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    Reno Jack, Blues411 Report, Jon Spear & Couch Kid New Music Isaiah B Brunt

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    SHOW # 268 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    First up is Reno Jack, who after years of recording and producing others has his debut album out entitled Lightning Fried.  There are guest appearances by Watermelon Slim, Janelle Frost, Sunday Wilde and more.  Reno and I will talk about his musical journey and the new album.

    Blues411 Report with Chefjimi, will focus on the upcoming BMAs and, once again, we will solve the issues of the world.

    Jon Spear is out of Central Virginia and was a challenger in the 2015 IBC.  His debut album is entitled Old Soul and Jon and I will explore his life and music.

    Then from Australia, Couch Kid Isaiah B Brunt calls in to talk about his latest release, Just The Way That It Goes, which he recorded in New Orleans last year.  We'll find out what Isaiah has been up to since his last visit to The Couch and what he has up his sleeves for the future.

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    Angel Forrest & Blues411 Report & Darren Weale & Couch Kid New Music Holly Long

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    Show # 260 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"


    Angel Forrest originally Sat On The Couch back on December 8th, but technical difficulties wiped out her portion of the show, so she is back to tell her story once again. Angel is a wonderful singer and performer from Canada who has won multiple Maple Blues Awards and is nominated for two more this year.  her career spans 26 years and 8 albums and Angel and I will talk again about her incredible life.

    Then Chefjimi Patricola will come by with the Blues411 Report and tell us, in more detail and with a clearer mind, his time in Memphis at IBC and also what is coming up in his Blues World.

    Darren Weale was scheduled for December 22nd, but a Skype issue kept us apart.  The issue has been resolved and Darren, and Paul Lamb will tell us about the project Darren has taken on entitled The British Blues Exhibition.  Since we had planned to talk, some more great news has been developed and Darren will fill us in.

    Then, Couch Kid, Holly Long will return to The Couch.  Holly originally sat with me back in January of 2011.  She has a new project entitled Bullyheart. It is home for her rebel-heart which pulses with intense ambivalence about living life as a complex woman along with David Boucher and Kevin Harp. Totally different than the Holly who sat with us in 2011!


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    Howard & The White Boys, Blues411 Report, Billy Boy Arnold & CKNM Niecie

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    Live, Uncut, Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    Howard & the White Boys (Howard McCullum, Rocco Calipari, Pete Galanis and Jim Christopulos), got together for a little jam in 1988 and the magic of what they brought to the table was evident. Since then with a few minor personnel changes, the band has been in this formation since about 2007. 

    Their 6th album, Rosa's Lounge, is their second live release.  I will get to sit and talk with the band about the their 26 years together and where they came from beforehand as we check out tunes from the album.

    Chefjimi Patricola slides into his Couch Seat for the last time in 2014, with his Blues411 Report, to review the year and preview the coming year in the Blues.

    Billy Boy Arnold has released first album on his new label, Stoney Plain Records, entitled The Blues Soul Of Billy Boy Arnold.  He released his first album in 1952 and has been thrilling audiences ever since.  The new album was produced by Duke Robbillard and features a group of incredible musicians backing him. 

    I get to sit and talk with this incredible talent who was inducted into The Blues Hall Of Fame in 2013 about his life and career and we'll check out tunes on the album.

    Niecie has a new album entitled The Other Side, and she will be returning to The Couch to discuss this collection of songs and what her life has been like since she first became a Couch Kid.


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    Stacy Mitchart, Blues411 Report, Big Harp George & COUCH KID NEW MUSIC TAS CRU

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    Stacy Mitchhart has always been a bandleader. He developed his sound and stagecraft at the helm of four groups in his hometown of Cincinnati — climbing the pinnacle of the city’s blues scene. “I heard Springsteen, Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, but that stuff never moved me,” he recounts. “When I saw Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland and B.B. King, I knew what I wanted to do." And that brings us to his 12th album, Live My Life.  I get to sit with Stacy and talk about his incredible journey in music and from Cincinnati to his current hometown, Nashville.

    It's been two months since ChefJimi took his seat On The Couch and he will have a ton to discuss in his Blues411 Report, his anniverary, Daytona Blues Fest, the recently announced Blues Blast Award Winners and so much more...

    Big Harp George is, in the real world, George Bisharat.  He is 59 years old and just released his debut album entitled Chromaticism.  You have to wonder where this man has been all this time and how he ended up recording his debut album at Kid Andersen's Greaseland Studio with such incredible musicians and what in the world has he been doing all these years?  We'll get you all those answers as we speak with george and share music from his album.

