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    '' ( 2 Abakorinto 6: 14-17 ) Ntimukifatanye n abatizera mudahwanye: Mbese gukiranuka no gukiranirwa, byafatanya bite? Cyangwa umucyo n umwijima byabana bite? Kandi Kristo ahuriye he na Beliyali,cyangwa uwizera nutizera bafitanye mugabane ki? Mbese urusengero rw Imana rwahuza rwahuza rute n ibishushanyo bise béa,ko Turi urusengero rw Imana ihoraho? Nkuko Imana yabivuze iyi: Nzatura mûri bo,ngendere mûri bo,nzaba Imana yabo,na bo bazaba ubwoko bwanjye''


    Ubuyobozi bw’amatorero nyarwanda yo muri Leta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika na Canada bufatanyije na Ambassade y’u Rwanda muri Amerika burategura igiterane kizahuza Abanyarwanda bingeri zose baturutse muri Amerika, Canada ndetse no mu Rwanda.

    Tariki ya Kane, Gatanu na Gatandatu Nzeli uyu mwaka nibwo iki giterane giteganyijwe ku nsanganyamatsiko igira iti: " I” " I” will bless you and make your descendants into a great nation” ugenekereje mu Kinyarwanda ni ‘nzaguha umugisha ngire abazagukomokaho ishyaka rikomeye.”

    Ingaruka z’amateka y’amacakubiri ashingiye ku moko yaranze u Rwanda mbere ya Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi muri Mata 1994, ndetse n’ingaruka za Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi ubwayo byateje ibibazo ku bayobozi n’abayoboke b’amadini yo mu Rwanda nkuko byabaye ku bandi Banyarwanda.

    Abakirisito b’ingeri zose n’amatorero y’Abanyarwanda baba muri Leta Zunze ubumwe za Amerika na Canada aracyakurikiranywa n’izi ngaruka z’amacakubiri cyane cyane ashingiye ku moko.



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    Small Giants: Companies That Choose to be Great Instead of Big

    in Spirituality

    This week we'll interview Tim Hobbs, the owner of DataConnect Corporation in Centennial, Colorado, and a board member of the Small Giants organization. Why would a business person want to hear about Small Giants? Because every conversation, discussion, event, best practice, workshop and conference is defined by shared values. Because you want to do your part to change how the business world defines success. Because your business is built on passion, great relationships, principle, community and a desire to achieve sustainable growth.

    In his book Small Giants: Companies That Choose to be Great Instead of Big, (Paragon 2006) Bo Burlingham observed a set of six common characteristics in the unique and inspiring companies he was examining.

    He dubbed the combination of these characteristics to be “business mojo.” The Small Giants Community serves to make these characteristics more common in how small business owners run their businesses.

    The Small Giants Community champions the importance of the Return on Values business model and serves to: create a practitioner driven learning experience and community; establish a body of knowledge to support and develop adopters, and influence the business community through media, thought leaders and academia.

    Colorado native, Tim Hobbs is a speaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has been the CEO of Data Connect Corporation since April 1988. He serves on the board of Small Giants Community, a global membership organization focused on the promotion, implementation and advancement of running a successful values-driven business. Tim is also the President UrantiaUniversity Institute, online classes to actualize the personal potentials of mind, matter and spirit through enlightened study, service and experience.

    Please join us for this great episode!





  • Wrestling Star Brawlin Bo Cooper comes to Pipebomb Radio Tonight!!!

    in Wrestling

    Tonight on Pipebomb Radio Felix and Nate talk to Independent Wrestling Star Brawlin Bo Cooper about his career in pro wrestling and what he is up to today. Being trained by the late great Louie Spicolli and Jesse Hernandez Bo has been an active pro wrestling since 1996 and talk about all of this and so much more. 

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    Atlanta Hawks Preview with Bo Churney: The Instant Offense Podcast

    in Basketball

    I'm joined by Bo Churney, HawksHoops.com's NBA aficionado, to discuss how the Hawks can keep the good times rolling. We talk where Paul Millsap and Al Horford rank among frontcourts, how Dennis Schroeder can make a jump, can Korver keep it going, and where the Hawks stack up to the rest of the East's elite. 

