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    CONSCIOUS PEOPLE: Die or form your own everything!

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    Conscious people that are anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-war, anti-bigotry, anti-GMO, anti-globalism, you either get tired suffering, etc or you FORM YOUR OWN EVERYTHING. 

    In the case of the Black/African community, Since the black community refuses to get her own (or increase funding for) black empowerment supporters that are, District Attorneys, own community and national courts, courts, law enforcement, schools, medical examiners, medics, ambulances, NGOs like the red cross/red crescent, hospital systems, archaeologists, research institutions, etc, nothing surprises me about how she is treated. Yes it often annoys me, and stresses me out, but at this point, black community we either grow up or DIG MORE GRAVES.


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    Live Chat with Fabian Marley but is he the First Born for BOB MARLEY as He Claim

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    Live Chat with Fabian Marley but is he the First Born for BOB MARLEY as He Claim

    Fabian Marley was born on the 27th of July 1968 to Raphie Munroe and Bob Marley,in Kingston 12 At a later age Fabian and his mother relocated to Eastern Kingston,

    His first encounter with the music was with the Rainbow Band where he met with The Skattaliets and learn music the orthodox way from people like Jonny Dizzemore Roland Alphanso and other members from the band his first instrument was the Harmonica then he learn to play the piano and further on he went on to play other instrument's. The band sounds of rainbow start creating their own album they took one single from their album and started their own distribution, then they had a miss fortune, a few of the members past away leaving only Fabian the drummer and the lead guitarist, they found members and at this time Fabian became the lead singer. In the band then they re-recorded some of the tracks from the first album with some new ones.

    Fabian Marley started recording with the All Fruits Studio in Rock fort, Cave Man Studio and Afari Studio which is located in the constant spring area ..... all the mix and mastering has been done at the Tuff Gong Studio and Anchor Studio, Fabian's vision is to continue the work that his father started spreading the gospel of reggae music all over the world. in the future Fabian wishes to build a solid music industry, where we can teach the younger generation how to play instrument's and how to sing on keys And to appreciate the roots reggae music like the rest of the world, Fabian's hope is to start charities to help the disable and the unfortunate children.

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    Live:Friday night Party oldies but goodies Reggae , Ska, R&B, Rock 50s 60s 70s

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    Live :Friday midnight  party oldies  but goodies Reggae, Ska, R&B, Rock 50s 60s president obama visit to jamaica bring hope

    Come on people --Friday night the party is on again---the secret it out--THE MIDNIGHT LOUNGE rocks again. This week its music from 1959 - 1979---three house of

    ---revisiting the golden days. Let us take you back to the days when songs had soul---touched your hearts. Ska, R&B, Rock & Roll, Country, Soul, Reggae/Rock Steady and Calypso--something for everyone. Tune in Come on people --Friday night the party is on again---the secret it out--THE MIDNIGHT LOUNGE rocks again. This week its music from 1959 - 1979---three house of nostalgic music---revisiting the golden days. Let us take you back to the days when songs had soul---touched your hearts. Ska, R&B, Rock & Roll, Country, Soul, Reggae/Rock Steady and Calypso--something for everyone. Tune in www.crsradio.com at 10 PM, USA East Coast Time---phone in if you like 1-661-467-2407.snow storm on the east coast

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    Live Stage:The best Reggae Music on the #1 Reggae Station Crs Radio

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    Background: Reggae - Around 1960, in the slums of Kingston Jamaica, where the local bands were playing a musical mixture of American R&B, Caribbean, and pan-African sounds, drummers began to emphasize the afterbeat, the 2nd and 4th beats (4/4 time) in unison with the piano and guitar while the bass played walking quarter notes. The musicians called the sound "Upside-down R&B". It soon became known as "Ska". As time passed Ska slowed the beat, lost it's brass sound and morphed into "Rocksteady", performed with fewer musicians and using more harmony vocals. Around 1968 the influences of Rastafari and Africanism along with political and social unrest in Jamaica gave birth to "Reggae", with a slower, stripped-down, less "Pop-like" sound often with accents added on the 3rd beat. Today the term "Reggae" applies broadly to all the Jamaican born music that contains the original afterbeat rhythm.

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    An introduction of the #freemaryjane campaign. 