    COUCH KID NEW MUSIC features Tas Cru returning to The Couch.  His initial visit was back in December of 2012 and he returns with some World Premiers from his about to be released album You Keep The Money.  The album is going to be some great new music from this "Master Of The Triple Entendre" and we are lucky to be able to share it with you prior to its release.

    "Musicians You Should Know"

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    Dexter Allen, Kelley Hunt, COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Selwyn Birchwood Blues411 Report

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    Dexter Allen grew up in Mississippi and began playing guitar at age 12. After years of performing in Gospel Groups, Dexter began playing blues & R&B and landed a gig with Bobby Rush.

    Dexter's new album, BluezOf My Soul is comprised of 11 original tunes with special guests sprinkled throughout.

    I will chat with Dexter about his life and the new album and we will check out the tunes.

    Kelley Hunt was born in Kansas City and immersed in the sounds of blues, R&B, roots rock, jazz and Gospel and the music has never stopped.

    Kelley has recorded 6 albums, the latest entitled The Beautiful Bones, a collection of 12 songs all written or co-written by Ms Hunt.

    I will chat with Kelley about her road, and the challenges she has faced along the way, whicle we listen to songs from the new album.

    Blues411 Report with Chefjimi Patricola returns after a month away.. Lots to talk about indeed!

    Finally...COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Selwyn Birchwood brings his Alligator Records debut, Don't Call No Ambulence, a week before it drops! 


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    Annika Chambers, Jim Gustin, Blues411 Report & NEW MUSIC Bernie Pearl

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    Our first show after the IBC adventure and we come out of the box SMOKIN'!

    Annika Chambers has begun to take the Blues World by storm and if you do not know her...YOU SHOULD! 

    She was named 2013 Houston Press - Best Female Vocalist and her debut album Making My Mark, has created a buzz about this talented woman.

    Come find out more about Annika and listen to some songs from her album.

    Then Chefjimi will bring his Blues411 Report since he had the IBC sickies last Monday.

    At that time, Couch Kid, Pam Taylor will be stoping by to make a BIG Announcement...so stay tuned.

    Jim Gustin is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and performer from Santa Clarita, California. He has a distinctive, powerful voice; soulful and blue with smoky rasp, he is a passionate and energetic performer. His many varied influences are evident as he crosses from blues to country to rock and roll. He is also a very solid guitarist with great tone and a funky feel.

    I will chat with Jim and we will check out tunes from Can't Shed A Tear By Jim And Truth Jones.

    Then I am excited that our first NEW RELEASE of the year is from the great Bernie Pearl.  Bernie's new album is entitled Take Your Time and this is a winner folks!

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    Anita Kruse, Blues411 Report, Jeff Dale & NEW MUSIC JP Soars

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    Anita Kruse made a proposal to Carol Herron, the Director of the Arts in Medicine Program, in December of 2004, and they began the process of creating a unique experience for the children being treated at Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Centers and their siblings.

    Purple Songs Can Fly was founded, and I began working with the first child on March 21, 2006. The children’s songs are copied on purple CDs and flown by participating passengers, pilots and astronauts to places on earth and into space. 

    Grab some tissues and join me as I speak to this remarkable woman and I am hopeful, we will have at least one join us.

    Chefjimi Patricola is back from the European Blues Cruise and will enthrall us with tales of Blues on the open seas and more on the Blues411 Report.

    Jeff Dale was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and was taught how to play the blues by two itinerant blues musicians from the west side when he was 13 years old. He ended up in Southern California, recording and playing until 1988 when he disappeared.

    He is back now with his band, the South Woodlawners and their new album is entitled Good Music.  I will chat with Jeff, try and find out what was going on during that 20 year absence and listen to his music.

    JP Soars has sat On The Couch twice.  The first time in 2013 and then last year with Southern Hospitality. Tonight he is back to talk about his latest release Full Moon Night In Memphis, a fantastic collection of songs by a talented musician.

    "Musicians You Should Know"

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    Jon Zeeman, Dudley Taft, JT Lauritsen and Blues411

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    From the age of 8, Jon Zeeman has been obsessed with guitars, amps, jimi Hendrix, Clapton and more. 
    At the age of 13 he decided music would be his career and he made it happen. During the 80's he lived in NYC and wrote songs, performed and produced music at his studio.  He has been on stage with The Allman Brothers, Janis Ian and others.
    I will talk with Jon about his life and career as we listen to music from his album, Down On My Luck.
    Dudley Taft grew up in the midwest and in high school he founded the band Space Antelope with his friend Trey Anastasio (Phish).
    He spent years on the road with Sweet Water and Second Coming and is not creating his own brand of 'Delta Riffs, Texas Sagebrush American Blues'.
    I will chat with Dudley and we will listen to music from his latest, Deep Deep Blue.
    From Norway, JT Lauritsen returns to The Couch with his latest release.  Looking forward to sharing some new music from this great musician.
    First Monday of the month means Chefjimi will be with us to share his Blues411 Report.
    Rio & The Ramblers will be rescheduled.

