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    Traveling through American and Namibian history

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    Today, World Footprints will explore elements of American history from small towns and historic hotels to Fort Monroe.  We'll also visit the shanty town of Mondesa which sits just outside of Swakopmund, Namibia.  There we will mingle with the locals and witness how black Namibians are preserving their history and traditions.

    Fort Monroe in Virginia has been defending America since 1607 and today it remains the largest stone fortification in the United States.   Tour guide Robin Reed gives us the backstory of the Fort's rich history and the important role it has played in American history.

    The National Trust for Historic Preservation is on a mission to preserve and share all of America's history.  We'll share the work the organization is doing and we'll introduce two interesting historic hotels in Washington, DC--the Mayflower and the Morrison-Clark.

    Small towns in America are often overlooked as tourist destinations but if you really want to experience real Americana you should go off the beaten path and visit a small town where you can uncover a treasure trove of goodies. Some of the most authentic travel experiences and unique stories can be found in small and rural towns and we will explore a few. 

    The beach resort of Swakopmund, Namibia is an example of German colonial architecture and culture.  However, a majority of the population of Swakopmund lives in settlements that were developed for indigenous black Namibians.  We will introduce you to some of the locals we met on a walk through the Mondesa district.


    Photo credit:  Ian Fitzpatrick

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    Working Mom becomes established author of beautiful novels. Call in!

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    After years of working in radio sales and raising four daughters, Charters became VP of marketing for Viacom TV, then branched-off and opened her own advertising agency, Charters Marketing, with her husband, Matt. “He’s the business brain, I’m the creative one.”

    The writing bug had bitten a long time ago, but its effects stayed hidden until it was time.

    “People sometimes wonder where a character comes from. ‘When did you think up Mary Boland anyway?’ I don’t know about all authors, but for me, Mary Boland was a magical name I heard through my childhood from my mother and aunts. She was my great-great-grandmother. There were no pictures of her and no records of her accomplishments, but she came to me in dreams…a young girl with curly red hair, riding her horse along the Irish seacoast.

    “Tell my story,” she whispered.

    In her first iteration, she was the start of a novel called Daughters of Ireland, Mary was the first in four generations of women. Writing class instructors and published authors alike told me, “Each of these women deserves her own book.” They were right. So, I started over and told Mary’s story in Shanty Gold.The next woman’s story is half written and will be called Lace Curtain.”

    For past life regressions or free spirit/life coaching session, contact host,  David Clarke, at 315-478-1086

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    Pain Awareness Month Series Session 2

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    Do You Know Who You ARE?

    when we were children we could act like children whining and all, as well as ecpecting simpathy for even a small bobo.

    Alice Miller in her book "For Your Own Sake" says it this way 

    "The way that we are treated as small children is thw way we treat ourselves the rest of our lives" 

    If you have cronic pain it is more than likely that you are a 'people pleaser"

    You take care of and are considerate of everyone but yourself.

    Your childhood years are gone, much of how you learned to live your life was learned as a child.

    Dealing with our own chronic pain succesfully requires learning new life skills.

    Do you even know what you like about yourself?


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    Bobo Shanty Int'l Feat. EABIC Trinidad Branch

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    Black Truth Radio Humbly Presents Once Again the Royal
    Delegates from the Trinidad and Tobago Branch To Reason
    and Speak to the Nation..Join Us Live..JERUSALEM SCHOOL

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    SC EP:130 A Trapper is killed

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    The Bauman story comes from President Theodore Roosevelt's 1892 book, The Wilderness Hunter, which describes an encounter between an ape-man and a young frontiersman named Bauman. According to Roosevelt, Bauman and his partner were trapping along a remote stretch of Montana's Wisdom River sometime in the mid-19th century. After building a lean-to and making camp in what seemed like an ideal spot for game, the two men began setting their traps. When they returned, they found their packs had been rummaged and their shanty torn down. Undaunted, the men set about reconstructing their wilderness abode.

    According to Roosevelt's book, that night Bauman was awakened by the sound of rustling and the foul stench of a wild beast. He immediately rose up and fired a shot, and then heard something tearing off through the woods. He and his partner were unnerved by this and decided to abandon the camp at the first light of dawn.

