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    The Importance of Body Language in Life and Business

    in Self Help

    Learn How To Activate Your Highest Good by Understanding the importance of Body Language in Life and Business.

    Co-Hosts Cheryl Katherine Wash and Kathleen Capela

    Listener dial-in number:(917) 889-9987
    Show URL: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/highestgood   May 20, 2015 Show Topic: The Importance of Body Language


    10 Powerful and Simple Body Language Tips for 2015 by Carol Kinsey Goman (Forbes Contributor)


    7 Surprising Truths about Body Language by Nick Morgan (Forbes Contributor)

    Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/nickmorgan/2012/10/25/7-surprising-truths-about-body-language/   

    Additional References:




    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_frequency Voice frequency

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    Mark Bowden on Winning Body Language

    in Self Help

    Tom Cunningham (too tall) and Peter Goral from TechBlocks interview Mark Bowden

    Mark is an expert in human behavior and body language, and is the creator of TRUTHPLANE®, a communication training company and unique methodology for anyone who has to communicate with impact to an audience. His communication techniques, in which he trains individuals and groups worldwide, have garnered him a reputation as one of the world’s foremost authorities on nonverbal communication.

    Mark gives highly entertaining and informative keynote speeches on persuasive and influential verbal and nonverbal language and communication structures that help you stand out, win trust and profit every time you speak.

    Mark’s publications include the bestselling body language book Winning Body Language; Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals; and Tame the Primitive Brain – 28 Ways in 28 Days to Manage the Most Impulsive Behaviors at Work.

    Voted #1 in the world’s top 30 Body Language Professionals for 2014 by GlobalGurus.org, Mark is also honored to be part of the TED community, having spoken on the main stage at TEDx Toronto. He is a regular contributor to media, and you can see him currently on CTV’s daily talk show, The Social as the resident Body Language expert. 


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    DYWD 014: Body Language & Dance

    in Health

    Body Language Secrets and How to Get More of What You Want.
    How to strategically use your body language to persuade & influence.
    Increase your chances when asking someone to dance.
    How to talk your way out of consequence, ie: a speeding ticket.
    Develop the skills to respond quickly to hidden cues in any critical situation.
    The different types of handshakes.
    How to make yourself magnetic and get others comfortable around you.
    Learn how to establish rapport.

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    Learning our Body Language

    in Health

    Our bodies are always speaking to us.  

    Do we hear?

    Is there are universal language that every body speaking.

    There are three steps to learning and speaking your bodies language.

    First- listen and ask the right questions

    Second- Identify

    Third - act in confidence

    When done, these three steps create more freedom to choose joy or bondage.


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    Use Body Language Basics to Create Stronger Scenes

    in Writing

    Kori discusses several body language basics you can use to better describe scenes within your story. She'll cover the concept of comfort versus discomfort as posited by Joe Navarro, a leading expert on body language and a former FBI spycatcher.

    You'll learn:

    Facts about lying behavior

    Indicators of stress, verbal and non-verbal

    The seven microexpressions

    Resources for additional information:

    Center for non-verbal studies

    All About Body Language

    The Science of People

    Paul Ekman Group

    The Center for Body Language

    Louder Than Words - Joe Navarro

    What Every Body is Saying - Joe Navarro

    Clues to Deceipt - Joe Navarro



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    Body Language and Periscope on Business Over Coffee International Radio

    in Business

    BOCI: 10am CST: Please interact via chat line or social stream.Twitter: @bocoffee @sherrihenley #togetherstrong #businessovercoffee

    Sponsored By: Nashville NAWBO, Inside Info Marketing, Sherri Henley Intelligence, Plexus Worldwide

    Host: Sherri Henley

    Guest: Shelley Baur, Author of Integrity-Based Communications

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    Tiger Woods' Apology - Under the Covers with the Body Language Doctors

    in Current Events

    Tiger Woods apologized - in this episode, The Body Language Doctors analyze the body language of Tiger Woods during his statement. In addition, four common body language signals are discussed.

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    Body Language Matters

    in Self Help

    Influence is about who you are and how people perceive you.  Some people assume that influence is always a positive thing, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Influence is the impression that you make on other people.  It could be positive or negative.
    93% of your communication is non-verbal while 7% is verbal.  Body language matters not only matters in interpreting others motives but how you carry yourself and what it conveys to others.
    In and of itself the power to influence is neutral.  It is up to the influencer to decide whether it will be used for good or bad.  So I will show you how to be more influential in your relationship with others and how others such as advertisers, wealthy marketers, psychologists and hypnotists use magnetic language to influence you.  How body language can help you or betray you.
    Aristotle first began to speak about persuasion and influence in Ancient Greece.  In fact, the first book ever written on persuasion was by Aristotle.  It was titled "The Art of Rhetoric."
    Please tune in as I share how to create win/win outcomes with being persuasion and influence.

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    Understanding Body Language to be More Successful

    in Women

    Patti Wood MA, CSP Credited for bringing the topic of body language to the national consciousness by The New York Times, Patti Wood researches, speaks, writes, and consults on body language for law enforcement, Fortune 500 companies and National Associations.  Patti is interviewed  by media around the world including; The Today Show, CNN, PBS, FOX News, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, The History Channel, Discovery Channel, CBS, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, The Talk, and The Steve Harvey Show. She is quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Huffington Post, The Week, Men’s Health, Details,  People, Oprah  Magazine, Life & Style, Esquire, Psychology Today, Fortune, and more.  She is the author of seven books including “SNAP Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma.”

    Tonya Reiman is a motivational and inspirational keynote speaker, consultant and corporate trainer. She has shared her body language analysis and knowledge in communication with various Newspapers, Radio and various TV media such as Fox, CN8, Access Hollywood, EXTRA, and Fast Money.

    She is also a regular weekly guest on The O'Reilly Factor. She has been a contributor to dozens of articles on body language featured in popular media like Cosmopolitan, Life & Style, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Positive Thinking, and others. Tonya's passion for body language began in her first year of college at Pace University when a psychology professor came nose to nose with her in order to demonstrate the significance of "personal space".

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    Body Language Expert Traci Brown

    in Business

    Traci L. Brown, is a body language and persuasion expert.  She’s a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics, Hypnosis and Huna.

    Ms. Brown is a 3 time US National Collegiate Cycling Champion and former member of Team USA.  Through sports, she learned that peak performance in any arena requires emotional balance, mental clarity & focus.  

    For twelve years, she has dedicated her career to assisting athletes, businesses, teams & individuals in achieving desired goals and enhancing performance by paying attention and turning to the power within.  She travels the country speaking to associations and corporations, teaching them how to hear ‘Yes!” more easily and more often. 

    Ms. Brown frequently decodes body language on TV news shows. Additionally, she’s the author of two books:  Mastering Magical Persuasion and  How to Make Money, Have Fun and Love What You Do.  





    ditionally, she’s the author of two books:  Mastering Magical ersuasion and  How to Make Money, Have Fun and Love What You Do.  

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    "Body Language in Business: Gain Influence Without Saying A Word" with Kerstin!!

    in Women

    Join me with special guest, Kerstin O'Shields, Executive Presentation Coach who will talk about: The Communication Medium is your body.  You can learn how nonverbal communication drives who we decide to do business with, how posture communicates your confidence and knowledge, and how unspoken social cues will naturally attract people to you and your business.

    Kerstin O'Shields

    Presentation Coach and Vocal Specialist
    O'Shields Studio LLC