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    BTR Debate: “Is Belief in Jesus ‘bodily resurrection reasonable?”

    in Religion

    Special 2 hour debate!!! Saturday 07/12/14 11am ET/10am CTRL/9am MTN/8am Pac

    Call in and listen and be prepared to ask our debaters questions during the Q and A segment at 1-347-934-0379 also listen online during and after the debate at:

    This debate will have 2 – 7 minute openings, 2 -5 minute rebuttals, 6-6 minute cross exams, 2- 7 minute closings and then a 24 minute Q and A from the listeners

    Our debaters are Pro and Con

    Pro - Dr. Phil Fernandes received his PHD in philosophy from Greenwich University and is the President for the "Instititute of Biblical defense."

    He has written 7 books including his latest work "Hijacking the Historical Jesus - Answering Recent Attacks on the Jesus of the Bible."

    His ministry website is at: http://instituteofbiblicaldefense.com/

    Con – Mark Fulton is a doctor and author from Queensland, Australia. He is working on his soon to be released book, ”Get Over Christianity By Understanding It.”

    You can get to know more about Mark at his website which is, http://www.markfulton.org/

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    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily --- The TRUTH about "Bodily" Resurrection

    in The Bible

    The Bible AFFIRMS "Bodily" Resurrection!

    What DOES it MEAN?

    TODAY, joiin host Larry Siegle at 8:00 PM (EST) as he discusses the TRUTH about the "Bodily" Resurrection.


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    Angry Deva's Radio Show: Hygiene, Health and Wealth Black Female Bodily Autonomy

    in Radio

    Sign up for our class: http://www.angrydevas.com/practical-dark-wisdom-101.html

    The entire world thrives on our ignorance and hatred of self. If Black Women remembered who we are, the entire global system of Black Female Hatred would come to a screeching halt. This entire system is built on the enforced ignorance and fraudulent inferior position of Black Wombnhood. Absent our perpetual willingness to die on our knees vs living on our feet, there would be no white or male supremacy. 

    Black Matriarchal Herstory lessons are a must, if black Wombn are going to not only survive but thrive and completely transform our lives in this system. Remembering who we are is possible only via study of our Origins and our Spirituality. Join us for the Angry Deva's "Dark Goddess 101: Practical Dark Wisdom" course where we introduce the Dark Divine Feminine, what is Darkness, Black Wombn's Herstory 101 and the Inherent Biological Superiority of the Black Womb.

    Our story has not been told, it has been willfully omitted from us by white male patriarchs, and black male patriarchs alike. The divinity of Motherhood, the Sovereignty of the Maiden and the authority of the Crone are innate components of who we are. 

    Click for more info! 


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    Workplace Matters

    in Entertainment

    Are you fed up with your co-workers? re they talking about you behind your back? Do you get agrivated to point of causing bodily harm to them? This time we will talk about how to deal with pain in the neck people you have to work with.

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    Christians and Guns: Sin or not?

    in Religion

    Christians and Guns: Sin or not?

    Is it sinful for a Believer in Christ to own firearms? Is the right to keep and bear arms a God-given right? Does keeping a firearm for self-defense mean that you don't trust God for your protection? If someone threatens you or your family with grave bodily harm or death, is it sin to use a gun in defense? If you kill in self-defense, is that murder? Does "turn the other cheek" mean you should allow yourself or someone in your family to be gravely injured or killed? Join us every Sunday at 10am EST on Real Talk Radio! Call 661.449.9951 to listen live or press one to comment live.



    http://tunein.com/radio/Church-Folk-Revolution-p627597/ Church Folk Revolution

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    Deepertruth: The Five Luminous Mysteries

    in Religion

    The Five Luminous Mysteries

    The Baptism in the Jordan
    The Wedding at Cana
    The Proclamation of the Kingdom
    The Transfiguration
    The Institution of the Eucharist

    1 Timothy 4:7-8 states, "Have nothing to do with godless and silly myths. Train yourself in godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come."  The Rosary is a devotion that really places you meditatively in the presence of Jesus and Mary as found in scripture.  It is Heavens Peace Plan.

