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    WIS Wilkinson Blog

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    A blog for Wilkinson in WIS

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    #7: Websites, part 2 - to blog or not to blog?

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    Deciding to blog - three factors to consider:

    time that you have for writing
    your intention for the blog
    the long game versus the short game

    If you decide to blog, elements to consider of your posts & blog:

    what to write about
    how often to write
    post graphics
    post links
    getting traffic to your posts
    blog template and design
    additional elements - ads, guests on your blog

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    Radio Blog

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    Welcome to the show feel free to call in and join the convertsation or just to chat 657-383-1813 :) I have not done a show in a while and its great to be back doing them again. I have not had much time lately to do one because i have been working alot but today i have a chance to do one which will be awesome. Not sure what the topic of discussion will be yet today but i guess i will just go with the flow and do my normal show today. If anyone has anything they think should be discussed on the show feel free to call in and we can discuss it and make points and hopefully get people's attention on the issue at hand. I'm glad to be back and i hope everyone that is able to listen can listen. :)

    Enjoy the show :)

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    Dr. Imani Ma'at Discusses the 11 Alive Can-A-Thon & Youth Empowerment Efforts

    in Health

    Stepping Into My Power Blog Talk Radio is excited to share wonderful people and programs that are dedicated to enhancinig the health and wellness of the community!  From Youth to Elders, our mission is to inform and inspire each of you to Step Into Your Power with Health and Wellness!

    Join us on Wednesday December 3rd 9-10 pm EST (6-7pm Pacific Time) on the Stepping into My Power Blog Talk Radio Show to learn more about the 32nd Annual 11 Alive Can-A-Thon and how you can make a difference to those in need.

    Helping Schools - and teaching the youth to give back to their communities! Please encourage youth around the country to call in to express their opinions about how young people can make a positive difference in their communities! It is going to be a Lively Show!


    Stepping Into My Power

    Or call: 646-915-9853

    Press #1 to Join the Conversation


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    New GBBLive with Holly Whitfield of ILoveMemphis Blog & 92.9 ESPN's Ben Hogan!

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    It's another week, which means another big show for the GBBLive crew! Join Host Joe Mullinax and Producer Chip Williams live at 6:30 CT or listen to the archived podcast!

    Segment one will once again feature Grizzly Bear Blues' Managing Editor Chris Faulkner joining the guys for some "Grizzly Bear News." The Grizzlies' 2-2 start to December will be discussed, as will Tayshaun Prince's resurgence and potential trades involving the man with the Go-Go-Gadget arms.

    ILoveMemphis Blog's Holly Whitfield comes on the show in segment two for her second appearance on GBBLive! She will give Host Joe Mullinax 5 things to do in Memphis during his upcoming trip and also runs down some great Grizzly gifts for anyone on your list this holiday season.

    Finally the Producer of the Eric Hasseltine Show on 92.9 ESPN in Memphis Ben Hogan will be on with Mullinax and Williams. They will hand out 1st quarter of the NBA season grades for the Grizzlies and look ahead to the games the Grizzlies will play between the live broadcast and the next show December 17th before the San Antonio Spurs game.

    All this and so much more on the next episode of GBBLive! Follow us on Twitter @GBBLive and sign up for audibletrial.com/grizzlybearblues to get a great deal on audio books and also help GBBLive support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

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    JESUS...The Only Way Radio-Blog

    in Religion

    JESUS...The Only Way Radio-Blog is having Our Special Guest, Founder/Minister Nomsa Jonah from River Of Fire Ministries speaking on "Now Faith Is The Substance Of Things Hope For" with Scripture Hebrew 11.

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    I will be playing a selction of music ranging from reggae , to jams to beat to mashups to remixes and drops ..


    so welcome..come join in and join us and join on in.. 

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    JESUS...The Only Way Radio-Blog

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    JESUS...The Only Way Radio-Blog with Andrea, De'Bora and Faith speaking on "Persevering Through Fath" with Scripture Hebrews 10:22-23.   

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    Sister's Sowing The Word Ministry Radio-Blog

    in Religion

    Sister's Sowing The Word Ministry Radio-Blog with Faith, Viola and Cheavon will speak on what the Lord has placed on our hearts.


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    Sister's Sowing The Word Radio-Blog

    in Religion

    Sister's Sowing The Word Ministry Radio-Blog with Faith, Viola and Cheauvon.  What the Lord has placed on our hearts will be our Topic

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    Frank The Bodyguard on Blog Talk Radio

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    Blog Talk radio at it's finest, Cigars, Scotch, Guns, Politics, Wine ,Sports, Tune in and sound off of your cigar and drink and weapon of choice, Sound off about your political views.

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