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    Special Insider's Look at "Beatles at the Rige" Festival 2015

    in Music

    Join Jude Southerland Kessler, author of The John Lennon Series,http://www.johnlennonseries.com as she takes you on a quick 45-min. tour of Beatles at the Ridge, the FREE Beatles festival coming up in Walnut Ridge, AR, Sept. 18 and 19. You'll get to meet 3 of the authors and artists who are volunteering to make this a wonderful, informative, and Beatlesque weekend! First, meet famed musician (he's played with Paul McCartney and Bo Diddley), Anthony Robustelli, whose book I Want to Tell You: The Definitive Guide to the Music of The Beatles, 1962-63 is one of the best books written on the complete catalogu from that era (cover songs included!). Anthony will tell you about the "Multi-Track Meltdown" he'll be doing at The Ridge...and taking requests! Then, Dr. Kit O'Toole, Contributing Editor of Beatlefan magazine, will share her special insights on Beatles music from her new book, Songs We Were Singing! And she'll give us a sneak peek of her BATR presentation, "Beatles Sounds That Changed the World 2.0"! She'll also make 2 BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS! Finally, reknown Louisiana artist Rande Kessler, will talk about the 4 mediums in which he has captured the spirit of The Beatles for The Ridge: photography, pen and ink art, charcoal sketches, and his gorgeous mixed media sculptures of each Beatle! Coool stuff. Don't miss this great show!

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    Summerslammer '15: R.I.P. Bo Dallas

    in Culture

    After some technical difficulties, the boys are back and looking at this year's Summerslam.

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    Full Sport Press: Top 10 Sports Video Games of All-Time- 8/24/2015

    in Sports

    To sports gamers, the image of Bo Jackson running zig-zag lines in "Tecmo Super Bowl" brings back fond memories from his/her childhood. Because of this passion, FSP is counting down the 10 greatest sports games ever created. These 10 sports video games of all time that have made their mark on gaming culture and will be rated based on the impact they had with fans and on the sports. Join @JaiHov @Lock_tha_Great and the producer of the show @Howezzy26 as they discuss the hottest sports news of the past week and in the 2nd Half we rank the 10 sports video games of all-time.

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    #8 Atlanta Hawks Preview with Bo Churney

    in Basketball

    I'm joined by Bo Churney of HawksHoops.com to discuss how these Hawks can keep the good times rolling next season. We'll talk where Paul Millsap and Al Horford rank among frontcourts, how good Dennis Schroeder can be, what to make of Kyle Korver moving forward, and how he feels the Hawks stack up to the rest of the league's elite.

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    Umuhuzabikorwa w’ihuriro nyarwanda RNC, Dr Theogene Rudasingwa mu kiganiro yagiranye na Radio Itahuka Ijwi ry’Ihuriro Nyarwanda RNC ku mugoroba wo ku wa kane tariki ya 29 Mutarama 2015 yatangaje ko kurasa abo muri Congo ari intambara yatangijwe ku banyarwanda, yagize ati ruriye abandi rutabibagiwe kuko ikigamijwe si abanyarwanda bo muri Congo gusa ahubwo ni impunzi z’abanyarwanda n’abatavuga rumwe na Leta y’u Rwanda aho bari hose. Abo muri Congo nibabamara hazakurikiraho abahungiye ahandi.

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    LIVE! Don't get butthurt!

    in Comedy

    This is comedy. Sometime political, sometimes not. Can't take the heat and the truth? Don't listen.

    Just saw Straight Outta Compton...go see that now!

    Shaun King is white? Who didn't know that? But he claimed he was black...Rachal Dolezal anyone?

    Speaking of switching...BrucecoughCaitlyn Jenner. What did shim do to derseve a courage award? Who wants to be couragous for cutting your own dick off?

    Now instead of Segways, skatboards and scoorters, pedestrians have a new way to be lazy and walk without walking...the unicycle scooter electric hoverboard. I guess nobody needs feet anymore.

    Hollywood is making a new movie about the life and times of Daniel Day Lewis...starring Nick Nolte.

    CEO's always have that gopher following them them around, talking fast, walking fast and always has a list of shit they need to buy them.

    Do chinese tattoos really mean what we think they mean, or are we being played for fools and they laugh at us.


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