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    004 – We discuss blogs on Split Testing – Google+ – Rich Pins for Articles

    in Marketing

    In this episode of the Daily Blogcast for Internet Marketing we discuss a number of popular blogposts that we found throughout the intranet!


    Bryan Covers -

    What’s New With Google+ In Short – Barry Schwartz – Search Engine Roundtable

    Popular Desktop Music Player : Winamp – Life Hacker

    Pinterest Announces Rich Pins for Articles – Corey Eridon – Hubspot

    Google+ Custom URLs Terms of Use – Google

    Google Webmaster Tools Now Highlights Security Issues – Jennifer Slegg – Search Engine Watch

    Mark talked about -

    An Introduction to the Underground World of Cloaking – Charles Ngo

    Affiliate Marketing Income Report: September 2013 – Tyler Cruz

    If you aren’t A/B testing, you’re falling behind! – Jon Correll

    Surprise! Instagram users hate the new ads – Erin Griffith


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    Poetic Travels On The Autism Highway

    in Lifestyle

    Maripat Robison is the author of the blogspot I married a geek, and has many interesting blogposts about her life and interests. She posts about what its like to be married to someone on the spectrum. She also writes poetry and we'll get to hear some today. We'll be asking her a variety of questions and learning more abut married life in relation to the spectrum.

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    Interview w/ Freezy; An upcoming Hip Hop Artist

    in Music

    Check out the blogposts of "Freezy" on TheSashaMarinaShow.com blog!

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    STUCK with Christian Comedy Chicks (Guest Chance Scoggins)

    in Motivation

    Ever feel....STUCK? Guest Chance Scoggins is here to offer some encouragement! You'll want to sign up for his weekly inspirational blogposts at www.chancescoggins.com - His "2-minute reads" will supercharge your motivation and inspire you to reach for the greatness that lies within you!  Not so sure about that?  Are you STUCK where you are, having a hard time believing that you really are something special?  This one is for you. :)
    Follow our flight!

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    99 Report : Vet Issues, Renters Rights & Marriage Equality

    in Politics Progressive

    So this show is actually focusing on Renter Rights, since so many are Renting now due to the Economic Collapse and the Foreclosure Crisis, it will have some Timely Lessons to share. 
    But I also am remembering and honoring Vets in this episode and we have Dustin DeMoss a Vet coming on and sharing about American Hero Project. ( Power of Five is also focused on Memorial Day and our Vets.)
    Also on today's show is Drew Emery to share about his film "Inlaws Outlaws" and his Tour with this film. We also will be discussing Marriage Equality.
    On a Personal Note : "What Happened to the Radical Attic":
    For those who follow the 99 Report, in 3 weeks son and I had planned to move to Brooklyn so he could go to School there. But Mothers Day Night we were flooded out of our Home, due to an Illegal Plumbing Situation on our 3rd floor ( yes, the Radical Attic Flooded and so did all three floors and basement). We lost pretty much everything. 
    I am doing this show to share about Renters Rights, Survival Tools, and Disaster Advice. 6-6 and I have learned alot, and I want to share it with Other Renters. 
    Please see Blogposts at Watergate Summer Blog and 99 Report Blog to learn more, whole story will be posted both places. I will be broadcasting live from a Hotel.
    It will not be your normal 99 Report, If Anyone wants to call in and share Renters or Disaster Advice or Stories for Listeners that would be appreciated too.

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    C.O.R.E. ~ Limiting Beliefs

    in Self Help

    Creating Opportunities for Real Empowerment Coaches Mary Anne and Eluise will be discussing limiting beliefs and they effect they have on your self empowerment and how to shift and expand your beliefs so that you can live a more empowered life.
    You are invited to join in the discussion by calling in or joining us on Facebook to add your comments or feedback.
    You will find blogposts, BTR shows and more on our facebook page. 

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    C.O.R.E. ~ Shifting Limiting Beliefs

    in Self Help

    C.O.R.E is Creating Opportunities for Real Empowerment Coaches Mary Anne and Eluise will be discussing how to shift from limiting beliefs to living your best life. Join us and learn how to raise your awareness by becoming familiar with the sound of limiting beliefs and how you can make ongoing shifts to live a self empowered life.
    You are invited to join in the discussion by calling in LIVE or being in our chat room during the call. Also, join us on Facebook to add your comments or feedback on our wall and share in our blogposts, our BTRadio archived shows and tips to live an empowered life!  https://www.facebook.com/CreatingOpportunitiesForRealEmpowerment

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    Social Media Paradigm w/ Searchologist, video producer, & personnel, Recruiter Jim Stroud

    in Social Networking

    Jim Stroud is a training video producer, social media consultant & "Searchologist" (someone adept at online research) with an expertise in the full life-cycle placement of Executive & Technical personnel, Recruitment Research & Competitive Intelligence. He has consulted for such companies as Google, Siemens, MCI, & a host of start-up companies. During his 3-year tenure with Microsoft, he served as a Technical Sourcing Consultant & was a regular contributor to Microsoft's Technical Careers blog. When not engaged in recruitment research, competitive intelligence, & training projects for the aforementioned organizations; Jim created & sold two online properties while managing the award-winning blog The Recruiters Lounge to which he still contributes. Jim Stroud has been cited by Monster.com as being among the top 10 employment bloggers & quoted in such media as: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company & Globe and Mail. Since 2001, He has produced training videos, how-to guides & step-by-step tutorials on Resume Sourcing & Lead Generation for Recruiters. The Searchologist is a blog that gives tips, tricks & strategies about Online Lead Generation & Resume Sourcing. It is ideally suited for Recruiters & Sourcers seeking passive candidates. Topics discussed in The Searchologist include: How to search Google for free resumes, How to search Yahoo for free resumes, How to find clients for your recruiting business, How to automate your resume sourcing, How to recruit with YouTube. Jim has been developing & implementing innovative strategies for web-based user procurement and has developed & recommended online commerce strategy that will result in the greatest share of the market over the long run. Develop competitive market analysis. Prepares reports, including charts and graphs, and present recommendations for action plans to management. Create online content to include: blogposts, podcasts, videos and comics.

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    Boxing Headlines April 17, 2010

    in Sports

    We react to and discuss the latest articles and blogposts about boxing.