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    Bon Jovi Show

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    We play Bon Jovi's  HAVE A NICE DAY CD

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    --------------- BON JOVI----------- SATURDAY 7PM

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    Jeff and Tony discuss everything they love and hate about metal music. 
    TODAYS TOPIC: Bon Jovi
    Contact us: More On Metal on Facebook, moreonmetal@gmail.com, More on Metal on youtube.com, More On Metal on reverbnation, and follow us on twitter.
    You can also call into the show Saturday 7-9pm on blogtalkradio.com/moreonmetal.  Call in on the guest line.

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    Bon Jovi Part II: Because One Show Just Isn't Enough

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    Join Martha Beck-certified life coaches Chris Hollar and Sarah Bamford Seidelmann as we continue our salute to Bon Jovi. We're in the zone and bringing it to you live. It's time to pump up the volume in your life Bon Jovi-style.

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    Carter Oosterhouse, Amy Smart, Jon Bon Jovi Soul

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    Mark and Theresa take you inside Rebuilding Together's Building a Healthy Neighborhood event in Philadelphia for this episode of MyFixitUpLife talk.
    HGTV's Carter Oosterhouse and his wife actress Amy Smart talk about building playgrounds, how they fit in fitness, and creating 'Million Dollar Rooms.' Plus interviews with Rebuilding Together Philadelphia's Executive Director Carrie Rathmann, Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation's Exectuive Director Mimi Box, Rebuilding Together's John White, and Overbrook Environmental Education Center's Jerome Shabazz.
    Rebuilding Together Philadelphia‘s ‘Building a Healthy Neighborhood’ makeover for Overbrook Environmental Education Center is designed to help Philly families learn about healthy living, eating, and playing. To kick-start the neighborhood’s access to play, HGTV’S Carter Oosterhouse‘s Carter’s Kids program that will be building a playground.
    And with the support of Lowe’s, the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, MyFixitUpLife, Rebuilding Together and hundreds of volunteers that will repair nearly 30 homes owned by low-income families and revitalize the surrounding community during the 3-day rebuilding effort in the West Philadelphia Neighborhood of Overbrook.
    Live music by local musicians Tim Williams and Mike McVey.

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    Zen Jovi: Finding Your Groove Bon Jovi-Style

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    Join Martha Beck-certified life coaches Chris Hollar and Sarah Bamford Seidelmann as we amp up your life Bon Jovi-style. We'll talk about going from Livin on a Prayer to saying "It's My Life" and claiming the life you were meant to live.

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    Win 'em over Wednesday Def Leppard / Bon Jovi

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    Jeff and Tony discuss everything they love and hate about metal music.  
    This week: 
    Jeff - Def Leppard
    Tony - Bon Jovi
    Have you ever tried to get a friend to listen to a band or an album that you love?  You play it for them, and then you wait for the verdict.  'That kicks ass!', 'That sucks', or the deserve to be strangled 'It's okay.' 
    Jeff and Tony will each play 3 songs from something the each love.  Then, they'll wait for the other to pass judgment.  Listen and you too can pass judgement on the MORE ON METAL facebook page.
    Write us at 'MoreonMetal@gmail.com'
    Check us out on twitter, and facebook.
    heavy metal mayhem

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    Music Waves

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    i am going to be talking about bands such as 

    bon jovi

    nickle back


    and more 

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    Main Street Universe: Artist Steven Parke/ Spiritual Insight with Darren BuCare

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    Join host Daniel Michael and associate producer Genise R White as they welcome their guest Steven Parke.

    Steven is an artist residing in Baltimore Maryland. His client list includes Bon Jovi, Bob Dylan, HBO and many more!!!

    Then an evening of Divination so stay tuned for Darren BuCare and his show Spiritual insight!

    Darren will be discussing working with the element of  Air, as his elemental series continues.

    Darren is an intuitive consultant at Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo in New Orleans and he will open the phone lines for readings as well!!!!

    Join us in our circle!!!

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    FNL Show w Recruit804.com & Coach Chisolm & Co-Host Willie Miller

    in Sports

    Saturday, May 7, 2015
    recruit757/Ultimate Recruit
    Prospect Assessment Camp
    Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School
    Virginia Beach
    Rising 9th – 12th Grade
    9 a.m. start, staggered check-in
    Get fully scouted!
    Know where you stand!
    $40 Early Bird Registrationavailable now through April 17
    All positions
    Specialists please attend our Richmond event
    Full combine and position specific assessment

    Sunday, May 17, 2015
    recruit804/Ultimate Recruit
    Prospect Assessment Camp
    Bon Secours Redskins Training Center
    2409 West Leigh Street, Richmond
    Rising 9th – 12th Grade
    9 a.m. start, staggered check-in
    Get fully scouted!
    Know where you stand!
    $40 Early Bird Registrationavailable now through April 17
    All positions including specialists
    Full combine and position specific assessment

    Sunday, April 12, 2015
    Schuman’s NUC Showcase
    GW-Danville HS (Danville)
    7th-11th Grade
    1PM Check-in
    2PM Start
    5PM Wrap-up
    $79.99 Registration
    $249.99 Season Pass


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    What is the worst dating crash and burn you have ever had? It cannot compare to some of the one's your host COMEDIAN GREG REIFSTECK has been on.

    Have you ever had you date get a DUI?  Have you gotten cock blocked by your wing man who was so drunk he lost his keys?  Has some alleged intellectual try to sell you on their latest book they have written?

    Greg is joined by Journalist / Bon Vivant PHILIP BARRETT and budding comedian SARAH TARPEY to share these epic fail dating tales and more. 

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    Roxanne Bouchard: Témiscouata - livre pour les enfants

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    Roxanne Bouchard  enseigne ce qu'elle apprend en yoga pour mieux approfondir ses connaissances et pour pouvoir transmettre quelque chose de précieux.

    Et qu'est-ce qui selon Roxanne représente ce qui est précieux?   La santé: Suite à un problème et des douleurs au dos elle essaie le yoga.

    Les répercussions sur son mental, son attitude se font rapidement sentir. Elle adopte le Viniyoga de Claude Maréchal grâce aux enseignements de Mme Réjane Martin, Alain Gendron et Étiennette Gagnon.

    Santé: Le précieux état d'être passe par la santé de ses relations selon Roxanne Bouchard: Je suis plus patiente avec mes enfants nous dit-elle

    Oui, le yoga a un impact majeur au niveau de la santé

    Certes, il faut faire un bout de chemin par nous-même, prendre notre santé en main car le bien être physique et mental c'est important

    Autre valeur importante?  La paix, la vie, le moment présent: être dans l'action pas centré dans l'instant présent fait qu'on se perd soi-même.

    Le Bon Dieu, les coccinelles, les lapins,les abeilles, les éléphants les étoiles dans les yeux, les roses, les totems..... l'amène à écrire un livre pour les enfants.

    Puis, toujours en faisant cette introspection, on se rend compte qu'on est riche: nos racines amérindiennes sont importantes.  Toutes les sphères de notre être sont importantes, nos origines

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