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    BodyMind Nutrition Radio Series - with Dr. Joe Dispenza

    in Education

    In this exclusive interview you are listening in on conversational style guest lecture with Dr. Joe Dispensa.
    Dr. Joe Dispenza is a chiropractor with postgraduate training and continuing education in neurology, neuroscience, brain function and chemistry, cellular biology, memory formation, and aging and longevity. Known for his “I create my day” in What the BLEEP Do We Know!?, Dr Joe is at the leading edge of demystifying ancient understandings to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. 
    How our personality = personal reality A new way to embrace meditation How to break unwanted emotional patterns. 4 first steps to reinvent yourself *************
    Event with Gregg Braden: http://www.drjoedispenza.com/joedispenza/ctab/TyVCOSVFRSVCRg
    Intensive Austin link: http://www.drjoedispenza.com/joedispenza/ctab/TyVCRCVFMSVCOA
    To keep learning from Dr. Joe, visit www.drjoedispenza.com. You will love his teleclass & events!
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    BodyMind Nutrition Radio Series - with Willliam Gladstone

    in Education

    What does it take to write a book, to publish a book, and is being an author for YOU?  
    As an avid student of consciousness and cultural anthropologist, Bill Gladstone gifts Body Mind Nutritionist with experiential knowledge in more than one field.
    William Gladstone is the author of the international bestselling novel The Twelve, a literary agent and founder of Waterside Productions Inc., Gladstone has worked with some of the most respected and influential authors of our time, including Eckhart Tolle, Thom Hartmann, Jean Houston, Barbara DeAngelis, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Neale Donald Walsch. 
    What agents look for in a writer and their work? Bill’s take on the Mayan prediction for December 21, 2013. How the new 26,000 year cycle is one in which feminine energy will prevail. Some basic differences between masculine and feminine energy – particularly those that impact society. An overview of Mr. Gladstone’s exciting new book, The Power of Twelve. Insights from Bill’s participation in the  World Cultural Forum for Ecological Civilization held in Hangzhou China (with 500 in attendance including several prime ministers and  eminent scholars from around the world). For 3 chapters of The Power of Twelve, go to www.12thebook.com
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    BodyMind Nutrition Radio Series – with Jenny Craig

    in Education

    Jenny Craig as licensed clinical social worker and board certified diplomate. Jenny is an international performance coach and motivational speaker who has been named a brilliant forerunner in the field of emotional intelligence.

    Her background in neurology/psychology combined with her uncanny ability to translate the latest emotional intelligence research into practical tools and trainings are invaluable to succeed in the global economy.

    Jenny is at the top of her field in psychology having trained other psychologists/coaches in 48 states on her techniques, speaks to companies internationally, has published 3 books and been part of two best sellers.

    Today Jenny will be sharing strategies with us on how to train our brain for success.

    how to talk to your brain for success
    how to get rid of negative emotion stored in your body and
    how to manage bullies, energy vampires and negative people

    Catherine and Jenny investigate questions and concepts in a new light to bring added motivation and inspiration as we complete 2013.

    Where does success begin?
    Do we believe what we think?
    What is emotional intelligence?
    How do we train our brain? – powerful tips from Jenny
    Do you have an accountability partner?
    How to get back in touch with what we love.


    Learn more about Jenny Craig’s work and get your 9 Steps to talking to your brain to get going now!


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    BodyMind Nutrition Radio Series - with Dr. Wilson

    in Education

    Did you know that our personalities are being affected by our mineral balance (or lack thereof)?

    We often hear about heavy metal toxicity, but what about mineral ratios? How are those affecting us?

    Dr. Lawrence Wilson has a Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a medical degree as well.  He has worked for over 30 years as a holistic physician and nutrition consultant.  He studied nutritional balancing science with Dr. Paul E. Eck, and has written hundreds of articles and several books about this exciting method of healing the body, mind and spirit. 