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    Bodily Functions, Loosing Them All when Intoxicated

    in Self Help

    This weeks topic is Bodily Functions.  Ever have too much to drink, and loose control of your bodily functions?  Oh, the joys of drinking too much.  

  • KMnm/Rabi ul Awwal 15,1436/01/05/2014 - G-D, keep me close and my human family

    in Religion

    " I know you and you know me, we're of the same family, you know me and I know you, by the things we say and the things we do ";  My prayer:  Dear G-D, please keep me close, as I don't have the ability to know what is all around me and against me.  I trust you and only you with my life, my death, amd my sacrifices of bodily health and my wealth.  Please forgive me for any wrong I have done to myself and my human family.  Please allow me the time to share all that is with me, from you. Thank you G-D for this opportunity and all the lives that will be affected or influenced by the words and actions of me.  I say again, G-D please keep me close and protect me from all that is intending me harm, amen. 

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    In Him You Have Been Made Complete

    in Religion

    Please join me Tuesday December 30th at 11am CST as I discuss  - How In Jesus , we have it all.

    We have been made complete In Him. He did it all for us. We are so loved.

    For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form,(Colossians 2:9)

    and in Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over all rule and authority; (Colossians 2:10)

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    How to Achieve your Ideal Fitness through Bodily Prosperity

    in Motivation

    Host Jeanette Aro, welcomes Ohenewa Akuffo to her show episode, How to Achieve your Ideal Fitness through Bodily Prosperity. Ohenewa's journey into the sport of wrestling started in her first year of high school at Ascension Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario. At the age of 17, she made it into her first Senior National Wrestling Team and represented Canada in the World Championships.
    Ohenewa has travelled around the world for numerous competitions, ranging from the World Championships in Tokyo, Japan to representing Canada at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Pan American Games in Dominican Republic.
    She has accomplished many feats over that past 18 years. Her notable achievements include:
    2010 Gold medalist at the Commonwealth Games (Delhi, India) 2010 Silver medalist at the World Championship (Moscow Russia) 2009 Brampton Hall of Fame Inductee 2008 Bronze medalist at the World Championship (Tokyo, Japan) 2008 Represented Canada at Olympic Games (Beijing, China) Two-time silver medalist at the Pan American Games: 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  2003 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2005 Gold medalist at the University World Games(Turkey) Ten-time Senior National Champion  
    One of her favourite things to do is giving her time to her church, Kingdom Covenant Ministries. She shares her expertise in financial and bodily prosperity by creating and teaching courses to her fellow church members.
    As an entrepreneur she enjoys building her business, Ohenewa Limited. Bodily Prosperity, segment this business, helps clients achieve optimal health and fitness through speaking engagements, workshops and one-on-one success coaching sessions. The athlete services aspect of her business helps athletes brand and market themselves.

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    The Promise of The Holy Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Christ's departure was necessary to the Comforter's coming. Sending the Spirit was to be the fruit of Christ's death, which was his going away. His bodily presence could be only in one place at one time, but his Spirit is everywhere, in all places, at all times, and wherever two or three are gathered together in his name. The office of the Spirit comes, first to reprove, or to convince. Convincing work is the Spirit's work; he can do it effectually, and none but he. It is the method the Holy Spirit takes, first to convince, and then to comfort. The Spirit shall convince the world, of sin; not merely tell them of it. The Spirit convinces of the fact of sin; of the fault of sin; of the folly of sin; of the filth of sin, that by it we are become hateful to God; of the fountain of sin, the corrupt nature; and lastly, of the fruit of sin, that the end thereof is death. The Holy Spirit proves that all the world is guilty before God. He convinces the world of righteousness. The Spirit gives us the inner and unshakable conviction that we shall all stand before the judgment seat of God. God's judgments are just and good.  When we heed his judgments we find true peace, joy and reconciliation with God. Do you allow the Holy Spirit free reign in your life that he may set you free from the grip of sin and set you ablaze with the fire of God's love?

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