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  • Abigail Owen Book Tour Interview

    in Books

    Meet Abigail Owen the author of the Svatura series.

    Discover who the ladies of the Svatura series are and how Abigail created them.

    Learn what makes Abigail's paranormal series a must-read and where she discovers her ideas.

    How did she decide to link each heroine with a flower and how does she like living in California?

    Join us for laughs, insight, and the inside scoop.

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes with Teddy Rose (Premier Virtual Author Book Tour)

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan one of your hosts. My co-host Jamie White is also joining me, and tonight we have the opportunity to chat with Virtual Marketing/Promoting consultant Teddy Rose from Premier Virtual Author Book Tours!


    About Premier Virtual Author Book Tours: Premier Virtual Author Book Tours was created by Teddy Rose of So Many Precious Books, So Little Time and her husband, Bill Pope. Teddy Rose has been a book blogger since 2007. It has been her mission to match readers with books and her dream to organize virtual book tours for authors. 

    With over 25 years in sales, marketing, and customer service, the couple are committed to getting your books noticed by readers via virtual book tours. in addition to Premier Virtual Author Book Tours, Teddy will also use So Many Precious Books, So Little Time to promote your book tour.  

    Contact: http://www.virtualauthorbooktours.com/ and email address: teddyrose@virtualauthorbooktours.com

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    Astrid On Air - What's Next? the Book & Tour

    in Spirituality

    Brilliant Essence Radio presents Astrid On Air w/ her new book, "What's Next?" and the Summer Tour

    I am so excited to announce to my friends and fans the publishing of my book, "What's Next? ~ Exploring the Journey of Souls in the Afterlife". It is now available on Amazon and this summer I will be touring parts of the East Coast doing gallery readings, signings and other fun events in the following cities:

    -Baltimore, MD -- Washington, DC -- Richmond, VA -- Knoxville, TN -- Nashville, TN -- Memphis, TN - Indianapolis, IN -- Chicago, IL -- Toledo, OH -- Pittsburgh, PA

    Go to www.AstridOnAir.com to sign up and enter to win a free one on one reading with Astrid in the city closest to you.

    Tonight, I'll be talking about how the book came about and what's in store for us on Tour.

    As usual, free readings for callers available. Call 646-200-3700


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    Abigail Owen Book Tour Interview Part Two

    in Books

    Part two due to technical difficulties with part one

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    Chris Carley - Virtual Book Tour!

    in Business

    Announcing the Chris Carley Virtual Book Tour!

    Join Chris Carley Author of The Millionaire Within Us on her virtual book tour.

    Go to follow the tour at: http://www.chris-carley.com/virtual-book-tour.

    You’ll get to hear about her incredible story of borrowing $79 from her father, and turning that into a million dollar business from home.  This one of a kind true story has helped hundreds of people realize their true inner potential.  Chris Carley is dedicated to helping the average person reach their income goals through hard work and determination.

    Chris Carley has earned over $20 million dollars working from home and has a life style that has allowed her to golf and hang out with Donald Trump and meet people like Barbara Walters, Katie Couric, Former President Bill Clinton and President Ford and so many more. Movie stars have filmed or been photographed in her home. George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lui, Drew Barrymore, Arnold Swartznegger, Bruce Willis.

  • Klarque Garrison of "Survive 365"

    in Books

    Mr. 365, D. Klarque Garrison, host of the blog, Survive 365, and the blog talk radio show, Survive 365: The Conversation of Survive 365 discusses his book, How to Survive the Next 365 | Your Lifeline to a Better Life.

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    Gems of Wisdom-Best Virtual Book Tour

    in Self Help

    Join Teresa as she welcomes Suzanne Strisower to discuss the Best Virtual Book Tour!

    Suzanne Strisower provides the do’s, don’ts, pitfalls and strategies every author should know about the promotion and sales channels for your books. Learn a systematic way to use the “3 Pillars of a Successful Book Launch”. There is an order and critical time sequence authors need to know to optimize the “frontlist” time and opportunities for their books.

