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    Host Denis J. Puska visits with Eric Ballard, Head Coach of the Fresno Monsters of the NAHL; and Craig Bommer, Vice President Business Operations for Wheeling Nailers of ECHL,

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    The Hound Dogs

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    ♥ show starts: 4pm east Coast, 3pm Central time, 2pm MT time, & 1pm West Coast ♥ "The Hound Dogs" soon to be: Those Dirty Little Bastards~ lol ~ just kidding! Come hear... about their RETURN to music! Playing in KY Aug. 28th! "I" may join them on Stage for Mustang Sally when all goes according to plan! ;) Get on down and listen to some awesome music in KY ♥ Here the when's and where's on today's "Get your SOS" with the Sabrina Oxford Show! ♥

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    Red vs Blue High Stakes Radio w/ Scott Atkins - CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK

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    You know these names... Don Thompson, Robert Particelli and Mike Krucek are just a FEW of the names in the hunt for the FPC $100 grand.

    Jeff Schinker, Kimra Schleicher and Chad Schroeder are in the hunt for the $300k at WCOFF.

    Darren Fecich, KJ Duke and Chad Schroeder are a few of the names near the top at NFFC's chase for $100k.

    Chad Schroeder and Joe Jefferson lead the way in NFFC's Primetime for $50k.

    Kelly Schroeder, John Haskell, Dennis Young, Daryl Bommer& Mike Thomas and yes again.. Don Thompson are just a FEW of the names in the hunt for the FFPC $100 grand.

    Get this.. Mark Pumphrey is in the hunt for ALL 3! #7 wcoff, #7 ffpc and #8 fpc overall! Might we see something special this weekend?

    We'll break down all the Week 16 action tonight on CHRISTMAS EVE night, and you won't BELIEVE some of the names that have made our START list this week!



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    Red vs Blue High Stakes Radio w/ Scott Atkins - LIVE pick by pick Big Payback Draft

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    The Fantasy Football Players Championship is back on Red vs Blue with the Live Pick by Pick Big Payback Satellite Draft! 12 Drafters, one prize, a seat at the 2011 $5k Big Payback draft in Vegas. We will have a front row seat to all the action. Join us LIVE for a special 2 hour episode of Red vs Blue!

    Follow the draft here! http://leagues.myffpc.com/fantasy-football-league/76914

    A Special 10pm Start Time! Here's the star studded lineup:

    1. John Haskell - Syracuse Slappers
    2. Wayne Ferguson - Pound 4 Pound
    3. Darren Armani - Fantasy Mojo
    4. Jeff Tirabassi - Cornfins
    5. Tom Yates - Recovery Boys
    6. Michael Bronte - Invictus Peasy
    7. Tom Pfund - Hicksville Angry Ants
    8. Bill Wasosky - El Toro-BWaz
    9. Daryl Bommer - Number Crunchers
    10. Les Sandlin - Sandmans Time
    11. Kip Lockwood - Nimrods
    12. Jeff Gill - Fish

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    Red vs Blue Fantasy Sports Radio - 7/17 RedvsBlue Sat Draft Slots Announced! - Episode # 40

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    The Red vs Blue $500 Satellite Draft slots are announced tonight! Participants include: Jeff Gill, Billy Wasosky, Kip Lockwood, Les Sandlin, Jeff Tirabassi, Wayne Ferguson, John Haskell, Michael Bronte, Darren Armani, Daryl Bommer & Michael Thomas, John Duckworth, and last but certainly not least, Tommy Yates, last year's $100k NFFC Champion. Draft slots were received for the main event, what did you get and what does it mean? Also, we're discussing this year's crop of Running backs and their strength of schedule against the run. You'll be surprised what we found.