    "One love, one heart, let's get together and feel alright" - Bob Marley

    To empower women who wants to be involved in this dominantly male cannanbis community. To feature and talk to the ones that have already has an impact in the cannabis community. I strongly feel that the more women we educate the more people will listen. Just like growing up, when we were younger, everytime we wanted to do something and we ask dad, what does dad say, "Go ask your MOM". 

    If you have any questions or concerns please email us @ freemaryjane@thestonerchicks.com

    -Derty @thestonerchicks




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    Live:Deejay Jamaican icons Kojak and Mama Liza chat live from Jamaica

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    Kojak (b. Floyd Anthony Perch, kingston, Kingston, Jamaica, began his career chanting on various sound systems under the guise of Pretty Boy Floyd. He adopted the gangster image that had proved successful for Dennis Alcapone and Dillinger.He change stage name to Nigger Kojak. His debut, ‘Massacre’, proved a local hit. In 1978 Dennis Brown had an international hit with the remake of ‘Money In My Pocket’, which was followed by ‘Ain’t That Loving You’, featuring Kojak And Liza performing ‘Hole In De Bucket’. The partnership led to conflicting reports as to the identity of Kojak’s fellow artist, as there were in fact two Mama Lizas, Beverly Brown and Jacqueline Boland. His female partner was always labelled simply as Liza, which hindered the women’s careers,. The duo performed ‘Fist To Fist Rub A Dub’, a tribute to the soft drink Sky Juice, the modest ‘One Thousand Gal’ and the festive ‘Christmas Stylee’. By 1981 Kojak And Liza had become well established and the unprecedented success of ‘Nice Up Jamaica’ was endorsed by the Jamaican tourist board. The song, although on some pressings credited to the duo, was actually a solo from Floyd Perch that verged on the surreal. By 1982 he became known as Papa Kojak and was a featured DJ at the acclaimed Skateland show, recorded live as A Dee Jay Explosion. By 1996,  performing ‘What Time Is It’, was met with enthusiasm. The song was included on his distinguished comeback album of soul cover versions, which featured backing vocals from Nadine Sutherland, J.C. Lodge, Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt. The paucity of female DJ performers has often been criticized, along with the fact that early performances were only in a supporting role. The pioneering efforts of the two Lizas have since been acknowledged on record as influencing the likes of Sister Nancy and Lady Saw.call in 661-467-2407

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    Live :Jamaica Foundation music Reggae from 1950s-1970s

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    Live :Jamaica Foundation music   Reggae from 1950s-1970s jamaican music from the 50s 60s 70s all great music  just for the soul . great history  great memories

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    Inspirational Gospel Radio Show 15

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    Inspirational Gospel Radio or IGR is a show designed to inspire encourage and make you laugh. We play music of love inspiration and Gospel. On this show we have the behind the music on Bob Marley and an E-Mix by Tyson Baker featuring Tyson Baker and Arjay on the Beat. This will be a pronominal show.

    If you are interested in being on our show to promote your book, business, services, or cause please give us a call @ 424-255-5090 or e-mail us  @ Inspirationalgospelradio@gmail.com






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    "Hu’manuwah”The musical spiritual giant ,LoveTruly and Tony Roy

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    “HU’MANUWAH”, the singer, song writer, performer, producer, and CEO of Celestiels-Inc, was Born Prince-Emmanuel Alexander Smith. He grew up in the community of Water House (Kingston 11).Currently he is promoting his new single; Indomitable Soul (Don’t Give up). His other recordings are Mankind Must Evolve, self-Transcendence, Grow Spiritually, Rough Road, Earth is a school, and it’s within.His major musical influences are Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and

    . He listens to just about any genre of music that inspires him. He characterizes his musical art, as a reflection of the soul’s journey to its inner and higher states of consciousness and this he endeavors to foster and maintain throughout his career as HU’MAMUWAH aka “the soul liberator”.

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    They're Killing Black People (racism, sexism, genocide, malaria, kkk, politician

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    They're Killing Black People (Physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, etc.) They face:

    Police brutality, last hired/first fired, AIDs, germ warfare, worst schools, lack of bank loans, terrible black politicians, Malaraia death, poorest communities in America/Canada/England/Europe, self hate taught by schools/most religions/movies, etc.  African nations are the poorest in the world, highest levels of suicide/homelessness/depression, disproportionately makeup America's homeless populations, darker natives are being violently or sexually erased (from Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, etc).


    #racism #nwo #cointelpro #malcolmx #mlk #jfk #civil rights #genocide

    Globally, darker humans are being killed.    Will your help to end their destruction?