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    Robyn Markland stops by to talk awards, contests and bloods

    in Pets

    In this episode we are joined by Robyn Markland from the Reptile Report, Ship your reptiles and the Market Place.

    We of will be discussing the "Best of 2014 Awards" 

    We will also be talking about the 2015 international herpetological symposium (IHS) and the cool contest they are running.

    IHS is proud to announce our first JUNIOR HERPETOLOGIST AWARD PROGRAM!

    The IHS is running a contest for kids and young adults to win an ALL EXPENSE PAID trip to San Antonio Texas for the 2015 International Herpetological Symposium?!


    And we will be hitting on some blood python talk and some care and breeding tips and of course the Pro Exotics line of  bloods.

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    The Bonfire Bunch - Episode 3 - "Bloods & Crypts: Covenant Talk"

    in Video Games

    Join us LIVE Tuesday, March 3rd, at 9:30 pm Eastern / 6:30 pm Pacific to discuss covenants!

    Call in or use our live chat box to join the discussion!


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    school choice the Answer To failing Schools

    in Moms and Family

     Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings and a host of other gangs plague our inner cities but is this the result of a society that has failed the children of this generation? When we look at the failure of the present school system that is validated by the number of failing schools especially in the inner city there is without question a "State of Emergency" in the public school system where ever you reside. Lets explore some answers to the problem and our responsibility to employ them.

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    Conscious, Moors, Muslims, Bloods and Crips Where do we go from HERE

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    We have watched over this past month the wanton murder of our beloved, we have seen without question, they will kill:


    We have seen very clearly, that we can not Submit to commands and survive, we cannot be Hurt and in need of assistance and survive, we cannot be in any posture and not be seen as a threat to White supremacy.

    SO WHAT NOW???

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    Dave T. Koenig: Host of Bring Your Own Lunch

    in Comedy

    Dave T. Koenig is an actor, writer, director, and comedian with credits that include The Americans (FX), Nurse Jackie (Showtime), Blue Bloods (CBS), and Damages (DirecTV), along with dozens of national and regional commercials.

    Dave is also the host of Bring Your Own Lunch (BYOL), a weekly podcast that gives him the opportunity to chat with some of his favorite actors, comedians, directors, writers, and other performers and finds out how they got started in the entertainment business and the path they traveled to success.

    Bring Your Own Lunch is posted every Tuesday and is available on iTunes, Stitcher and at  www.bringyourownlunch.com.

    Website: www.davetkoenig.com

    Twitter: @DaveTKoenig


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    Bloods vs. The Crips: Set Tripping

    in Fun

    This show is about the exciting and interesting world of Gang Banging and Set tripping. We will hear interviews from current or ex gang members in the Blood and Crip organizations describing their participation in gangs. They will also talk about what they would do different and how it has impacted their lives. Please tune in for a great show!

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    JANUARY 2015 WEEKS #1 -&- #2 REVIEWED: (PART 2: Sixth Seal Opens)

    in Current Events

    In 2013, the SUNS NORTHERN POLE REGION WENT DARK BLACK, just as Revelations Chapter (6) predicted would happen just prior to the RISING OF THE BLOOD MOONS in 2014. But just as the Bible promised in Job 33:14 that GOD SPEAKS ONCE, YEA TWICE, YET MANKIND DOES NOT PERCIEVE IT... ANOTHER DARKENED BLACK SUN IN THE SOUTHERN POLE REGION has occurred in the FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY 2015, just prior to ANOTHER PAIR OF BLOOD MOONS that are expected to RISE DURING 2015! ... WHAT ABOUT THAT FOLKS!.. TWO BLOODS IN 2014...TWO BLOOD MOONS IN 2015.. AND TWO BLACKENED SUNS TO USHER THEM INTO FULFILLMENT!... Let's talk about these fascinating facts and more, on tonites exciting episode of UNDERSTANDING THESE FINAL ENDTIMES THAT WE ARE NOW LIVING IN....SO STAY TUNED! STAY INFORMED! GET IN THE KNOW!.. AND ENJOY THE SHOW!... 

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    Gz. & Vs, Crips & Bloods soulja boots on the battlefield

    in Social Networking

    Much love to all the USA. military) but it<sA real war on American soil).

    Talking about real life gangs and their life on the streets surviving!

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    History San Diego Crips & Bloods Agree to Discuss The Gang Issues in San Diego

    in Motivation

    Call in number 657-383-1934. You also can listen in on the internet so look for it on the page.

    It has been a series of killings amongst our youth in our communities; Most have been gang-related. Families have been traumatized and asking the question Do we have a resolution? Is the concern of all residents. Through effort, hard work and lots of conversations finally the unexpected happened. Crips, Bloods, and various gang members have agreed to come together to discuss these issues that contain serious subject matter.

    This episode is called STRAIGHT UP hosted by San Diego’s own Author Curtis Howard from the popular and rising book called CellMates & CellOuts with your co- host also from San Diego Community Advocate Kevin Henderson Leaders of Change. The time is now and if you are as concerned about this issue as we are “do something even if you just spit” call in and voice your opinion. These guests have something to say guests who have lost their loved ones to this new generational genocide and hear from BLOODS & CRIP OG’s. Mark this date on your calendar. Don’t miss this rare moment in the history of San Diego Gangs and the opportunity to be heard.

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    Barn Goddess BBQ & More with host Lori Frazee

    in Food

    Join Lori each week as she interviews BBQ & Food personalities from all over.  This weeks show is sponsored by Sweet Smoke Q, Mack Daddy Smokers, Rec Tec Pellet Cookers, Royal Oak Charcoal, Cookinpellets.com, Pirate 50 Custom Trophies and Artwork, Everglades Seasonings, and Huntspoint.com.  Follow Lori and like her pages on FaceBook.  Barn Goddess BBQ, Lori.Frazee31.  Twitter handle is @barngoddessbbq.  Feel free to contact Lori about advertising and sponsorships for both the show as well as her Competition Team.  352-812-0258.  Call in number for the show LIVE is 347-202-0263 each Tuesday night starting at 7:00 EST.  Hope you can join us!!! Tonight's confirmed guests include Rich from Mad Hunky Meats with his quick off to a New Year, David Mauro, from Blue Bloods BBQ, and Brooke Orrison Lewis, the Shedd BBQ.  I'll do a stat wrap up and the year at Barn Goddess BBQ. 

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    2014-2015 College Football Playoff Preview

    in Sports

    The first college football playoff is here at the Football Bowl Subdivision level. Two of the blue bloods in the world of college football will meet on New Year's Day as the Ohio State Buckeyes out of the Big Ten Conference will take on the Alabama Crimson Tide out of the Southeastern Conference in the Sugar Bowl. The Rose Bowl will feature the defending national champions in the Florida State Seminoles out of the Atlantic Coast Conference as they are set to clash with the Oregon Ducks out of the Pac-12. Will the Heisman jinx slow down Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota? Will Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston be able to lead his team to consecutive national championships? Will Alabama head football coach Nick Saban once again get the best of Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer once more? I will discuss this and more on the 300lbsofsportsknowledge Show!!!!

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