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    Orlando Presentz.....Before the Fame :With Paulkrost

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    Pualkrost has been threw some ups and downs at a very young age,Orlando Presentz is very honored to have this young man on the show to not only talk about his music but to aslo talk about his faith. Join me in a great Episode with Paulkrost.

    Album"Castles and Clouds"

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    Orlando Presentz: The Spot

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    Welcome all to Orlando Presentz The Spot, I have a great show planned for you all today Chh is great positive and you learn a lot from the artist i would just like to say thank you to all the artist that showed me love thus  far.

    jerrell j rock golden, low-key, rico metilus,zae ortiz,m.a.j.o.r.s.,raely elle,m.i.c.,dj pluto,

    Just to name a few and thank you to the artist up and coming be blessed tune in to The Spot.

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    Orlando Presentz....Before the Fame: 180_Records

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    180_Records is from Ogden Utah, we will have a chance to speak to them about there ministry things that they have going on in the industry and how there music is changing people lives around the world.

    Check out there music on soundcloud. Help support there Cause

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    Interview with The Thirsty Perch Blues Band

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    www.thirstyperchbluesband.com  1pm central time

    Rockin Blues

    Band Members

    Chris Collins
    George Ferguson
    Chuck Luscombe

    Chris Carr
    Andrew Ogrodzinski


    Grand Rapids, Mi

    Electrifying Muscular Rockin Blues Band hailing from Grand Rapids Michigan

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    Orlando Presentz...Before the Fame

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    Join me in welcoming NASA to todays show a awsome artist with imagination. He is bringing with him his single

    "Representa" so i hope you like it as much as i did, and we will sit down with NASA to find out Who is NASA?

    Also on the show we will have a return visit from our friend Rico Metelus,to talk to use about his up coming show Saturday.

    you dont want to miss it.

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    Orlando Presentz....Before the Fame :Iam Justified

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    There was a time in I am Justified’s life when his trials and tribulations seemed like they were not ending, and the days were only getting darker. It was during this time that he truly had to seek God for guidance, understanding, and peace. He revisited those times when he was a young “church boy”, and began to trust and believe that God was going to bring him out of his dark days. His faith helped him hold onto God’s unchanging hands and rebuild his relationship with Jesus. Iam Justified started using music as his escape.However, this time around he found himself rapping on his laptop microphone instead of only being a listener to the rappers that he once was influenced by. He utilized rapping as a form of releasing his testimony. The more songs that Iam Justified recorded on his laptop the more he felt the weight of his trials and tribulations being lifted. As he began to escape his storm his purpose and vision became clear. Without a doubt he knew God had taken him through those dark days to help him gain a stronger relationship with God, and fully understand his purpose of rapping for Christ and the soon return of his Kingdom.

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    Orlando Presentz....Before the Fame: Dann!e Amnes!a

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    Saturday show is among use are you ready to meet a new artist this is his first interview anywhere Im so proud to introduce you guys to Dann!e Amnes!a Album "The Coldest Summer". It still blows me away that this young man is just 16 Years old. So tune in and listen to what this young man has to offer to the Industry.

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    Orlando Presentz...Before the Fame

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    You know what day it is its Saturday and its another show with yours truly and our special guest will be wait for it

    The Anarchy and he is bring some heat with him tune in to learn more about whats going on with The Anarchy.

    The Mic is Hot call in

    #For nonprofitfromAProphe

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    Orlando Presentz Career Day

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    Welcome to career day what is your career we would like to know.

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    Brett Alan and the CRB Band and Angel Thurman show case

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    Brett Alan and the CRB band show case check them out on facebook The CRB Band...

    The CRB Band, formed in the Spring of 2006 in McCook, Nebraska, It has gone through some member changes over the years, but... the core of the band has remained constant with Brett Alan (Schmitz); Dean Sprinkle and Gerry Hunter. In 2013 the band added Jon and Angie Reiners, Craig Francis and Jeff Gleason. The band has heavy "New Country" influence by artist such as Jason Aldean; Eric Church; Gary Allan; Gretchen Wilson; The Band Perry; Justin Moore...and many more. The band plays some 80's classics by Fleetwood Mac; John Cougar; The Stones; The Steve Miller Band; Lynyrd Skynyrd; AC/DC. They have been known to get their blues on now and then with some Stevie Ray Vaughan; Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Jimmie Hendrix... starting off with Angel Thurman we have and interview with Angel 7pm central time on 4/8/15 then an interview with Brett Alan noon central time on 4/16/15

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    Meet The Band Buck sixx

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    Country/Southern Rock band Buck Sixx

    Chris Lovett Vocals, Guitar;Marc Craig vocals, guitars;Jeff Dillehay lead guitar,vocals,banjo; Morris Dillehay bass guitar,vocals;Chris Gibson drums,percussion.. http://www.reverbnation.com/bucksixx

    Buck Sixx is a country/rock band that stems from generations of family musicians. They all started at an early age playing along with their dads, grandfathers, cousins and uncles. As musicians, they have played with lots of other bands, but the strong family bond has brought them back together to form Buck Sixx. They play original songs written by the band with a blend of Country/Rock. The combination of lyric and music continues to grow the band’s fan base. Brothers, cousins, and Friends they hail from Columbia, Tennessee, just forty miles south of Nashville.. “Buck Sixx’s debut record is one of the strongest freshmen records I’ve ever heard. There truly isn’t a bad song on the record and there isn’t a song that would turn fans off. Buck Sixx successfully showcases who they are as individuals, as a group, as musicians, as vocalists, and as songwriters and it’s a showcase that is uniquely fresh. It’s a package that will allow them to be recognized on many different avenues in the country music industry.” – Thatsmusictome.com

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