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    Fishing & Boating Live: Safety Check

    in Entertainment

    Every spring boaters need to prepare for a safe season. What do we need to do? Find out how to be prepared this week on "Fishing and Boating Live" Special guest: Boat US tow-boat Captain Rich Busillo.

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    Fishing & Boating Live: Spring Bass Tactics

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    This week 2/13/2011 Bass fishing tactics for early spring. We will take as many listener calls this week as possible. Call in and tell us your plans for catching limits this spring.
    Exciting show about fishing and boating,hosted by: professional fisherman and Tow Boat Captain trainee, Mike Scanlon. Information on upcoming fishing tournaments, helpful websites, boat buying and selling tips, new products, plus many other boating and fishing topics.

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    Well let's see we can go boating today OR!!!
    We can desparately try not to DROWN!!!
    Some things to think about from a former Coast Guardsman....ME!!!

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    Family Boating Tips

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    Planning a to go boating with your kids this Memorial Day Weekend? This podcast is full of tips for having a great time as a family, Our guest is Kellie Crete, a lifelong boater and mom of two. As well as working in the marine insurance industry as a safety expert, Kellie is also part of Saltworks Marine, a customer-oriented, completely equipped boatyard run by her husband Dan Crete, so she'll talk about boatyard behavior, too. (This show is excerpted from a broadcast that aired March 31, 2014)

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    Fishing & Boating Live: Crank Baits

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    What are the best Crank Baits for spring? Find out from our special guests and call in and tell us about your experiences. Pus: New Product Spotlight!

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    This episode of Jersey Bayshore Talk Radio features Captain Dan Schade who will talk about his many years of experience piloting boats.  We'll also talk about the best times to put boats in the water, how to dock a boat by a waterfront restaurant, boating safety and some maintence tips.  I'll ask Captain Dan about some of his more interesting memories and, of couse, you'll be able to call in with questions.

    Guest Call In (347) 327-9338

    Toll-Free Call In (855) 345-4707

    You can also text your question at facebook.com/groups/NewJerseyBayshore/

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    Great Loop Radio: Boating in the Information Age

    in Travel

    Ed Tillett, General Manager, and Jeff Jones, Publisher of Waterway Guide Media are our guests. Our discussion was recorded at the Miami Boat Show and covers boating in the information age and new tools available that help make boating more safe and fun!

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    Great Loop Radio: Upcoming Boating Seminars for All

    in Travel

    Captains Chris & Alyse Caldwell and Curtis Stokes will share information on a new series of boating seminars they're hosting.  We'll also give details of the popular "Great Loop Cruising: A Guide to the Looper Lifestyle" seminars that are coming to Annapolis and Chicago.

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    Boating 101 & Fishing Etiquette

    in Social Networking

    I was talking to a friend about “fishing etiquette” the other day. The subject is definitely one we’ve ALL talked about before. But, this conversation probably wasn’t quite the discussion that you’re thinking of...

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    The Cabin-Fever Show: Let's Go Boating!

    in Sports

    Is it too cold to go boating where you are? Too wet? Too foggy? And yet, what do you do to keep the dream alive? There are so many good books, movies, and equipment catalogs to read: Let us know what they are. Take our survey and let us know your favorites. We have a few to share with you. Barbara Jean is promising some dramatic readings from the Tales of Jack London, and Ann is full of leads to inspiring websites and news items. We may even hear from Nancy and Suzie, but we'd rather hear from you!

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    Low-Tech Boating

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    How low can you go? In this age of high-tech everything and an app for this and app for that, don't you sometimes just want to row your boat away from it all? This week we'll share some stories about what happens when technology fails, even that that technology is as simple as an oarlock in the first place, and we'll consider the pros and cons of onboard technology. We mention a book or two you might want to have on board, for reading or for fun. Meanwhile, Suzie and Nancy are still out on the Scavenger Hunt, now looking for the perfect boat knife, but they haven't had much success and Bart has a cold and had to miss out on an Outward Bound trip for the first time in the current century. "Ms. Marine Surveyor" Pat Kearns is with us, and even joins in to sing the first few notes of "Row Row Row Your Boat."