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    Tattoos, Body Piercings and Obedient Christians

    in Christianity

    Many of our listeners have asked what do I think about tattoos and body piercings as they relate to ones relationship with the Lord. I get this Question much more often since my comments in the Look At Me Now, A Discussion On Vanity broadcast on .May 23, 2014 (listen to the archive).The Lord has inspired me to include this subject in our schedule to address the often and not so often asked questions on the issue of tattoos and body piercings.This will be a lively and interesting conversation. If you have a strong opinion and can deliver it in a respectful and professional manner please call into the show live and share your thought we our host and listeners.

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    From Enmity to Compassion For Your Body

    in Health

    Taking responsibility for your life is having compassion on yourself.  We are talking about how having compassion is another way to step out of detachment or disconnection from your body and sel

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    Creating the BODY LOVE FESTIVAL!

    in Health

    The body love festival is an online celebration to experience, teach, and connect with those that are are about loving our bodies and our spirits.  Today we are masterminding around the festival, the who's how's and what's... 

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    The 411 of the I Love My Body Diet Programs

    in Health

    Have you been wondering what the movement is?  What we are up to and what benefits this whole movement offers to those that get involved?

    We are talking about the different programs and the mission of the I Love My Body Diet

  • BODY LOVE FEST "Release Pain" "Meditations" "Connect to Your Children"

    in Health


    We are excited to have 3 beautiful women on today sharing their expertice to take us through 

    1st Joyce Michel: Release your physical pain with the Body Code

    2nd: Maria Olson: Love Meditations, taking us through meditations to bring us back into love http://mariaolson.com

    3rd: Livia Pewtress Sharing on how to connect with your children through Authenticity. 

    To check out more of the Body Love Fest go to http://ilovemybodydiet.com

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    The Q-Spot with Big Body and Laura T. Johnson & The Soul Of A Man 2 Pre-Show

    in Books

    Our special pre-show will showcase some of the men behind the upcoming release, The Soul Of A Man 2: Make Me Wanna Holler. As the synopsis reads: “This book may not change the world, but it will change someone’s world, and will give the world a new view, vantage point, and keen insight on what lies in the heart and souls of men.” The Q-Spot is honored to welcome Zach Tate, Navi Robins, H.M. Trey, Rickey Teems II, Robert Grant, Maurice M. Gray, Jr., Alvin L.A. Horn, Brian Ganges, and Shakeim Edmonds.

    # # #

    Laura T. Johnson's debut novel was titled Where Would I Be. She resides in Memphis, TN, where she attends college pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Social & Criminal Justice with a minor in forensics.

    In 2006, Laura was the victim of an abusive relationship that lasted for two and half years. In 2009, Laura began to write. Laura attended online writing seminars taught by Terry McMillan. She spoke with others such as Sharon Cullars, Novelist Junnita Jackson, and many others. She has recently released Unbalanced, and is looking to soon release To Love Again. You can reach Laura by email at ltjauthor@gmail.com.





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    Illinois’ Landmark Body Camera Law

    in Legal

    Legislation signed by Governor Rauner on August 12, 2015, outlines how police should use body cameras and establishes updates aimed at bias-free policing and improving police training. Specifically, the law addresses when body cameras should be worn, when taping should begin, and how long recorded videos should be kept. In this podcast, attorney Sarah Flohr explains this new law in detail.

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    Yoga: The Ultimate Body Mind Spirit Guide

    in Spirituality

    Yoga: The Ultimate Body Mind Spirit Guide! This hour long program will cover the history, philosophy and science behind yoga and provide an opportunity for the listening audience to interact with the host and her guests.  Learn how yoga changes your DNA and why it is the perfect anti-aging practice. Practice with the host to experience the healing affect across the internet! www.bodymindspiritradio.com

    Call in to ask questions!! 646-378-0378

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    Hidden Mysteries: The Out of Body Experience

    in Paranormal


    We spend our lives identifying with a physical form, but we are greater than that - we are spirit, energy, light. While we sleep each night, we leave the confining vehicle of the body and move through layers of consciousness taking us to incredible levels of experience. We visit loved ones who have passed from this realm, gather information from others, or we just visit other realms. Keep those frequent flyer miles! You won't need them. Learn how we can consciously leave our bodies to journey where nobody can go.

    Visit www.MQuestMedia.com for provocative video segments - MQuest TV, articles and events that delve into the paranormal, spiritual and metaphysical topics. 

    Visit Rev. Maria D'Andrea at www.MariaDAndrea.com or call Maria at 631 - 559 - 1248. Take a peek at Maria's book - "The Secret Occult Gallery and Spell Casting Formulary" on Amazon.com.


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    First Day of The Body of Christ Solemn Assembly

    in Spirituality

    What is a Solemn Assembly? A Solemn Assembly is an urgent call for all people to come together to humble themselves, confess & repent of personal, generational & nation's (President Uganda did) sins & iniquities, ask for forgiveness, seek God’s face through worship,  praise & prayer, turn from sinful behavior, make a commitment to serve God & not man or his traditions, use his/her spiritual gifts to fulfill Jesus’/Yeshua’s Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18, Luke 24:44-49 & John 20:19-23) & receive & healings. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is a great example of God’s call for a solemn assembly,

    Who Calls a Solemn Assembly? In ancient Israel, the call for a solemn assembly was issued by the nation’s leaders –prophets, priests, or kings. It was given to them & then passed to the people.

    How Can You Participate? We want the Body of Christ to unite for 3 days & 3 nights to pray, fast, & blow the shofar for the world (i.e. healing for 5 year old Chad Carr of MI & 8 yr. old David Spisak Jr. of VA, call for justice & plead for truth (Isaiah 59:4) for France, & Africa). We want people to blow the shofar on the hour “so that we are on one accord”. We need believers/saints to intercede on their behalf for these children & even lay hands on them (Mark 16:17-18). The Body of Christ can start to pray & fast on Nov. 19, 20, 21, or 22 for 3 days & 3 nights. We want to be finished by 11/26. You can pray on your own, during the same hours in your time zone, or join the daily 1 hr. International Worship, Praise, & Prayer calls at 8 a.m., 11 a.m., noon, & 2 p.m. EST. Call-in Numbers for U.S. (605) 562-3130, Kenya: +254 (0) 20 5231002, Nigeria +234 (0) 1 440 5200, South Africa +27 (0) 87 825 0100, France +33 (0) 7 55 50 01 92 & Enter the Access Code: 104870# or 557452#.

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    Mastering Mind & Body Through Yoga

    in Self Help

    Eric Ward is a published Photographer and Yoga Master.  He is an alumnus of the Institute of Healing Arts.  In this episode he will be talking about how to master mind and body through yoga.  He will discuss the benefits of yoga and how it's impacted his life.  Whether you are considering yoga or have been doing it for a long time, it's never to late to learn more about it.


    To view Eric's photography, please visit:  https://ericward.smugmug.com