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    Watermelon Slim, Blues411 & 2 COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Ron Tanski & Harpdog Brown

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    Bill "Watermelon Slim" Holmans.  What can you say about this man?  Bonnie Raitt probably said it best when at a 2009 concert she called Slim a "living blues legend".

    Born in Boston, Slim was raised in North Carolina listening to the housekeeper sing John Lee Hooker songs.

    Watermelon Slim & The Workers have garnered 17 Blues Music Award nominations including a record-tying six in both 2007 & 2008 and Slim is the only blues artist in history with twelve in two consecutive years.

    So much to this man's life, we will try and fit it all in! 

    He will be joined by Sean "Bad" Apple and Bluesberry Cafe Owner, Arthur Crivaro to talk about the 2014 Clarksdale Juke Joint Festival which is on April 10, 11 and 12.

    Chefjimi will be here with his Blues411 Report for the month and as we are getting into Festival season, Jimi should be full of info!

    Then Ron Tanski will join me for COUCH KID NEW MUSIC SEGMENT #1  

    We met at the 2012 IBC and then Ron took his seat in May of that year. 

    His new album Never Pet A Burning Dog and we get to share it with y'all on this evening.

    Then COUCH KID NEW MUSIC SEGMENT #2 brings Harpdog Brown back with his new album What It Is

    Harpdog originally joined me back in November of 2012.

    We will chat with Harpdog about the album and his 2014 tour.



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    Brad Vickers, Shakura S'Aida WIB International and Blues411

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    Brad Vickers learned on the job playing, touring, and recording with America’s blues and roots masters: Jimmy Rogers, Hubert Sumlin, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Odetta, Sleepy LaBeef, Rosco Gordon, and Pinetop Perkins.
    Now his own group, The Vestapolitans, offers a good-time mix of originals and covers spanning blues, ragtime, hill country breakdowns, and more great American roots ’n’ roll.
    Their new album is entitled Great Day In The Morning and I will sit and disuss his career and music with Brad.
    Shakura S'Aida  has a new album, Time, and four nominations because of it; Juno Awards Nominee for Best Blues Album for Time, BMA Nominee for Contemporary Female Artist of the Year, Indie Award Nominee for Blues Artist of the Year, Maple Blues Award Nominee for Entertainer of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, Recording/Producer and Songwriter of the Year. 
    I will chat with Shakura about this incredible year she is having as well as where she is heading.
    In February a group of women gathered in Clarksdale, MS and produced a recording.  The first Blues Women International Recording,
    15 women joined on this project and I will speak with Sunday Wilde and a few others about this historic recording and what is in the future for them.
    Chefjimi will (might! heehe) come by for his Blues411 Report.  We will hear his take on the BMAs and also what is hot this summer in the Blues.

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    Kurtz, Morganfield, Blues411 & NEW MUSIC Vincent Hayes Music

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    Dayna Kurtz has been performing live since she was a teen and has not always followed the musical rules.
    Over the past decade, the Brooklyn-based vocalist/writer/musician/producer has built a formidable body of recordings, won an international reputation as a riveting live performer, amassed an extensive file of rapturous critical raves.
    Her latest release Secret Canon, Vol. 1, recorded live to tape in New Jersey and New Orleans, spotlights Kurtz's sublime interpretive abilities
    In March, I had the honor to speak with Big Bill Morganfield. 
    During the BMAs, I met Mud Morganfield and told him since his younger brother had come on, it was time for him to join me on The Couch and he agreed immediately.
    His album Son Of The Seventh Son has catapulted Mud to the top of many Blues Charts and earned him three BMA nominations.
    Mud and I will chat about his life and his music and how his dad would feel about him following in his footsteps while we listen the album.
    Vincent Hayes first sat on The Couch in July of 2011 after he and his band had been nominated for Best New Debut Artist at that year’s BMAs.
    He comes back bringing with him his brand new album and if all things work correctly, this will be the WORLD PREMIER of new Vincent Hayes music.  Vincent has told me it is different from anything he has ever done, so the anticipation is huge!
    First Monday of the month means Chefjimi and the Blues411 Report.