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    Will and Thunder Welcome The McGrath Project

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    The McGrath Project is a group of musicians, all respected in their own right, drawing from experiences gathered from living and breathing music, touring the globe, and now coming together to create music that couldn't possibly be categorized or pigeon-holed. Catchy, yet innovative, simple, yet experimental, comic, sinister, heartfelt, perceptive, rock'n'roll, punk, blues, psychedelic, country, jazz...you will hear "a new take on classic rock"! After a 3-year hiatus, the band is back, and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Gary McGrath will join us to talk about the new music and all his various musical projects, of which have had him working with the likes of Ted Nugent, The Monkees, and Jon Bon Jovi. Be sure to tune in!

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    Getting to Know Author Kai Storm

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    uthor Kai Storm is a new face in the Urban Literary world, has brought us shining jewels called Alani's Bigger Hustle & Alani's Hustle Gets Bigger. Kai was born in Panama in 1972 and came to New York in 1981 with her mother. She discovered her writing gift as a junior at Boys & Girls High School when an English teacher gave her an assignment to develop a story from just one paragraph and since then, her pen was hot. Thru the years, Kai continued to write any and everything not only to keep her gift alive but also for therapeutic reasons, either way her pen and paper kept her sane. In December 2007, Kai was working at a hospital as a temp and even though the assignment was over the first week of December the hospital kept her on for two more weeks just so that she would have money for Christmas presents but there was nothing for her to do during those two weeks so she decided to pen the first three chapters of Alani's Bigger Hustle. 

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    The Wake Up Mission Show With Hosts Chelene Nightingale & Randy Dees

    in Business

    Michael Britton excelled as a rock musician,writer and vocalist but he never forgot his roots in the Americana acoustic genre.he is a professional songwriter and many of his songs have been used in major motion pictures.

    He wrote and released many radio friendly songs in the 80's gaining much airplay and tours with the likes of Van Halen,Guns & Roses,Bon Jovi and Journey.He was also the frontman for such bands as Dealer,Romeo and Brittion.

    Decades later Michael has returned to live performances of his extensive catalogue of hit songs to audiences all over The United States.

    Michael is also known as an advocate for the American Middle Class.



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    Enjoy the midday magic with Camay luchie! It's Story Telling time!

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    It's StoryTelling time on the "Just say it to Candace Radio Show! "High above the Arican landscape we see elephants , giraffes, cheetahs, alions roaming the land freely. The humans go about their day- to - day activities mostly in harmony with the earth. Look really close in the woods and move in a little closer.  Do you see that oddly shape mound about four feet tall with a peak on the top?  Zoom in closer , closer. Right there!! Lets explore and hear the adventures of Taira the Termite Queen!!  

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    October Rage, Rock out of NSW, Australia

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    Tonight Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes October Rage, a fantastic Rock band out of NSW Australia.


    October Rage was formed by brothers Nick (vocals, guitar) and William (bass) Roberts in late 2008. Hailing from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, they quickly gained notoriety by supporting Bon Jovi on their Circle Tour at sold out shows in Sydney.
    Now with new additions to the band Kai Chambers (drums) and John McMullen (guitar, keys) October Rage are currently tearing up the USA on their Fallout, Dust and Guns release tour. 

    Headfirst Entertainment: http://headfirstentertainment.com

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    Sacred Sunday~Acts 21/Hatred Against Paul Grows

    in Paranormal

    Welcome Church! We are here every Sunday to read the Bible, tell personal stories and pray together because when two or more are gathered.....In a non-judgemental down to earth format. God bless you every one!

    Paul In Caesarea

    Paul gets on a ship and starts the journey toward Jerusalem. Bon voyage!
    The group stops in a bunch of ports and are well-received by various Christians before arriving in Caesarea.
    Upon arrival, Paul meets with Philip (who was one of the seven that was appointed by the apostles in Chapter 6).
    At Philip's house, a local prophet named Agabus tells Paul that he will be imprisoned and turned over to the Gentiles.
    All Paul's friends hear this and beg Paul not to go to Jerusalem.
    No way, Paul tells them. He's ready to die if that's what God needs him to do to spread the word.
    Well, in that case, go ahead, they tell him
    When the ritual is almost over (it takes seven days to complete), the non-Jewish-Christians in town see him in the temple and freak out.
    They grab Paul and tell everyone that he's been teaching "everyone everywhere" that Jewish law stinks. They also (wrongly) assume that he has—horror of horrors—taken a Gentile into the temple. It's a pretty big no-no.
    The Jewish naysayers are all attacking Paul when a group of soldiers comes along and stops them from beating him up. They also arrest Paul, but hey, it's better than a beating by an angry mob.
    The soldiers are trying to figure out what Paul did, but the whole crowd is in chaos. The men lead Paul away while the mob is still trying to get at him.
    Before putting him in prison, Paul asks the soldiers if he can address the people. They tell him to have at it and then (we're guessing) sit back to watch Paul get torn apart.

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    Musician & Producer of One With Everything TV

    in Television

    Musician & Producer of One With Everything TV, Matt Oestreicher

    Matt Oestreicher uses his experience in the music world and the holistic health world to create shows that educate, entertain, and enlighten. His newest show “One With Everything” features discussions and experiences with spiritual teachers and practitioners from various traditions as well as top quality music. Matt is also the producer of the show Your Time To Shine! which is a community building talent show and variety competition meant to supplement arts education for youth.

    In the music world, Matt has worked as an arranger, performer, writer, band leader, teacher. For the last 4 years he has arranged and played keyboard and guitar for the world famous Apollo Amateur Night Band. He has performed/worked with Stevie Wonder, Cee-Lo Green, Will i Am, Ray Chew, Jon Bon Jovi, Ben E. King, Jamie Foxx, Alicia Keys and many others.

    Matt has appeared on national television shows including Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and The ESPY Awards, and he has played venues and festivals such as Jones Beach, Gathering of the Vibes, and Summerfest. After receiving degrees in both Philosophy and Music from Tufts University and New England Conservatory respectively, Oestreicher chose to pursue a different kind of education. He spent the greater part of 4 years living at yoga centers and meditation centers where he worked in exchange for instruction in Eastern spiritual and body practices that included yoga, chi gong, martial arts, and meditation. He has studied with many of the great living masters of these arts including a winter living in the Maui home of Ram Dass(Richard Alpert.) Matt is certified as a yoga teacher, chi gong teacher

    For moore information visit http://www.mattoestreicher.com/

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    Free Fire Friday- Gun Talk 31 October 2014

    in Politics Conservative

    We will be talking about the mental attitude of long rang shooting, wind, temp, etc, and basic fundametals. We of will of course answer all questions!

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    The News In Review - Barrett and Guests

    in Current Events

    Ebola, a game every country can play. New rules for people flying into the US from infected areas. You have to have your temp taken and fill out a form promising that you you have not been playing with any ebola infected people.

    The mid terms loom, millions of dollars will be spent. But does the voter care? Most people view this as a huge yawn. Does it matter if the senate becomes republican? NOPE, it will still be gridlock.

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