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  • 01:02

    Why EJ DiMera Needs To Stay Dead!

    in Television

    Tonight, join Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard Simms in a spirited debate about all things soap. First, we’ll look at why DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ recently-deceased EJ needs to remain really, most sincerely dead. Then, we’ll look at the return of romance to GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Port Charles… and why when it comes to triangles, the more the merrier. With THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS gearing up for both Adam’s return and headwriter Chuck Pratt’s arrival, we’ll discuss our hopes — and fears — for Genoa City’s future. And we’ll ask why THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, a show that gets so much right, seems to get one thing wrong… a lot. All this and more as we take your calls and discuss what you think is hot — and what you think most definitely is not — on this week’s daytime dramas!

  • 00:27

    Alley Mills of Bold and Beautiful

    in Television

    Rob Anthony Dire welcomes Alley Mills, best known for starring on the hit series, "The Wonder Years," and currently on the worldwide hit series, "The Bold and the Beautiful."

  • 00:33

    Othello Clark (Athlete, Host, Actor)

    in Television

    Othello Clark is a professional snowboarder, has a chain of stores, has hosted ESPN Sports and has a recurring role on the popular daytime drama, The Bold and the Beautiful. In addition, he has appeared on the covers of magazines worldwide and is the only living person with a mountain named after him. Join Rob as he discusses Othello's prolific career with him.