    Come morning, the two split up so that Bauman could gather the traps while his partner made camp downriver. Sadly, both would not make it home alive. When Bauman arrived at the new campsite, he found his partner sprawled on the ground with his necked snapped and a set of bite marks on his throat. He knew at once that the menacing forest beast was responsible, according to the story. The horrific sight sent him running — rifle in hand — never to return to the spot again. By the time he told his story to Roosevelt, Bauman was a very old man.

    Tonight I speak to Brian who haad a very up close and personal encounter with a Sasquatch as a child. He talks about one of these creatures walking up on him and his friend in the middle of the night, Brian states "It had yellow eyeshine and the hands were like a catchers mitt..."


    If you have had an encounter, email me wes@sasquatchchronicles.com



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    GCWA Glory Championship Wrestling Road 2 Reckoning

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    This interview will host some of the star of GCWA Glory Championship Wrestling as they get ready for their matches on July 10, 2015 when GCWA presents Day Of Reckoning

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    Black Truth Radio presents Hon.Priest Itafa elder of the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress who will offer his insights and wisdom. Listen and learn of RASTAFARI CULTURE and "LIVITY." Prophecy and History has taught us that Our Father calls upon the youth because we are strong and upon the ELDERS BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE WAY..Jerusalem Schoolroom is now IN SESSION!!!

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    Maureen Bobo is a self-described Mompreneur/Social Worker and Grief Advocate. She is a single parent of two daughters aged 12 and 4. Maureen became a single parent in April of 2010 when her husband Martin passed away of chronic heart disease, he was 45. From that tragedy, Maureen has developed The Beautiful Stones Ministries, purposed to have supportive services for widows with children and a Scholarship Foundation for the children.  Maureen is also a mompreneur and Health and Wellness Advocate in training to run a half marathon in September/2015 and plans to participate in Triathlons in the future. Through her life story she wants to encourage and inspire people to not only dream but dream BIG, believe in themselves and most importantly Live Self and others...

    The Beautiful Stones Facebook Fanpage can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Beautiful-Stones-Ministries/279768458893442?fref=ts

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    Maureen Bobo is a self-described Mompreneur/Social Worker and Grief Advocate. She is a single parent of two daughters aged 12 and 4. Maureen became a single parent in April of 2010 when her husband Martin passed away of chronic heart disease, he was 45. From that tragedy, Maureen has developed The Beautiful Stones Ministries, purposed to have supportive services for widows with children and a Scholarship Foundation for the children. Maureen has a passion to help people thrive in life, instead of just survive.


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    Amazing Wolfdogs

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    "Wolfdogs can't do that!” Not true. There's a misconception that wolfdogs are incapable of doing the same things or performing at the same level as regular dogs. This episode of Wolfdog Radio is dedicated to “Amazing Wolfdogs” and the people who help them thrive.

    There are many forms of accomplishment that apply to wolfdogs. Some of these include: companionship; training and obedience; overcoming hurtles and rehabilitation; ambassador and educational work; and working in professional and entertainment industries.

    Our guests for this episode are:

    - John DeBoard, owner-operator of Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary, will share a profound story about his experience and success with rehabilitating severely neglected and damaged wolfdogs

    -We have a unique segment with Deanna Deppen, president of Shy Wolf Sanctuary, who will talk about her Dingo (Lola) and Husky (Bobo) and their participation in Search and Rescue work!

    - Rachel Lauren, owner and photographer for Ironwood Wolves will talk about what it takes to run a highly successful wolf ambassador program for education, photography, and film. 


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    2015 Colorado State football preview

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    We continue our series of previewing the upcomign Mountain West season, and the latest team is the Colorado State Rams. The Rams are coming off of one of their best seasons in years by winning 10 games but that came with a cost of losing head coach Jim McElwain to Florida.

    However, the Rams made a nice hire of bringing in former Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo to be the new Colorado State head coach.

    The Rams did lose some key talent in quarterback Garrett Grayson and offensive lineman Ty Sambrilo to the NFL Draft and then running back Dee Hart he declared early but did not get drafted, so there will be new faces on Colorado State's offense.