    Get YOUR book seen and heard by One Million People!

    Gems of Wisdom with Teresa Maron is Informative and Relevant Content with a Self Help, Personal Development and Spirituality Theme.

    Teresa's guests, the Gems, are  Change-Makers, Innovators, and Creators, heart centered in service and committed to your personal growth! Sign Up for the Gem of the Day for Guest Updates, Specials, and Free Gifts.

    Wednesdays, 2-3:00pm CST Tune IN! 

    Contact Teresa Maron

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    Exploring Virtual Book Tour and Amazon Boost Strategies for Book Marketing

    in Books

    Host Vonnie Faroqui and guest author Mary E. Martin discuss changes in the book market over the past 10 years, and strategies for reaching a reading audience. This interview explores strategies for virtual book/blog touring, and tips for creating an Amazon boost campaign. 

    Guest author Mary E. Martin launches a virtual tour of her own Tuesday, August 25,2015, from her website. As a purchase incentive for her Amazon Boost, Mary is holding a $200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. Entries in the giveaway are being accepted through Midnight EST on August 31, 2015. An announcement of the winner will be posted September 1, 2015 from Mary's Blog.  


    Readers age 30 and up  
    Lovers of mystery and suspense  
    Readers interested in the works of Joseph Campbell, and Carl Jung  
    Art lovers and readers interested in creative exploration  
    People asking the big questions about life’s mysteries 
    Other writers and those self promoting their own work

    Follow on Twitter: @MartinTrilogies 

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    EN Joy Storytellers Book Tour Featured Author Showcase - Part 2

    in Books

    When All is Said and Prayed by E.N. Joy

    It ain't easy being saved, sanctified, and single. Try being a once divorced, now widowed single mother of two on top of that. Thank God the Lord built Paige Vanderdale to be able to bear all of those titles without becoming weary to the point of giving up. From the outside looking in, that life looks good on her. On the inside, though, Paige is coveting what so many others around her seem to have, which is true love.

    In the past, everything that she thought was love was either something far from it, or was taken away from her. Now Paige is afraid to let her hair down and open herself up to love again.

    Paige struggles with the decision to reach out to an old flame to rekindle their spark. When the blaze gets too high, will Paige do what she always does, which is grab the nearest fire extinguisher and try to put it out? Or will she utilize her backup plan and run? The decision is abruptly removed from Paige's hands when something else begins to pull her away--something that just might be the thing that finally breaks her.

    Purchase When All Is Said and Prayed by E.N. Joy
    Book One of the Forever Diva Series  
    Link: http://amzn.com/B014BQTENW



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    Storytellers Book Tour- Takiya & the CrystalStar Travelers by Tameko Barnette

    in Books

    Featured Author Showcase: Takiya &  the CrystalStar Travelers by Tameko Barnette.  Target Audience -  Children, Fantasy story lovers, and the African Diaspora. Primary subject matter discussed in the book - the journey of self-discovery.

    About:  “Takiya & the CrystalStar Travelers”

    This is the story of Takiya Cooper and her adventure to a world called Crystal Land with her best friend, Hero Williams, and a colorful group of characters who guide them through connections with Ancestors, Ancient powers and rituals, and learning their own innate abilities to elevate their vibration. The dynamics of friendship, understanding metaphysical concepts, family relationships, and opening one's mind are all explored on this journey with Takiya and the CrystalStar Travelers.

    Seshata Literary Arts Society:  seshataliteraryarts.wordpress.com

    Bookseller:  http://www.lulu.com/shop/tameko-barnette/takiya-the-crystalstar-travelers/paperback/product-22271665.html

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    Maureen Willett Interview

    in Books

    Cowboys and Leprechauns occupy Maeve's world and she must decide who will rule her heart. Travel back in time with Maureen and G.L. as they discuss Maureen's new release, "Near the Wild."

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