    Join us in this thorough overview of Nutritional Balancing to learn:

    How Nutritional balancing science is a very modern system of healing the body and mind first put forth by Dr. Paul C. Eck, a twentieth century biochemist and physician. 

    How nutritional balancing science differs from other diets and other healing methods.

    What remedies are used in nutritional balancing science

    Why Dr. Wilson suggests eating a lot of cooked vegetables.

    What can go wrong with eating too much fruit.

    How do programs compare with the Weston Price and GAPS diets?

    How costly are the nutritional balancing programs and How long should a person stay on a program?


    To learn more about Dr. Wilson’s work and nutritional balancing center, visit their website at www.drlwilson.com. 


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    BodyMind Nutrition Radio Series - with Dr. Roy Dittmann

    in Education

    Are you a young parent? Thinking about having kids? Or offering wellness coaching to soon to be parents? How does today’s toxic world impact the responsibility of parents?
    Today’s BodyMind Radio guest is Dr. Roy Dittmann. Dr. Dittmann has dedicated his professional life to evolving an integral organic approach to prevent birth defects and optimize fetal brain development during the perinatal period - the most powerful time to impact human development. 
    With doctorate in Oriental Medicine and a masters in Herbology, Dr. Dittmann has served as Official Team Doctor in the Olympics, and was featured in a “Doctor to the Stars”. Today, Dr. Dittmann has developed The Brighton Method to provide couples with practical solutions for realizing their goal of having an extraordinary child.
    What hidden causes of birth defects and autism is the media ignoring? How to strike the right balance between probiotics and pathogens to affect fertility and our ability to have an extraordinary child. Beyond the ‘Advanced Maternal Age’, what can the 30-35+ demographic do to enhance their ability to get pregnant? Why it’s important to balance serotonin, dopamine AND oxytocin levels. On the theory of sperm-intelligence - how couples can positively impact the intelligence of their future child before they conceive? Some of the hidden causes of male and female infertility and natural ways to increase likelihood of conception. Mineral levels and ratios – their impact on pregnancy and child health. For an exclusive free webinar with Dr. Roy Ditmman, visit:

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    BodyMind Nutrition Radio – with Nisha Moodley

    in Education

    Women & Freedom - How to Stand Out and Create the Lifestyle & Impact You Want

    Nisha Moodley is a former foodaholic, shopaholic and workaholic, turned freedom junkie, who broke free from addiction and is on a mission to champion women's freedom.  She is the founder of FIERCE FABULOUS FREE.com where she cultivates communities of women to create a clear vision for their future, and design their lives and work to align with that vision.

    Join Catherine as she interviews Nisha about the vision and tools that have brought her to the leadership and freedom she now lives.

    Get Nisha’s input on:

    How to discover and create a work life you LOVE.
    An inspiring vision for women and the world.
    How to embrace sisterhood in your personal life and your work with your clients
    Tools for better time management.
    How to bring more pleasure into your day with the concept of book ending
    Choosing – how to truly design the schedule that suits you
    How to know if you’re on YOUR path to freedom?

    Download Nisha’s free FREE TO SAY YES at www.freetosayyes.com and follow her blog and events at www.fiercefabulousfree.com

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    BodyMind Nutrition Radio Series – with Jake Ducey

    in Education

    Have you ever wondered what you would gain if you just dropped everything and traveled the world?

    What would you discover about life?
    What would you learn about yourself?
    …about life?

    At 19, Jake followed his heart to leave his life of school, sports, drugs, and alcohol to travel the world. He returned with a new calling to inspire others on consciously and responsibly creating our lives. Now 21, he is the author of Into the Wind and is on a completely different life path.

    Listen in to get Jake’s fresh take and insights on:

    how to free ourselves of other people’s opinions
    how to stop waiting for the person we want to become and start BEING
    why we feel such a need to control in our lives?
    what is ‘purpose’ and how do we access it?

