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    4 Surefire Tips For Blind Dating

    in Self Help

    Everyone has experienced the dreaded “fix up” at some point. Why do people in relationships feel the need to play matchmaker for their single friends? Is it possible to find love on a blind date?

    How to accept, politely (but firmly) decline, or deal with the aftermath of a fix up gone wrong, as well as the joys of a match that truly works!

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    Blind Trust by John Nuckel

    in Books

    Join us at the global campfire for a preview of Blind Trust

    Host: Lady Selah SuJuris

    Guest: Author of the #rectorSTseries John Nuckel

    Dramatic Readings: John Nuckel, Lindsay Nuckel, and Mike Paine

    Book Reviews: Charlie Checkers

    Video Reviews: Carole P. Roman

                            Michale Phillip Cash

    Surprise at the end of the show! 

    Website Link: johnnuckel.com

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    FORUM West Recap & Integrating Wearable Devices into Wellness

    in Business

    Following the thought-provoking discussion this week at the 2015 IHC FORUM West in Las Vegas, hosts Doug Field and Andrew Dietz will be live in the studio for this week's edition of HealthCare Consumerism Radio.

    For the first half of the program, the hosts will share some of the highlights and key takeaways from this week's conference. Then, at 11:30 a.m. (ET), the hosts will welcome Dr. Rajiv Kumar, founder and CEO of ShapeUp, to the program. While wearable devices are enjoying immense consumer popularity, they’re only one piece of a holistic, successful and engaging employee wellbeing program. In this segment, Dr. Kumar and the hosts will share the most successful ways to integrate wearables into employee wellbeing and discuss key considerations for robust, personalized programs.

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    The 2015 FORUM West Pre-Conference Show

    in Business

    With FORUM West just on the other side of the weekend, host Doug Field brings listeners a special pre-conference episode of HealthCare Consumerism Radio. Special guests from ConnectYourCare, Interactive Health and SpendWell Health will discuss topics ranging from HSAs to wellness to retail health care.

    The first guest on this week's program will be Allen Pease, the chief business development officer at ConnectYourCare. As one of the keynote panelists at FORUM West next week, Allen will explore several areas of emerging innovation that are creating a true consumer HSA experience. In this morning's interview, Allen will preview some of the insights that attendees can expect during next week's keynote panel and also reveal some of the latest happenings at ConnectYourCare as we head into 2016.

    The second guest on the program will be Cathy Kenworthy, president and CEO of Interactive Health, the country’s leading provider of health management solutions. In a constantly changing industry, innovation is vital to staying relevant. In this segment, Cathy joins us to discuss how innovation is changing the workplace wellness landscape today. 

    For the third and final segment, the hosts will welcome Marcee Chmait, president of SpendWell Health, to the program. By eliminating the “middle man” and bringing patients and doctors together directly, the beauty of a true supply-demand economic principles take shape ultimately reducing health care cost and putting the control back in the hands of the health care consumer. Consumers can purchase health care services at known prices and providers can serve consumers before payers and take control of the supply side of the marketplace. In this interview, Marcee and the hosts will discuss the simplicity of a supply-demand marketplace and how it is applicable and necessary in the health care industry.

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    Kennedy assassinated - No walking stick for blind girl - Christmas grinch

    in Pop Culture

    Hr1   Did you hear any historical remembrances of the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination? Me neither. It was yesterday. Losing history...

    Major General Paul Vallely talks about the refugee situation in Europe, and the potential for it coming to the US. He says there's no reason to bring them to US shores because there are plenty of other options.

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won't hear anywhere else. Tune in, you'll be surprised at some of the weird news stories and what passes for news nowadays! 

    Hr2   Military pilots say they cannot get clearance from the top to take out 75% of the ISIS enemy targets they've identified. Restrictions on our military are allowing ISIS to expand and grow.

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won't hear anywhere else. Today... dental dams in 6th grade sex ed class, cultural appropriation of yoga, and feminist teacher blocks boys from playing with Legos during free class time.

    Hr3   School takes blind girl's walking cane away over fears she may trip someone. So much for accommodation.

    California school district voted unanimously to allow it’s students to choose to draw Muhammad, Jesus, and or any other religious leader if they so choose!

    Looks like Ahmed the Clock Kid is finally ready to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame, to the tune of a $10 million lawsuit against the city!

    Christmas Grinches cause mayhem at VA hospital.

    How long would the professor have had his job if he had said "don't attack Christians, attack Muslims instead."

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

  • Onsite Health Clinics & Open Enrollment

    in Business

    On this week's edition of HealthCare Consumerism Radio, your hosts Doug Field and Andrew Dietz will talk with special guests from CBIZ and Acclaris on topics ranging from onsite clinics to health savings accounts. 

    For the first segment on this week's show, the hosts will welcome Polly Thomas, Director of Employee Benefit Consulting & On-Site Clinic Consultant, CBIZ, to the program to talk about onsite health clinics and why they're not just for large employers any longer. Onsite clinics have changed over the course of the past year and will continue to do so, especially as reporting requirements as mandated by the ACA come into play. Though onsite clinics are traditionally thought to be outside the realm of smaller organizations’ resources, this is all changing as shared-site or near-site clinics rise in popularity. In this interview, Polly will discuss why onsite clinics are becoming a more widely adopted means of incorporating holistic wellness and prevention methods in the workplace.

