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    Spooktacular Halloween and Boobies Extravaganza

    in Comedy

    That's right kids! It's time once again for an IWS Radio Halloween Extravaganza!! Matt and Jay will celebrate all the scary things that make Halloween so great and so awful. Then they will rank Halloween treats and give advice on what you should hand out. Maybe they'll talk about their favoirte scary movies and what makes a good Halloween film.

    Also, Halloween means parties! What are the coolest costumes for 2014? Need some original ideas? Matt and Jay are all over that stuff! They'll help you plan the ultimate trick or treating celebration and give you a few do's and dont's to follow.

    The IWS Players will be along to do a dramatic reading of Edith Wharton's "All Souls." Joshua will sit down with Count Dracula for a deep, hard-hitting interview. We'll also hear from other IWS correspondents as they celebrate and analyze Halloween like no other show on internet radio.

    All that and YOUR CALLS! Join us for all the spooky and creepy fun. Or are you afraid???

  • 01:44

    3rd of July Boobies and Beer

    in Fun

    Well Not yet the 4th but that does not mean I cannot celebrate with Boobies and Beer, You bring the Boobies and I bring the Beer
    I will have some wild beer so join me in a pre 4th celebration or CeleBOOBtion?

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    Celebrating Boobies

    in Comedy

    This week Matt-Man and Jayman are celebrating boobies! Yay! Everyone love boobies, right? Hell yes! Big, small or somewhere in between, it doesn't matter, boobies are beautiful. But, Matt-Man and Jayman do have a slight difference of opinion on one important issue: Which is better, big or small boobies? We'll have that debate as well as talk about the greatness that is boobies and the whole body image thing. Also, when are fake boobies acceptable? All these important issues will be covered and so much more. So be sure to join us and call in to tell everyone about your love for boobies too!

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    Open Phone Lines And Boobies

    in Comedy

    There is so much going on this week that Jay and Matt and the IWS Radio team can’t break it all down themselves. Going to war with ISIS…Ray and Janay Rice…Roger Goodell and the NFL lying to and hiding from themselves…Wacky goings on in Redneckville, AR. and Bagwne, OH…IWS Radio’s Miss 4th of July’s boobies are out of control, and of course, IWS Radio is on the brink of celebrating its 1,000,000th listener!!

    With so much going on we need your help to process all of these goings on, so…We NEED YOUR PHONE CALLS.  C’mon people dial us up, and let us know how you feel about all of the craziness that is going on in our wacky world.  From start to finish, this show is all about your thoughts.  Let’s make 661.244.9852 a Party Line. 

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    Miss Malicious & Lollie Bombs Burlesque -7th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Show

    in Entertainment

    Miss Malicious & Lollie Bombs Burlesque

    It's that time of year again! The 7th ANNUAL BREAST CANCER AWARENESS SHOW is here! We've pulled out all the stops for this one with TWO special guest additions; Club Wood AND comedian Sherry Etzel! Mark your calendars for August 14th &15th @ 11:15pm, and let us entertain you for a good cause! 

    Pocket Sandwich Theatre, 5400 E. Mockingbird Lane Ste 119, Dallas TX

    Reservations: Eventbrite.com

    Tonight! we are tantalized by Miss Malicious, Honey Hula-la, Jai Le Bait, and Louie Luxxe!!

  • 00:40

    The Show Up Show: Sh!t Happens

    in Self Help

    Who knew we'd be talking about clearing sh!t from our lives and bodies in this episode?!

    And the joys of peeing roadside, receiving wonderful hugs and having boobies. 

    Guest comedienne, Katie Rubin, always takes us places we didn't expect to go! 


  • 01:08

    Historical Motown Records & Jack the Rapper w/ Author Walker Smith

    in Relationships

    Welcome to the QPKS Network! Today we welcome, Author Walker Smith to talk the Historical Motown Records, Jack the Rapper and more!


    As the child of a jazz drummer and a book-addicted beatnik, Walker Smith grew up in a house filled with music and literature. The music bug bit first, and Walker was signed as a recording artist with the prestigious Casablanca label (under the name Bobbi Walker). But between studio sessions and appearances, she quietly pressed on with her creative writing and history studies. Three solo albums later, she walked away from the music business and headed for New York to pursue her real dream to write. She wrote interviews and articles for African Voices and Vertigo magazines, features for the Reel Sisters Film Festival, and a collaborative biography with black radio pioneer Jack the Rapper Gibson. After releasing her first historical novel  The Color Line , Walker Smith began work on what would   become her most personal novel--Bluestone Rondo.


    www.LivingLargeLive.net or give her a call at: (513)-512-LLTV


    To schedule an interview with Walker, contact: Jacqueline Rhinehart (917)-554-2851


    You want to guest on The QPKS Network with P.K., please send all serious inquiries to: Info@LivingLargeLive.net

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    Bowling For Boobies

    in Business

    Sharifah Hardie interviews Stefanie LaHart of Bowling For Boobies®. Bowling For Boobies® raises money for women that are currently battling breast cancer to help them pay their medical and living expenses. Bowling For Boobies® began in 2004 lead by Terri Lyman, Stefanie LaHart and Edith Speed as a support to Edith while she was in her own fight with breast cancer. Edith had been diagnosed with breast cancer and then undergone a double mastectomy only to find that her next battle would be financial. Our event was such a success that year that we were all inspired to continue our efforts and reach out to more women in our local community. In 2007, Busted Foundation was formed and incorporated with the intent of continuing and expanding the work of Bowling For Boobies®. Bowling for Boobies is the trademarked national fundraising event of Busted Foundation, a 501 c3 corporation.

    Bowling For Boobies® is currently planning their 5th event for October 2009.

    Visit www.BowlingForBoobies.com

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    in Comedy

    Welp, the girls of Sorry About Last Night beat the odds and survived their trip to Central Illinois with two drag queens and they have two bellies full of Cheddar's, a new appreciation for contouring, and some unforgettable Tinder experiences to show for it! While Corinne is sure she's just swiped right on her next great love while on the bathroom floor in a Ramada Inn in Decatur, this week also brought with it a throwback evening with her first great love. On today's episode, Krystyna, Corinne and Stephen take a business field trip to the movie theater to see Fifty Shades of Grey. Post-flick, they return to the studio (Krystyna's basement) and dissect every lip-biting second (oh, and there was a LOT of lip-biting) -- the play room, the control issues, that fine-ass bitch's boobies, the great "consent" debate, how first edition books are the 'it' romance gift of the season, why it's not ok to be using a flip phone in 2015, butt plugs versus genital clamps, spanking, dominant and submissive stereotypes, and the scene that made them all lose their shit laughing.


    E-mail us at SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com

    Tweet the ladies: twitter.com/SryAboutLastNyt
    Tweet Krystyna: twitter.com/KrystynaHutch 
    Tweet Corinne: twitter.com/ PhilanthropyGal 
    Follow us on Instagram: SorryAboutLastNight 
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/sryaboutlastnyt 
    Tumblr: sorryaboutlastnight.tumblr.com 
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/sorryaboutlastnight

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    Fluffy Puppy Circle Jerks

    in Blogs

    Nothing could be finer than giving the dog a bone or 2 or 10!  Its even better when they are cute adorable and fluffy!  Besides when masturbation lost its fun your nucking futs anyways!

  • Why So Serious, Odd And Strange

    in Entertainment

    Boobies for Amiibos, woman wants to trade nude photos for Amiibo characters

    CIA claims UFO sightings

    Hoodies illegal in what state?

    70 year old 17 year old girl, Old man dresses as a 17 year old girl.