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    Episode 55 Pastor Daniel Clark The Blood of the Lamb

    in Christianity

    The blood of the lamb and by the word of our testmony

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    Thanksgiving and Prayer/Living In The Glory of God

    in Religion

    Praise the Lord!  Today I will be sharing and teaching on SPIRITUAL WARFARE.  We need to wake up and realize that we are in battle.  The good news is that the battle has already been won.  We are victorious!  The VICTORY is ours!  We must position ourselves in CHRIST to maintain the victory that has already been won for us!  We are celebrating the Day of Atonement.  This is a day that in Israel has been declared a national day of repentance and getting cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb.......Jesus Christ.  Keeping our hearts right has everything to do with us maintaining the victory that has already been provided for us!  Invite others to listen in today!  WE GOT THE VICTORY!!!

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    The Round Table

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    Bill, Greg and I will be sitting at the not so round table of discussion and talking about various subjects concerning the Word of God tonight. WE hope you will join us in the chat room and on the phone. We welcome you to take part in the program tonight bring a testimony a thought a question. It is our purpose to bring Glory to God through the program they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. 

    GUEST CALL-IN (760) 512-7248

    TOLL FREE GUEST CALL-IN (877) 907-7060

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    wash me over

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    We are born in the likeness of sinful flesh and have been born anew by the blood of the lamb but every once in a while we need a refreshing!!! GOD has given us a promise to keep us from falling and we need him to do just that.

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    Isa 26:20  COME MY PEOPLE, enter YE into thy chambers! SHUT THY DOORS behind thee!  HIDE THYSELF as it were for a LITTLE MOMENT, until the INDIGNATION be PASSED OVER! (Exodus 12:20-<27]-31) (Isaiah 25:1-26:10)
    Shall the TRUTH be forever ignored UNHEARD and falling upon DEAF EARS?  Ancient ISRAEL understood a very important TRUTH which is largely wholly misunderstood today!   Ancient ISRAEL well discerned that the sacrificed shed BLOOD OF THE LAMB was both EVIDENCE of SIN and CRY to the MOST HIGH to vindicate the SHED BLOOD of an INNOCENT!  It was a CRY for VINDICATION!  A CRY to the PEOPLE to TURN from EVERY MANNER of SINS!   For whoever is participant in the SLAUGHTER of an INNOCENT is PARTICIPANT with MURDER!   Shall men rejoice in the SLAUGHTER of a PEACE-MAKER?   It is time NOW that a WORLD should SEE the SIN it has COMMITTED that it long REFUSED to SEE! (Zechariah 12:10, Mat.24:30-31, James/Yacob 4:8-10, Rev.1:7)    Indeed!   Let the SOULS of MEN see the TRUTH and let the SINS of MANKIND be NO MORE a MYSTERY!  Let a WORLD know the TRUTH that ALL may KNOW HOW to REPENT, therefore that ALL may seek RIGHTEOUSNESS knowing HOW to PRAISE YAH!  Let EVERY MAN SAVE HIS LIFE!   FLEE from the MIDST of BABYLON and  ... lest you be PARTAKERS with her SINS and be SMITTEN by HER PLAGUES!  PARTAKE NOW O ISRAEL, of the UNLEAVENED BREAD of the GOSPEL TRUTH and SANCTITY!   REPENT to BELIEVE the GOSPEL!  THANK YAH who prepares a PEOPLE worthy of BLESSED EXODUS!   Let US be THANKFUL for the AWAKENING!  Let NOW a HOLY NATION be REBORN!

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    They Overcame

    in Religion

    Host: Minister Billie Burns

    "And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of their Testimony" Revelation 12: 11 

    "They Overcame" this Empowering Blog Talk Radio Program features interviews of Guest with Tremendous Testimonies of how "They Overcame."  The program allows audience members to call in and give their Powerful Testimonies.

    Join us Saturday Mornings at 5:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. We appreciate your support. Call in #(858) 683-1334. Please email us at: newdestinyministries54@gmail..com or mail us any Prayer Request or Praise Reports you would like us to share on the broadcast to:  P O Box 750122, New Orleans, LA.  Also we welcome you to Like our New Destiny Ministries Facebook page and Twitterpage @newdestiny54.  Listen online at www.newdestinyministries54.com to hear our Archives Messages or on Blogtalkradio.com. 

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    Red Blood, Blue Blood: What Does Your Blood Type Mean?

    in Education

    Greetings 9MIND Sacred Sisterhood. Peace, prosperity, protection and wisdom to we all and those we love. Tonight we will be studying the BLOOD and it's true meaning and why we all are not the same based off simply skin color or other superficial things like BELIEFS. 

    Let's get it innnn...


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    womans bible study, topic will be about the blood of the lamb spiritualy.

    in Christianity

    in depth preaching about the blood of the lamb and what it represents spiritualy, and why we are aloud to claim it

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    Sunday Morning Divine Service - Nov 22 2015

    in Christianity

    9 am Sunday morning Divine Service for Sunday 11/22/15. Traditional liturgy and law gospel sermon. Pastor Houser’s sermon from the gospel of Mark 13: 24-37.

    Don’t look for signs of the end times, but be awake.

    Be awake for only God knows. We’ve lived in the last days since Jesus ascended. He’ll come again and everything will be set right. Until then, we live out our lives as baptized children of God. Because of Jesus, we have victory over sin, the devil and this fallen world.

    Lamb of God Lutheran Church 
    1010 W Lincoln St Papillion, NE 68046
    (402) 934-9045

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    LaVoy Finicum Stand Up For Our Constitution Why Is Freedom So Important?

    in Politics

    LaVoy Finicum is a Northern Arizona Rancher who loves nothing more in life than God, family, and freedom.


    As he has watched the ever increasing encroachment of government into the lives of the American people he has felt to make a stand for freedom.  He has drawn a line in the sand and that line is the Constitution in its original intent. 

    The Constitution of the United States of America is a charter to protect the freedom of man by putting strict limits on government.  We are living in a day when that supreme law of the land has been shredded by the very government that took an oath to uphold it.  By their actions the Federal Government has become lawless and stalks the liberties of this land under the guise of social justice.

    LaVoy Finicum is a real life Northern Arizona Rancher who loves nothing more in life than God, freedom, and family. His spine tingling storytelling conveys in graphic detail just how fragile and precious freedom truly is and leaves his readers with an increased desire to stand for freedom wherever possible.

    Author of Only By Blood And Suffering.

    Lavoy was raised in the back hills of Northern Arizona hunting and riding horses with my father and siblings. Born within me was a love for God, family

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