    Enjoy this deep dive into the wind!


    To learn more about Jake Ducey's work and speaking, visit their website at www.jakeducey.com.


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    America's Harvest

    in Self Help

    Each week, co-hosts Lois Fladie, Dina Heilman and Robbi Gunter will bring you AMERICA'S HARVEST, a lively discussion show exploring the various aspects of healthy foods. They will share recipes, bring you the latest scientific discoveries on food and health, assist you in navigating your way around the sometimes confusing task of choosing healthy foods. They will inform, inspire and steer you towards living a vibrant lifestyle.

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    The Art Of Eating with Dr. Jay

    in Radio

    he Art of eating with Dr. Jay Apte

    Join us on the Journey with complete blog post with full info, bio & embeds to video & podcast of interview at: 

    If you have any questions you would like answered on the show, please email us at: healthshowguest@vedafoods.com

    To be a guest on the show, email us at: healthshowguest@vedafoods.com

    For more information on VedaFoods please visit us at:

    For more information on Dr. Jay Apte’s Wellness Center go to:

    Host, Producer, Director:
    Carly Alyssa Thorne

    Medical Disclaimer:
    All of the information shared on “The VedaFoods Health Show” or VedaFoods website, webinars, blogs, podcasts, videos either presented by Dr. Jay Apte or guests are from their own personal experience, research, education, and experience with their clients.

    Every person is an individual and as such we recommend that everyone seek counsel from their own personal doctor before starting any exercise program or health regimen of any kind.

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    Financial elder abuse overview under California law

    in Legal


    Financial elder abuse is on the rise in California.  People are living longer due to advances in science, medicine, health, fitness and nutrition.  At the same time, "seniors" (those over 65 years of age - which is still relatively "young" if you think about it) are some of the sole survivors of the "mortgage meltdown" and they are oftens the victims of financial fraud and "elder abuse."  This husband and wife podcast discusses what elder abuse is, how to spot it, and the types of legal claims we handle as a California financial elder abuse law firm.

    Common perpetrators of financial elder abuse 

    1.  Attorneys (these professionals are in a position of "trust" and "confidence" and can unduly influence, coerce,  misinform and cause seniors to make very bad financial decisions that can affect real estate, and stock portfolios).  Attorney malpractice is another common claim in this area.  We have seen "counseling" that has resulted in the loss of substantial equity in residential and commercial real estate estate.

    2.  Car dealerships (Car dealerships can try to "steal your trade" or engage in "bait and swtich advertising" or sock you away in a car loan that

    3.  Friends

    4. Insurance

    5. Family (kids who see their parents as easy targets).  

    6.  Mortgage brokers (lenders and loan officers can sock a senior away - and take exorbitant loan fees - to steer an elder into an unconscionable predatory loan (ex. a negative amrotization or "option arm loan") or fail to advise as to the advisability (or non-advisablity) of a reverse mortgage.  These fees can be "taken" in bad faith resulting in serious daamges to an elder.

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    Alternative Methods of Allergy Control and Elimination

    in Nutrition

    Today we will be discussing a recap of what was featured at my Patient Education Lecture event yesterday evening at the "Thinking Outside the Box: Alternative Methods of Allergy Control and Elimination" with our guest speaker and Energetic Healer, Barbara Markay. She was wonderful at my Open House and we were so glad she was able to join us, she will not be on the week's Blog Talk Radio but if you would like to hear more from her and what she does you can check out my month of April Shows as she was kind enough to be a guest speaker for this month as well as at my Open House. I would also like to give a big thank you to everyone who attended and assisted, and I hope to see you all and anyone else interested in joining us, next month on Thursday May 21st!

    If you would like to participate in my Blog Talk Radio Show as a guest speaker or to call in and ask questions on the show or to my office for a consultation, appointment or to RSVP, please feel free to contact me at (310) 571-1212.

    Thank you for listening to Thinking Outside the Box!