, spa pampering, shopping, and discovering new places and things.  She likes lingering over a cup of coffee, wandering in a museum, sipping wine at a cafe, and sharing it all with friends and readers.

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    Boomer and the Babe - w/ Eileen Proctor

    in Pets

    On today's show we will visit woith Eileen Proctor of Top Dog Marketing and the author of forth comming eBook, "Furvently Speaking." We will be introducing her new show of the same name on the Boomer and The Babe Network.
    Eileen is recognized pet and animal expert and has long been involved in causes that advocate for pets. She has been involved in pet rescue projects for many years.
    Eileen is a well known and sought after keynote speaker and we are pleased to have her as a host on the Boomer and The Babe Network and a guest on the Boomer and The Babe Show.
    This show promises to be a lively and entertaining program as we welcome Eileen to the Boomer and The Babe family. 

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    Boomer and The Babe w/ Terri Benincasa

    in Lifestyle

    Terri Benincasa is a nationally known expert in all things Boomer (and quite a proud Boomer...). 
    She has a terestrial radio show on Sundays in the Tampa Bay area.
    Terri's show can be heard onWGUL 860 AM and WLSS 930 AM on also Live Streaming on the web
    Join us for what should be an enjoyable visit.

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    Boomer & The Babe W/ Nancy Ferrari

    in Lifestyle

    Nancy Ferrrari returns to the Boomer and The Babe Show with updates on her latest activities.
    Nancy Ferrari a contributing author, speaker and host her BlogTalkRadio Show “Feel Free in the O.C. with Nancy T.”, also syndicated with Boomer Authority Radio Network, where she shares guests who exude their spirit of positivity, energy and healthy lifestyles. 
    Nancy has launched her new company The Ferrari Energy Network as of 1-1-11, as she shares her energy and messages with a sense of purpose and giving back to the community of life.  She had the honor of broadcasting live as a guest speaker at the 2010 AARP Convention speaking on the subject of “life energy”, and has enjoyed numerous guest appearances on various internet radio shows.
     Nancy has a deep desire to help others attain their health and wellness goals, inspire others to find their authentic self, and live their most abundant life

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    Boomer and the Babe - Volunteer Vacations W/ Jane Stanfield

    in Travel

    Jane Stanfield is a boomer, author and speaker. Her passion is travel, volunteering and helping boomers figure how how to combine their passions with volunteering while they travel.
    Jane was privileged to travel around the world in one year and volunteer in 8 countries.  "From working with orphans, teaching English, helping on a archaeological dig, to working with the rehabilitating seven different species of wildlife, there are so many ways you can travel and give back at the same time", Jane says. "They are as addicting as a potato chip. But once you have gone on one, you will look at travel in a totally different light".
    Learn first hand about how you can join the efforts of voulunteers aroaund the world and travel for enjoyment as well.
    I took my around the world trip for one year after the death of a parent. At 45, I had watched two important people leave things until too late. I was determined to not look back at the end of my life wishing I had done something.  My mantra is now, "If not now, when?"

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    Boomer and The Babe - All About R.I.S.E.

    in Education

    The R.I.S.E. adult education program is comming into the 21st century. With the arrival of the Baby Boom Generation it is quite possible they have seen a need to change direction and market differently to attract the Boomer cohort.
    On today's show we will be talking to two people that are integerally involved in the program and we will learn what is in store for the future.

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    Boomer and The Babe w/ Adventurer Tom Fabbri

    in Lifestyle

    It took a long time to pull it off, but by the time Tom Fabbri was 28 heI had made every life altering mistake a person could make. He drank too much, moved onto drugs, ruined a marriage, went bankrupt, went homeless, and finally ended up in jail. Looking up from that cold, hard place at the bottom – Tom decided to fix the life he had ruined. He had wasted his last minute and set out with purpose to become the person he should have been all along.
    Since then Tom hasachieved every goal that he set. He became a Captain for a major airline as well as a Helicopter Pilot. HeI graduated from culinary school, had a TV gig as a guest chef, became a certified personal trainer, and a columnist for a fitness magazine.  The formula was simple; if he wanted to do something, heI decided to do it….and then did it. It worked every time but it was only after fixing his life that Tom realized exactly how he had ruined it to begin with.
    At 52 Tom is taking that wisdom with him on another life journey. Learn about Tom's newest journey on today's Boomer and The Babe Show. It promises to be an adventure.

