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    The Corruption of education through “common core”

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    Common Core should be renamed the “Lowest Common Denominator.” He suggests that American schools have been scientifically designed to prevent over-education, thus “ensuring workers who will never be tempted to better their stations in life.”

    Common Core was not developed by the states but rather by the "COMMON CORE REGIME" along with Obama's stimulus $$ and pushed by the duped Republican governors and business groups.

    The push by a DC-based nonprofit called Achieve, Inc., which is the Education division of   Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corp., under the auspices of the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in 2007. Neither NGA nor CCSSO (which are merely trade associations with private  membership lists) had a grant of legislative authority from the states to   develop national standards. In fact, Common Core was written by the same   progressive education reformers who have been trying to impose a national curriculum for decades. This time, they were savvy enough to invoke the “cover”of NGA so they could paint Common Core as a “state-led” effort. To the extent states had any input, it was limited to offering suggestions that may or may not have been accepted by the people in control.


     GATES FOUNDATION underwrote( paid for)  & promoted the COMMON CORE curriculum scheme along with Jeb Bush's 2 foundations.

    RUPERT MURDOCH's News Corp built the database infrastructure In BLOOM evolving out of the above partnership this was created to operate the database.

    The U.S. Department of Education (USED) did not create the Standards, but it was deeply involved in the effort to gather together the various trade associations and private foundations to do the work that USED wanted done.


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    Using Your Intuition To Achieve Success With Empowerment Expert Amanda Aitken

    in Entrepreneur

    Amanda Aitken is a Magic Activator and award-winning entrepreneur who brings a decidedly unusual mix of skills to the table. Weaving together the mystical and the practical in compelling new ways, she is an expert in marketing, branding, design, and copywriting - as well as a psychic medium. She is creator of the well-loved "Girl's Guide" courses, including The Girl's Guide to Web Design, The Girl's Guide to Graphic Design, and The Girl's Guide to Creative Bloom, has been named to Forbes.com's list of 20 Young Female Founders to Follow on Twitter. Through her Empowerment Systems, mastermind program for spiritual women entrepreneurs, and intuitive work, Amanda provides energetic support to the rising stars of Planet Earth, by teaching them how to clear internal blocks, embody their soul purpose, and work with the Laws of the Universe to manifest mind-blowing results in their lives and businesses. You can learn more about her at http://amandaaitken.com.

    Show Sponsor: DreamItAlive.com is a global community guiding users to create their “dream life” with scientifically proven visualization tools, dreamboards® and personal development content.

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    MBSFood: Readings Galore & So Much More

    in Spirituality

    On this special 2-hour show to help mark the end of the year, we have lots in store for you--Readings Galore & So Much More! Tune in to hear a panel of three of our favorite intuitives from the show talk about what they are hearing/seeing for the new year, and call in to receive messages from Spirit to help support and guide you through the holidays and beyond. We'll also get to hear the exciting new offerings of our witty and wonderful message-bearers: Intuitive Spiritualist Torrie C of Spirituals by Torrie C, Clairvoyant/Clairaudient/Clairsentient Coach Wilma Lee of Full Bloom Services, and Transcendent Karmic Balancer, Spiritual Warrior and Counselor OM Boogie of Lotus and Phoenix Productions, LLC!

    As if that's not enough, we'll be offering other types of readings--giving away books to callers as a special treat. Listen in for your chance to win books from past guests of the show!

    Here is the contact info for our guests:

    Torrie C: http://www.spiritualsbytorriec.info 240-554-5219

    Coach Wilma Lee: http://fullbloomservices.com 202-498-5281

    OM Boogie: OM@OMNV.TV

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    How to Find Your Passion & Live a Life of Purpose: Barrie Davenport

    in Self Help

    Barrie Davenport, founder of BarrieDavenport.com and creator of the top-ranked personal development blog with over 30K subscribers; Live Bold and Bloom. She is a certified life passion coach, helping others find and live their inner passions in a way that creates a fuller, happier, and more purpose-filled life.

    Barrie's work has been featured in: The Huffington Post, Finer Minds, Tiny Buddha,  Think Traffic, Zen Habits, Problogger,  Write to Done, Pick the Brain, and many more.  Her personal development books have been consistent top ranked best-sellers on Amazon.

    Barrie spent over 20 years as a successful public relations executive, helping her clients realize their own passions by positioning them for success. 

    Over time, Barrie realized she wasn’t 100% fulfilled with her own career. After years of feeling stuck, she took a leap of faith and left her successful PR career in order to begin a process of self-discovery for her true calling. At the time, she thought she was merely on a personal search. But over the decades of helping other people with their dreams, she had been unknowingly honing an incredibly powerful skill–How to uncover passion and bring it to life.

