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    Bobby Petrino, Ozzie Guillen and ESPN

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    Bobby Petrino got fired for illegal friends with benefits, but the saga at Arkansas continues.  What did Jessica Dorrell do with that 20K?  Ozzie Guillen doesn't know his audience down in Miami.  Jalen Rose vs Skip Bayless. What is going on at ESPN? And Mad Men is finally back!  

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    Bobby Petrino Fired, Auburn A-Day Preview, NFL Talk

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    Bobby Petrino was fired this week stemming from his affair with Jessica Dorrell, a woman Petrino had recently hired into the football program.
    Where does the blame fall for all of the bad press that Arkansas will receive? K.C. Whitten and Ian Berg will discuss who should be held accountable and why. By the way, Whitten and Berg don't agree.
    The Petrino issue is a hot topic and is expected to bring a wealth of callers. Join the conversation and let the Parkway audience know which side of the fence you fall on in this argument.
    Petrino and Petrino alone? Or should AD Jeff Long have to answer the tough questions behind the hiring?
    If time permits, Parkway Radio will also discuss A-Day at Auburn and the return of Shon Coleman from cancer. 

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    Rossi Moreale of NBC's Escape Routes Re: Coach Bobby Petrino

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    It's the return on Rossi Moreale!
    Rossi's been on the show before and had a great reception from listeners! In addition to chatting about his new show, in this interview he also comments about the recent firing of former Arkansas Razborback coach Bobby Petrino. Rossi is also a former Razorback player.
    Nbc's exciting new show Escape Routes pits 6 teams of two against each other as they travel to a new city in the U.S. every week. This week they are in New York City. In every episode teams compete in an urban "city based" challenge, an "Escape the city" challenge and an "interactive challenge". Virtual teammates have the ability to play alongside their favorite teams that effect the results of the game. Teams have the chance to win thegrand prize of $100,000 and two new 2013 Ford Escapes.The show airs Saturday nights 7pm central on NBC.

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    Arkansas Sports Weekly Special Report: Bobby Petrino

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    Dude and B-Ray discussing the Bobby Petrino situation.

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    Bobby Brown Bail and Beyond with Special Guest Rick McCallum

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    At the age of three, Rick’s mom and dad took him to a John Wayne movie, where the key scene was a stage coach going over a cliff..obviously very impressed by what he saw, Rick drove his little red pedal car as fast as he could past his parents, who watched in horror as he headed toward the flight of stairs directly in front of him.. his dad tried to catch up to him but could only watch as he went airborne, and then he, while still in the pedal car, rolled end over end, crashing into the floor at the bottom of the stairs..Rick received two black eyes for his effort..

    At the age of thirteen, when he lived in the country, a small place called Sam’s Valley in southern Oregon, his dad was having a bunch of people over for an outdoor barbecue..deciding that the party needed a little excitement, Rick rode his Honda 50 motorcycle through the party, all while he was standing on the seat..after the party, he received a sore behind for his effort..Rick entered the stunt business in 1981..who would have guessed?

    Rick’s first movie was Lone Wolf McQuade, a Chuck Norris movie that was filmed in El Paso. While working on the movie he met another stuntman by the name of Kane Hodder, who became one of his best friends, and they have worked in numerous movies and TV shows together..Kane went onto to play the character Jason Voorhees in four Friday the 13th movies, as well as Victor Crowley in the Hatchet trilogy..

    With the help of Kane, Director Richard Friedman, ( Darkwolf, Born, among many others, which Richard had Rick as stunt coordinator) and Director Adam Green of the Hatchet series, who cast Rick as John , the silent hunter in Hatchet 2, and has had Rick on several other projects, including Saber, which won Best Picture and Best Action at Comic Con, Rick has gone on to be in more than 70 movies and TV shows.. Tune in To Find Out more!!

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    Bobby Cool Interviews with Az 1 Promo Radio

    in Music

    BIO: Georgia-raised, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Bobby Cool’s brand of music is infused with country, bluegrass, and roots. His debut album, Light In The Dark, which was nominated by the IMAs for Country Album of the Year, is a compilation of well-crafted stories, examining life and the most fundamental matters of the heart.

    Produced by Mike Proctor (worked with Little Big Town, Gary Allen, Lionel Richie) and self-released on his own label, Cool Records, the album is comprised of 14 songs, 13 of which he wrote/co-wrote.

    While attending the University of Georgia, Cool’s education in music began, not in a classroom, but in the historic downtown Athens scene. One venue in particular was a frequent spot for he and his friends. “I probably wouldn’t be playing music if it weren’t for the Georgia Theatre,” he says. “We were there a few times a month and my love for performing definitely came out of those shows.”

    In addition to writing, recording, and performing, Bobby is involved with World Vision to impact communities locally and abroad. “One goal for the upcoming tour is to build a well, sponsored by World Vision,” he says. “50% of all downloads on the website go towards building a sustainable clean water source for an entire community. I’m hoping that we can make it happen and that it is the start of something that we continue to do with each project and each tour.” For tour dates and more, visit bobbycoolmusic.com.

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    Friday Night Uncut April 17. 2015

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    This week on friday night uncut The Chosen 1 will discuss TNA IMPACT results and also talks about the late payment rumors, Also The Chosen 1 will be taking calls Live!! on the air.



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    Cafe Inspiration with Bobby Dee -THE FOUR AGREEMENTS

    in Motivation

    Today on Cafe Inspiration with Bobby Dee, we will have an active and open discussion about THE FOUR AGREEMENTS, the book known as, A Practical Guide To Personal Freedom, has been on the bestseller list for seven consecutive years. The Four Agreements are very simple, but very profound. To embrace and live each of the Four Agreements is to find yourself experiencing personal freedom--possibly as never before.

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    voices for autism show 5

    in Moms and Family

    Please join us for tonights show, our host will be Jacy, our special guest will be Bobby @gazda_theboss and Debbie @cuppycake70, we will be discussing the important benefits of special diets and vitamins, and how to take your child off the spectrum, we will also be featuring some very special cameo appearances from a few boys who are going to give their testimonies about their journey to recovery from autism

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    Star Parker and Pastor Mike Gonzalez join me! Ted Cruz AT #NICHE2016 CONFERENCE

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    Star Parker joins me to discuss Indiana's Religious Restoration Bill and Pastor Mike Gonzalez who's helping organize Evangelicals for Ted Cruz.  We'll hear the entire NICHE conference on Homeschooling IN Iowa with Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindahl, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum.  



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