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    Boomer and the Babe - Author Lawerence Fisher - Bought In

    in Books

    T.B. Fisher is an acclaimed author and speaker, who helped motivate thousands of people to get out of the proverbial rut and rejoin life.
    Mr. Fisher’s long career as an international businessman has taken him around the world and helped fashion his remarkable insight into the needs of today’s ever-changing, fast-paced world. His book;
    BOUGHT IN Lessons Learned by Established Hippies and Withered Flower Children,
    is a light-hearted visit back to the time when Baby Boomer’s were in full bloom. Yet, now that we’ve grown older, we find that the world is different and life has provided us with many more challenges. BOUGHT IN: Lessons Learned by Established Hippies and Withered Flower Children is a dynamic motivational book that encourages us to incorporate our life’s acquired wisdom and past passions to achieve new and exciting goals for today’s world.
    Bought In is an invaluable tool, containing thought-provoking topics, discussions and affirmations.
    Written in a quick read format, BOUGHT IN will reinvigorate those of us who want to retool their careers and give their lives more meaning; those of us who want to jump-start new ventures stalled by Life’s daily grind; and those searching for the courage to get out of the rut and find personal renewal.
    Join us for an enjoyable conversation about the book, Hippies and Flower Children

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    Boomer and The Babe - Kristin Mehrnia

    in Lifestyle

    We each carry a gift within us - the gift of life. It is the one donation you can give to make renewed life possible for countless others all over the world. At Science Care, the need for your whole body donation is more important than ever. With the world changing around us every day, the rising advancements in medical technologies are endless. As an alternative to cremation or funerals, your no-cost donation provides enormous benefits to medical research, training and professional education for a brighter future for all.
    Our guest today, Kristin Mehrnia, brings the information of whole body donation , what it means to society, the families of the deceased and how it provides for advancements in medicine and treatment.
    Join us for what promises to be an interesting and thought provoking conversation.

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    Boomer and The Babe - Boomerocity founder Randy Patterson

    in Lifestyle

    Today's guest Randy Patterson of Boomerocity.com has developed a website that focuses on the cultural interests of the Baby Boomer generation. Among the features of the site are reviews of CD's, books, concerts. movies and the occasional product as well as the Weekly Spew that uses a line from a song, movie, TV, etc., to share a thought about today while drawing from lines and memories from our past.
    Most popular, however, are interviews with icons and "influencers" from the 50's through the early 80's as well as newer/younger talent that the Boomerocity readers from around the world might be interested in.
    Join us today for a free wheeling, fun filled discussion of what once was and is still a part of many Baby Boomers.

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    Boomer and the Babe - William Knegendorf -United Boomers

    in Jobs

    United Boomers of America (“UBA”) was created to be a community where Baby Boomers can find encouragement, motivation, and inspiration as they bridge from their current work to theirBOOMER BEST WORK™(“BBW”). Equally important, UBA provides Boomers with all the tools and resources necessary to follow their BBW Success Plan to achieve joy & fulfillment.
    UBA believes that only by developing a long lasting relationship with our members can we understand their “Key Values”. Because every member’s “Key Values” are unique, we don’t offer a single cookie-cutter package of resources for your BBW Success Plan.
    The marketplace is flooded with trainers, career consultants, and coaches who sell solutions for everyone, yet know little about the unique psychology behind Boomer self-motivated achievement.
    Since UBA is only for Boomers, to Boomers, and by Boomers, we understand that no amount of training, pleading or force will make a Boomer live up to somebody else’s expectations.
    By getting rid of energy draining stress generated by other people’s unrealistic demands, Boomers will discover the energy to get their BBW. By refocusing on their BBW, they will benefit immediately by enjoying the freedom when they escape from the old stereotypes imposed by others.