    For the second segment, Acclaris CEO Dean Mason will return to the program to discuss this year's open enrollment trends. Fall enrollment is nothing new, but this year will be more challenging for employers and consumers alike thanks to continued health care industry shifts. Consumers need to navigate more varied and complex plan options than ever before and the market is bursting with new legislation and ever-increasing regulatory oversight. In this segment, Dean will share his take on fall enrollment, especially the need to address the convergence of finance, health care and consumerism. 

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    Blind Trust by Award Winning Author John Nuckel

    in Books

    Join us at the global campfire for a preview of the third book in the Rector Street Series, Blind Trust.

    Recap of Book 1: The Vig; Book 2: GRIT


    Host: Lady Selah SuJuris

    Co-Host: Charlie Checkers

    Guest: John Nuckel

    Video Reviews: Carole P. Roman

                           Michael Phillip Cash

    Dramatic Reads: Mike Paine

                             Lindsay Nuckel, John Nuckel


    After the show:  (You may copy and paste)

    You can tweet @johnnuckel "Take me to #rectorSTseries" for a entry to win a copy of The Vig.

    Pin the tweet and tell friends for a chance to win the series in Paperback or ebook!

    Award Winning Author; 2014 Marble Award Winner for The Vig

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    New Music Inferno w/ Blind Joe(Team Blake - Season 9 The Voice)!!!

    in Music

    Blind Joe, 32 - Fargo, ND

    Joe was born three months premature and was given only a 2% chance of living but miraculously, he survived. While in the hospital, his eyes weren’t protected from the harsh hospital lighting, which left him blind. Joe is incredibly close to his grandfather, who taught him how to play guitar by putting it on his lap. He is now known all over town as Blind Joe, gigging with his wife. He doesn’t let his circumstances get in the way of anything else he wants to accomplish. He loves dirt biking and works with other people with disabilities, teaching technology. 

  • Programs and Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Pennsylvanians

    in Culture

    Join us for a conversation about programs and services offered by the Veterans Health Administration’s Blind Rehabilitation Services and the PA Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services, available to Pennsylvanians. 

    Our guests will be:

    Jennifer Throop, M.S. CVRT (Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist), Blind Rehab Specialist/Visual Impairment Services Coordinator for the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center, Karen Walsh-Emma, M.S. CRC, District Administrator of the Wilkes-Barre District Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services, and Jim Pius, a Vietnam Combat Army Veteran, legally blind since 1989 due to a traumatic eye injury resulting in Glaucoma. Jim enjoys an active, independent lifestyle in NEPA, and credits his success to the great support he has received from the VA and his family and friends.

    White Cane Day Blindness and Disability Expo Flyer

    PA Independent Living Radio Show is brought to you Fridays at 12:00 pm EDT by The Arc of Luzerne County. Please consider a donation in support of our work to help improve the quality of life for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families.

    Visit PA Disability News to stay up to date on news and events of interest to the PA disability community. Thanks for listening!

  • The UCC Show 2.36 - No Blind Eye: Suicide

    in Christianity

    Welcome to the UnCommon Christianity podcast, affectionately known as The UCC Show!  

    Tonight- No Blind Eye returns to talk about suicide! According to statistics, 1 in 3 people have known a person who has committed suicide, attempted suicide, or has been connected to a suicide. People who have committed or attempted suicide have been called cowards, attention whores, and worse. Several religions and multiple denominations within Christianity believe it to be the "unforgivable sin." The biggest question asked about the subject is: Is it unforgivable? The No Blind Eye series returns to dig into the topic with its typical no-holds-barred approach!

    All this and more on tonight's UCC Show!

    Send us your thoughts and questions- Our contact information is below!

    Email: AskUCCShow, Phone: 347.989.8865, Twitter: @UCC_Show, Facebook: facebook.com/uccministries or join us in the live chatroom.

    Join us weekly as we discuss the things that matter. This may be one of the most thought-provoking two hours of your day- Join us and participate!

    Check out BeNotCommon.com, and join us here weekly for a show you definitely shouldn't miss!

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    The Cadillac Tax, Financial Wellness Innovation & Zenefits

    in Business

    Hosts Ron Bachman and Doug Field welcome four special guests to the show to discuss topics ranging from the "Cadillac" tax to financial wellness.

    Up first on this week's program are Kate Hull, executive director for Corporate Health Care Coalition, and Richard Stover, FSA, principal at Buck Consultants, for a discussion about the “Cadillac” tax. As representatives for The Alliance to Fight the 40, a broad-based coalition that seeks full repeal the “Cadillac” tax, Rich and Kate will give the audience a rundown on the basic facts of this 40 percent tax; why such a diverse group of participants has joined The Alliance to Fight the 40 to support a full repeal; and why HR/benefits professionals in particular should be concerned.

    For the second segment, the hosts talk with Bob Gaydos, corporate strategy advisor for Kashable. Employers are moving towards higher deductible health plans. Furthermore, the lower the employee income, the higher the health insurance deductible. Yet half of U.S. workers have limited emergency savings, limited retirement savings and lack access to affordable credit, creating a stressful burden in the workplace. In this interview, we’ll discuss new trends and products to help promote financial wellness and ease the burden of financial stress.

    For the third and final segment, Ron and Doug welcome Bud Bowlin, benefits advisor for Zenefits, to the program. Bud has been advising business owner about health insurance and benefits for more than 35 years. Having just celebrated his 70th birthday, Bud is now a benefits advisor at Zenefits and coach of the next class of associate benefits advisors at Zenefits U. In this interview, Bud and the hosts will discuss Zenefits' technology, the recent partnership with NAHU and what the audience might not know about Zenefits.