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    Tuesday November 8 2011

    in Politics

    A full show with two guests today! First Sam speaks with journalist Harry Siegel (@harrysiegel) about  Occupy Wall Street, NYPD tactics and Bloomberg’s frustration with the Occupiers. And The Rude Pundit aka Lee Papa (@rudepundit) talks about Blanket the Earth an effort to turn … Continue reading →

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    Mom Madness 3pm Thursdays on HarlemTalkRadio.com

    in Moms and Family

    Mom Madness 3pm Thursdays on HarlemTalkRadio.com

    The DENY WAIVER COALITION (“DWC”) – an association of public school parents and educators as well as concerned community leaders this evening issued a statement denouncing the decision of New York State Education Commissioner David Steiner to grant Ms. Cathleen Black a waiver in order to become the next New York City Schools Chancellor despite her lack of qualifications for the position and despite Mayor Bloomberg’s failure to conduct a rigorous and transparent search for a qualified candidate. We will talk to Noah Gotbaum, DenyWaiver.com Founding Member and President of Community Education Council District 3.

    As Mothers we all need a place to go for support, to hear “I’ve been there and this is how I made it…” Motherhood is filled with madness: working, cooking, cleaning, disciplining, maintaining relationships… It’s a juggling act. No one has all the answers. There is more than one way to parent.

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    Toby Bloomberg, social media expert, author, Social Media Marketing GPS

    in Social Networking

    Social media expert Toby Bloomberg urges Mr. Media to leave the Internet space immediately for the good of all concerned!

    Toby Bloomberg is widely recognized and respected for her expertise in combining social media with traditional marketing values such as strategy, customer insights, segmentation, etc. Bloomberg not only talks about the social web but is actively involved in the conversation. Her blog Diva Marketing, launched in 2004, was acknowledged by Forbes as one of the “20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs By Women.”

    Her innovative ebook, Social Media Marketing GPS, is the first business book based on Twitter interviews. BlogHer called it a “game changer.”

    Social Media Marketing GPS was written using Twitter as a content platform and distribution channel. (Download it free!) Bloomberg conducted 40 Tweet interviews with prominent social media marketers including people from Dell, Comcast, Marketing Profs and BlogHer. The 12 chapters take readers from the importance of social media to ethics to the social enterprise, tactics, sponsored conversations, blogger relations with a few case studies. “Continuing The Conversation Questions” at the end of each chapter form the roadmap to actions that help develop a social media plan.

    Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing Blog • Twitter

    Find more original interviews @ Mr. Media Radio • Twitter

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    Former Wal-Mart Executive Reveals Secrets To Getting Your Products In

    in Business

    This exclusive interview is with Michael “Bird Dog” (a nickname given to
    him by Sam Walton), who is considered to be one of the foremost experts
    on Wal-Mart’s corporate culture. Michael is an international speaker, author,
    and writer who spent many years with Wal-Mart as the director of Human
    Resources (and worked daily with Sam Walton.)
    He has appeared on CCN, CNBC, FN, CBS, National Radio, Bloomberg’s
    TV and is considered the world’s foremost authority on Wal-Mart.
    He recently completed his second book entitled, The Ten Rules Of Sam Walton:
    Success Secrets From Remarkable Results.
    Key Concepts
    ?? When having the lowest price can actually hurt your chances of
    getting in Wal-Mart
    ?? A simple way of “out-selling” a competitor who sells the same product
    at the same price you do
    ?? How to “think” like Sam Walton did to explode your chances of
    getting in Wal-Mart
    ?? Why Wal-Mart buyers use both sides of every piece of paper they
    write on
    ?? The one foolish mistake most companies make that gets them
    thrown out of Wal-Mart
    ?? How to quickly and easily get in Wal-Mart by “teaming up” with
    your local Wal-Mart’s store manager