    Barrie teaches the same strategies she learned through her personal journey in her coaching practice. It is the same formula she has taught thousands of clients and readers who are now living lives of passion and purpose.

    ?http://www.barriedavenport.com/  http://www.LiveBoldAndBloom.com

    Connect with Deb at www.DebScott.com

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    Incorporating Traditions that Honor Two Faiths

    in Family

    This week on Mom Talk Radio, Lindsey Powers of Yahoo Parenting shares information about this new online destination for parents. Spotlight on Moms features Anna Kokogiannakis of w-i-c.ca. Diana Fleming, Vice President of HealthyWage shares how moms are using this new website to get rid of their baby weight. Simone Bloom Nathan, author of Eight Candles and a Tree, shares how to incorporate traditions that honor both faiths. Catherine Dawgert, author and illustrator, shares her newest book “A, B, C, Disgusting.”

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    Fresh off the release of the deluxe version of his new self-titled album, two-time GRAMMY® award-winner Timothy Bloom is excited about the future. Recently named a VH-1 Soul “You Oughta Know Artist,” Timothy Bloom is on the move. Forged from a childhood of diverse experiences, powered by a kaleidoscope of musical influences, Timothy’s music defies category and refuses to be put in a box. But my music is ultimately a fusion of many influences. I could never see myself doing one type of music. When anyone asks me who I’d like to work or tour with, I answer everybody.”He started early. Timothy was introduced to various cultures and lifestyles as his father’s service as an army chaplain took the family to such varied locales as Germany, Alaska and Oklahoma. His parents, both pastors, only allowed their five children to listen to gospel music. One day Timothy “ran away”, meaning he spirited away the keys, and snuck out to the car to turn on the radio. The first song that came on was Bob Dylan’s “Lay, Lady, Lay.” Seven year-old Timothy was amazed, and inspired. Timothy’s refreshing voice and sound reflect the multiple influences of his musical heroes and his varied upbringing. He attributes his unique blend to the styles he heard growing up. His favorite singers were the likes of Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, Jeff Buckley because “those type of cats had tone and texture.” Timothy’s tone and texture caught the eye of skilled musicians early on. He began his career as a songwriter and producer writing for the incomparable Smokey Robinson (“My World”, “Fallin in Love”). Timothy then moved on to writing and producing GRAMMY® award-winning songs for both Ne-Yo (“Say it” on Because of You) and Chris Brown (“All Back” on F.A.M.E). 

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    The Art of Mistakes

    in Women

    Creativity seems to bloom in women over fifty as we yearn to express ourselves more fully. Our guest, Melanie Rothschild, holds a Master’s Degree in the Art of Creativity. She’s also a self-taught artist and author of The Art of Mistakes. So, if you have a hankering to pick up a paint brush but fear you won’t do it “right,” you’ll want to be sure to hear Melanie’s thoughts on independently forging your own creative path.

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    Financial Training - Money Boundary Breakthroughs

    in Women

    During this hour with Marnie and special guest, Alaina Odessa, you'll discover:

    1. The breakthrough response for people who always “need more money”.

    2. The one thing money needs and how you can provide it.

    3. The two things you need to know about money boundaries and money breakthroughs.

    4. Alaina’s Fulfillment Equation: VA(2)+VI+VO = Fulfillment

    5. Why money, though important, is not the most important thing.

    6. The thing that typically attracts money effortlessly into a person’s life.

    7. The importance of charitable giving. 8. An important, funny thing about money.

    Alaina Odessa is a messenger to Christian women that it’s never too late to give them-selves permission to BLOOM into BE fully expressed, fulfilled & free to manifest their heart’s desires & become the woman of their dreams. Learn more: www.AlainaOdessa.com

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    Episode #342 - You Bloom Comes to the Old Towne Pub

    in Music

    Broadcasting live from the You Bloom fest Old Towne Pub stage!
    Call in - 7148887437

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    Ep. 3: In Full Bloom with Corinne Kessel

    in Business

    A look-back on one of the most popular episodes since Jumping the Gap began - Episode 3: Corinne Kessel, principal of the custom design-built company, Greenscape Design and Decor. Find out how Corinne rose through the ranks in her company, bought it out, ran it into the ground, and rebuilt her million dollar company!

    What key practice made the difference in order for her to restore, grow and scale her business? 

    "Know your financials. You have to know your financials. You can't be scared of numbers. . . You have to know what a PNL is, you have to know what your cash flow is, and you have to know what your balance sheets are. You have to understand what profitability is." - Corinne Kessel

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