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    #MusikMondays Live! in the Mixx w/ Dj Nia Boom

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    Wus good yall Join DJ Nia Boom this and every Monday night for Musik Mondays! Get the latest in Hiphop, R&B, Indie, Major, Throwbacks and more . For Requests and Shoutouts hit up the chat room, Call: 323-443-7518 or @DJNiaBoom Lets GO! 323-443-7518

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    Memory Lane-Old & New SchoolMusic

    in Christianity

    NewSpiritPosProduction is sponsoring Blessings in Ministry  on  Blog TalkRadio. This a preproduction audiovisual ministry , and is an outreach ministry of Helps. For ministries that need to get a  Spoken Word  outside the Church walls ,  expand their ministry, business , and also to do visual work in video : Camera, Audio: , and web. So if you have any questions to contact the Host and Minister of Music Adrian Bowders& new co -host Jennifer Lowery:https:// www. facebook.com/ajfresh2010

    In life we expect the best in our families , education, work , and friends , but smetime things change where unexpected changes sometime occur!



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    Wild Out Wednesday with Your Boom Queens

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    Come wild out with your boom queens tonight. We have a special topic to wild out about. Call us at 347 857 4391 at 10est, 9cst, 8mst, and 7pst.

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    Underground Wednesday with Special Guest Loyalty

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    My Names Ranay Johnson My performance name is (Loyalty) an independent artist from Norfolk, Va. I started writing music in the third grade as a way to express myself. I started recording at the age of 16 while in the progress of finding my voice. By age 19 I was learning the business behind the music in my efforts to advance in my craft. Now I have the knowledge and wisdom to take my music to the next level and reach my full potential. I have appeared on Virginia got talent, America's got talent, Sky 4 Tv and have performed for or beside such artist as young jeezy, curren$y, Method Man, Mac Miller 
    Wale and many more. I make music based off emotion and real life experiences.so please enjoy this journey as I tell my story.

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    Special Guest "Puma" from VH1's Black Ink Crew

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    Wus good fam this week we welcome a very special guest "Puma" from VH1's hit show Black Ink Crew. Puma has been the object of controveery every since he began on his own journey and is often considered “weird” “different” or the “black sheep”.  Paul “Puma” Robinson is much more than a cast member on a show. He is ushering in new forms of sound and lifestyles to pop culture. Born and raised in the Bronx, “Puma” grew up and created his own understanding of Hip Hop culture through art forms he observed such as graffiti. He was naturally talented and influenced by some of the greats in Hip Hop and Black Popular culture, a tattoo artist christened young Paul to Puma. This is gonna be one episode you don't wanna miss. Got questions or comments for Puma hit us in the chat room or call 323-443-7518  Let's GO! 

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    Larry Kiser's Story: From Lawyer to Healer & Why You Have the Power to Heal

    in Spirituality

    The VOICE OF CHANGE, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff, welcomes Larry Kiser to the program. The title of the program is: Larry Kiser’s Story: From Lawyer to Healer & Why You Have the Power to Heal. Larry has worked in the healing field for over 20 years.  His practice is influenced by study and work with Russian scientists, an ex CIA operative, Mayan Elders, a Shaolin Master, the Emissaries of Divine Light, various Spiritual teachers, years of working with clients, and his own Spiritual Guides. His teaching and practice includes national and international work in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Latvia, Mexico and Hong Kong. As a former lawyer he taught classes in universities and lectured in various states.

    Larry will share his story of how he migrated from an attorney, prosecuting white-collar crimes like securities fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud, into the world of Energetic Healing. Today he teaches workshops where people learn how to do self-healing and assist others to heal themselves. Larry will talk about the principles behind the following two statements: You are greater than you think you are...with abilities beyond what you think you have AND why you have the power to heal! He will offer an energetic clearing for listeners to assist them in realizing their potential.  Larry’s deep understanding of the body’s fields of energy and the principles of quantum physics allows him to facilitate release of the deep patterns of memory that influence our life issues and capacities --be they mental, physical, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual, or karmic.


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    Turnt up Tuesday with Kweene BossDiva and Saphyra

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    Turn up with ya hosts Kweene BossaDiva and Saphyra Tonight. Open forum. Roasts adult convos.. we just turnin up tonight. Be sure to tune in live or call in at 347-857-4391. Show starts at 7pm Pst 9p.m. cst and 10pm est. Don't miss out. Come turn up with us! Tell a friend to tell a friend to tune in!

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    Throwback Thursdays with Boom Live Radio with host Lucky

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    Yoooooooo, it's ya girl Queen Lucky Love, bringing you Throwback Thursdays. Tonight's topic is an open forum. We can talk about anything tonight! So hit me up, call 347-857-4391 an press 1 to speak, or you can listen an enjoy the show.

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    DETERMINED TO LIVE FOR JESUS-"Hindrances to Prayer" PART C

    in Religion

    Prayer is not given to us as a burden to be borne, nor as an irksome (annoying,irritating,exasperating,tiresome) duty to be fulfilled! I believe that Prayer is our greatest priviledge.  When the new convert embraces this truth he or she will find that everything can be taken to God in prayer. For there is no subject that is too embarrassing, hard, silly, threatning or annoying, nor trivial (unimportant), as suggested by satan, that is off-limits as far as God is concerned.  The Lord has told us to cast our cares upon Him for He cares for us (1Peter 5:7). He further states that we must not cast away our confidence which has "great recompence of reward." This word recompence means that He will give, render or repay whomever comes to Him.  This scripture that is found in Hebrews 10:35 uses another word that should be committed to memory, Confidence.The word confidence (full belief in the trustworthiness and reliability) in God, is the key to a full and productive life in Christ Jesus regardless of the hindrances that arise in the christian-life. Yes, there will be challenges, distractions, assaults, to your mind, inflicted by satan and the demonic world! One must learn how to recognize all hindrances and determine in his or her heart to persevere in Prayer!  I may be reached @  (209) 817-5087Text or telephone or by E-mail jiveysmith@att.net

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    Tonight at 9pm est tune in or call 657-383-1848 press 1 to go live. Starting the night off with Mr. Boom Boom Bang and his hit single Down Low. Were going live with upcoming artist Grip. That will be dropping some heat on the airwaves tonight. Also were going to the WestCoast South Central Cartel "Prodeje" will be in the building with some new xclusive tracks. Xclusive Wednesday this is what we do bringing nothing but the best of the best. Tune in tonight another EPIC SHOW.

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    Monday Madness w/host Queen Mzchoclit

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    On Monday Madness tonight "Zodiac Signs" What do you know about ur zodiac sign? Do you believe in horoscopes? Are signs that are said to be compatible are they really? We will asks these questions and more. The 1st hour of the show will be hot hmmm the whole show will be fiyah! Make sure u tune in you don't want to miss out! See you there

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