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  • 01:28

    LFC-Sexual Relational Healing Retreat Blog-A-Thon

    in Christianity

    This Blog-a-Thon is design to capture the listening audience an assist them in registering for this Free Sexual Relational Healing Conference. One will be thoroughly informed about the retreat as a whole, learn about hundreds of wordshops & opportunities to lend their ministry gifting.  you will have the opportunity as well to Register and qualify for Special Discounted Hotel Room Rates.

    So mark your calendars, invite your friends and be apart of this live blog-a-thon.  If interested come by 1750 w. 103rd st., Chicago, Il. 60643  meet & greet others who will be embarking on this life changing journey. Remember thats Saurday, August 8th from 10-4 onsite.

  • 00:15

    ali's first blog talk

    in Entertainment

    in my first blog talk I will discuss interesting things that happened over the weekend. In my life, and on tv. For example, the VMA's, sports games, and celebrity news.

  • 00:17

    My Thoughts on Blog Tours and Blog Tour Companies

    in Books

    Jo Michaels, Indie author advocate, discusses the pros and cons of blog tour companies as she gives you real time numbers so you can decide for yourself if it's the right step to take with your newly published novel. There are things you may not have considered when thinking about the marketing behind your book, and if you're ready to have your mind blown just a little bit, tune in and give a listen. She's doing a series of posts to help guide authors on the path of self-promotion via blog tours. You can find the first of the series on her blog here.

    Follow Jo on Facebook here, and on Twitter here. Check out her website here.

  • 01:21

    Mag Blog Radio 1st Anniversary Event

    in Lifestyle

    An idea that was created 1 year ago has turned into a celebratory platform of creative expression that has given a voice to many who have felt they never had a voice and has educated many about the importance of celebrating the worth of groups who are facing extreme adversity.  We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate with listeners, old and new, and to make way for a bright future in the Mag Blog Radio World.

    A special thanks to all of those who have made Mag Blog Radio possible.  Please feel free to comment on this page with your encouragement and thoughts.  If you would like to join in our celebration, please feel free to call in.

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    JESUS...The Only Way Radio-Blog

    in Religion

    JESUS...The Only Way Radio-Blog is having Our Special Guest, Bro James McGilberry and he will be sharing a Testimony that will blow your mind.  

  • 01:07

    Youth In Action ‘in sight and ready to Fight

    in Youth

    CEO Katheryn Clark-Thompson, wife, mother, counselor, and advocate desires to assist the youth of today achieve and maximize the potential within themselves.  Clark-Thompson counsels and advocates for young men and women daily in the crisis intervention arena.  After pacing for 14 years to complete a higher education, obtaining a Doctorate in Religious Counseling from Gospel Ministries Outreach Theological Institute, she is now focused on giving men, women and youth access to knowledge and tools required to achieve. On all levels the focus is locating the potential and realizing through acquired knowledge the purpose.

  • What Do I Blog About? Types of Blogs to Get You Started

    in Business

    What do you do when you can't think of anything to write? If this is you, then you want to join me on this week's episode of BlackBeltSelling. After spending a month, getting our creative juices going, we are going to help you jumpstart your blog with great ideas to keep you writing for months!!

    One of the biggest hindrances people have when it comes to blogging is figuring out what to talk about. After all, hasn't everything been covered? And then some?

    You have a unique voice and perspective to share with the world and there are so many ways to do it. In this week's episode of BlackBeltSelling, we are going to give you dozens of ideas from some of the best bloggers around. Maybe we'll be able to get one to join us.

    Blogging is so important in marketing your business and lead generation. You want to be sure to join us this week so you can get started, no matter what level of experience you have! 

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    Catholic Now: Prayer-A-Thon

    in Christianity

    On Friday, May 8th at 6:30 PM EST we will hold our first every Prayer-A-Thon where we invite you to call in with your prayer intentions, after taking intentions and sharing the news we will do a 15 minute prayer service that you wont want to miss. If you want to call in and share your intention please do so by calling the number at the top of this page. I will be joined by Diane Woodson and Elvin Shaver as we present to you one of the most beautiful online and LIVE prayer services! You won't want to miss it, invite your friends and family to this annual event. God Love You!



  • 00:36

    JESUS....The Only Way Radio-Blog

    in Religion

    JESUS...The Only Way Radio-Blog is having Our Group Thoughts Individual What God Has Placed On Your Heart.

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    Blog It or Vlog It Challenge

    in Blogs


    Create STYLE

    Create MORE INCOME….

    Get 1000 subscribets by joining us here 

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the word “BLOG”?

    You know a blog is necessary today to keep customers and clients in-the-know.You also know that blogs create business and that is exactly what you need, more income.

    So, if you want

    1. At least 1000 subscribers

    2. To learn to engage and support your customers and clients

    3. Want more conversions

    4. To learn how to run a profitable blog….

    Then this show is for you!

    The challenge is to BLOG IT or VLOG IT 100 posts!

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    A Little Blog Motivation

    in Self Help

     We will begin understanding your motives for wanting to write a blog.

    In the second part we will discuss goals and motives from the perspectives of psychology and motivational science.

    I am using this podcast to provide visitors from StoryBizCoach.com a way to listen to the info vs. reading. I am not interviewing people for this project but, perhaps, I will for another show.

    I'm excited and I hope that you are as well. Let's get started.


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