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    Open Phone Lines And Boobies

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    There is so much going on this week that Jay and Matt and the IWS Radio team can’t break it all down themselves. Going to war with ISIS…Ray and Janay Rice…Roger Goodell and the NFL lying to and hiding from themselves…Wacky goings on in Redneckville, AR. and Bagwne, OH…IWS Radio’s Miss 4th of July’s boobies are out of control, and of course, IWS Radio is on the brink of celebrating its 1,000,000th listener!!

    With so much going on we need your help to process all of these goings on, so…We NEED YOUR PHONE CALLS.  C’mon people dial us up, and let us know how you feel about all of the craziness that is going on in our wacky world.  From start to finish, this show is all about your thoughts.  Let’s make 661.244.9852 a Party Line. 

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    3rd of July Boobies and Beer

    in Fun

    Well Not yet the 4th but that does not mean I cannot celebrate with Boobies and Beer, You bring the Boobies and I bring the Beer
    I will have some wild beer so join me in a pre 4th celebration or CeleBOOBtion?

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    Celebrating Boobies

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    This week Matt-Man and Jayman are celebrating boobies! Yay! Everyone love boobies, right? Hell yes! Big, small or somewhere in between, it doesn't matter, boobies are beautiful. But, Matt-Man and Jayman do have a slight difference of opinion on one important issue: Which is better, big or small boobies? We'll have that debate as well as talk about the greatness that is boobies and the whole body image thing. Also, when are fake boobies acceptable? All these important issues will be covered and so much more. So be sure to join us and call in to tell everyone about your love for boobies too!

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    that's right! it's the alphabet we enjoy studying! big or small we love them all!  Join Fred and William as they celebrate boobies!

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    Bowling For Boobies

    in Business

    Sharifah Hardie interviews Stefanie LaHart of Bowling For Boobies®. Bowling For Boobies® raises money for women that are currently battling breast cancer to help them pay their medical and living expenses. Bowling For Boobies® began in 2004 lead by Terri Lyman, Stefanie LaHart and Edith Speed as a support to Edith while she was in her own fight with breast cancer. Edith had been diagnosed with breast cancer and then undergone a double mastectomy only to find that her next battle would be financial. Our event was such a success that year that we were all inspired to continue our efforts and reach out to more women in our local community. In 2007, Busted Foundation was formed and incorporated with the intent of continuing and expanding the work of Bowling For Boobies®. Bowling for Boobies is the trademarked national fundraising event of Busted Foundation, a 501 c3 corporation.

    Bowling For Boobies® is currently planning their 5th event for October 2009.

    Visit www.BowlingForBoobies.com

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    NFL Recap, College Football Top 25, MLB, & Indie Music

    in Sports

    Brought to you by:




    'Velicious' by Shelique Lize on Amazon



    'Save The Boobies Campaign'

    and new music from:

    TigerPunch w/ 'My Pet, Hate'

    Yesterday's Promise w/ 'Still Burning'

    Melodys4u w/ 'Sensational Touch'

    BadLungz w/ 'Lost on The Highway'

    Young Lyrix w/ 'Gone' ft Yung Musiq

    Denton Perry w/ 'The Lights Are On'

    Jesse Flood w/ 'Cinematically Sad'

    DTong will be previewing the two MNF games as well as the newest college football top 25 polls, some MLB, and recap of the weekend in sports. Also throwing down the best independent music on the planet, this is where SPORTS AND MUSIC UNITE!

    Advertise your website, business, organization, book, and even get Guaranteed Song Play on the show to Thousands of Listeners for just $5 at www.Fiverr.com/DTongSports

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    The Turbo Nerds (Episode 4): Lost at the beach? I Think NOT!

    in Video Games

    The Turbo Nerds return from their official summer vacation! This week, the guys are joined by Aubrey Norris of Deep Silver to talk all things gaming! More entertaining than an Ultimate Warrior Promo, this is the return of the Turbo Nerds!

    The Turbo Nerds is a production of The We Game Podcast Network and Structure Gaming.

    Sturcture Gaming is an exclsuive property of Billy Nichols and Jennifer Gaylord

    Copyright 2014 Structure Gaming All Rights Reserved

    Follow Us on Twitter: @TurboNerdsPod @StructureGaming @WeGame @TXPQwicksilv3r


    Thanks for listening!

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    Boobies in California

    in Lifestyle

    We will review the daily news and share our views of the current subjects. We are a mix of people from many different backgrounds and ages. Many times these topics have hilarious results.

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    Friday Follies...revisiting the stupidity missed earlier this week.

    in Current Events

    Your retrospective host looks back at another week of stupidity from the right...and beyond.  Also, another war another nation to build in our own image despite what those we're building for don't want us...we're America, shut-up and take the freedom we're forcing down your throat with the barrel of a gun.  Shooting in America...not just idle shots but the opportunity to truly make a dent on the booming population issues.  Remember, victims take nothing from the economy...dead people don't care about the minimum wage, public education, climate change or anything else for that matter, they're dead.

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    GraveYard Radio

    in Entertainment

    Graveyard Radio, WU's biggest hit sensation is coming at ya Live THURSDAY NIGHTS at 10PM EST 9PM central.  Hosted by King Outlaw, Queen Stephers, and  Dr Pain, you never know what they might dig up. 

    Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery (April 15, 1933 – May 18, 1995) was an American film and television actress whose career spanned five decades. She is probably best remembered as the star of the TV series Bewitched. Montgomery died of colorectal cancer in May 1995, eight weeks after being diagnosed with the disease.  She was cremated.

    Therefore we are at the grave of Gilda Radner. (June 28, 1946 – May 20, 1989)an American comedian and actress. She was best known as an original cast member of the hit NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, for which she won an Emmy Award in 1978.  She died  from ovarian cancer at 6:20 am on May 20, 1989.  She is laid to rest at Long Ridge Union Cemetery in Stamford, Connecticut.

    Other segments may include: A visit to Cledus’s Outhouse to see what kind of Redneck Wisdom he has to share;  Mark “Dark Hart” Davis reveals a page from Stephers’s Diary; Stephers’s Stalker returns to serenade her; and Steph sings a country tune for your entertainment.

    Take part in our "How Well Do You Know Your Hosts?" Game.  Which hosts picked which song for our show?  If you guess correctly you will win 150K.

    Do you have what it takes to dethrone our GraveYard Radio Champion?  Come out and see who has the balls to take on Realm this week.  You never know what we might unearth at the dead man's party, so be sure you tune in to find out.

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