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    God Bless Our Blended Family

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    The rate of divorce is high among families affected by disability. But what happens when parents of children with special needs remarry and blend into a new family? Listen as host Vangie Rodenbeck interviews her husband Jason and they discuss their ideas on managing the challenges of step-parenting a child with different abilities, blended children from different families and honoring God in the process.

    Jason and Vangie Rodenbeck live in Cumming, GA. They brought together 3 children from each of their previous marriages. Vangie son, Noah, lives with an autism spectrum disorder. 

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    7 Tips for Blended Families

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    Raising a blended family comes with its share of hurdles. In the United States, approximately one-third of all households are blended. With patience and a optimistic outlook, the blended family can be one filled with affection, respect, and appreciation.

    It isn’t easy for the children when parents remarry. They are trapped in the middle of a situation that can cause immediate feelings of frustration and sadness.

    It can be particularly hard to find the right balance when you’re a stepparent. Many adults try to blend their families with high expectations. Many think it will be similar to their previous marriage in terms of time spent with their spouse and the attentiveness they’ll be able to give the relationship. Unfortunately, this may not match your reality.

    Every family has a different dynamic. The trick to making a blended family work is finding a new, combined dynamic that includes time spent together, discipline, and rules BOTH parties can live with.

    Let’s look at 7 tips for creating a great blended family.

    Register for the seminar: Family: Putting the Pieces Back Together Saturday October 11, 2014  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/family-putting-the-pieces-back-together-tickets-11728338777

    [Season 3, Episode 01]

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    ONLINE LEARNING : The iNACOL Blended Learning Competency Framework:

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    "Blended Learning Teacher Competencies"  is the topic with guests Dr. Allison Powell - iNACOL's Vice President for New Learning Models
    and Dr. Kathryn Kennedy - Senior Researcher, Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute .Both were co-authors of the recently released iNACOL Blended Learning Competency Framework:http://bit.ly/inacolbtc

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    Blended Families, Blended Assets with Debbie Cunningham

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    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to be YOUR wise advisor. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, gain influence, and be heard. 

    Every show, we are committed to bringing you new ideas and offering new ways of thinking to give you opportunities to change your thinking and change your life. You CAN live the life you've imagined!


    FB: http://www.Facebook.com/PlaidforWomen 

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    Blended Families: As The New Parent/Partner.

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    The first recorded Blended Family in the Bible was between Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. We see the dynamics in the family structure and struggles between the siblings and parents. This struggles are still common place in our present time.

    With the rate of young pregnancies, separations, divorces and death bringing room to more families being blended, we will take a look at loopholes to avoid and ways to foster harmonious living conditions in Blended Familes. It is very possible!!

    Join us on Thursday at 10pm as we dish on this topic. 

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    Functing inside a Blended Family

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    Have you recently blended two families into one family or have you been blended for a while, but things just aren’t quite what you expected? You aren’t alone in your disappointment.  33% of the blended families in North America are feeling the same way.  The reality of it is, that blended families are not like the Brandy Bunch and we will uproot the myths that has been displayed in Hollywood.  Create your own holiday's in your blended family to create great memories and to strengthen the family unit.  Listen in today as Kimberley Hart - Ogburn and Andre` Ogburn talks about Blended Families.  Call with your comments and experiences at 646-716-6296

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    iNACOL 's Allison Powell (VP for New Learning Models) and Bruce Friend (Strategic Partnerships) are our guests

    To reach the  roadmap itself: http://bit.ly/blendedlearningroadmap

    Presented by DREAMBOX LEARNING

    www.dreambox.com   @dreambox_learn

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    BLENDED FAMILY NATION - Statistics & Research

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    This weeks program will focus on the GIANT 'Under the Radar' DEMOGRAPHIC that blended families (stepfamilies) are in our nation.
    Hosts Dan Snell and Michael Hillebrand will talk statistics, research, buying power, voting clout and community impact.
    BLENDED FAMILY NATION is the weekly radio outreach of USABFA. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BLENDED FAMILY ASSOCIATION.  Visit www.USABFA.org for membership and information.
    The Mission of USABFA is to UNITE, to SERVE and to ADVOCATE for stepfamilies across America.  Bringing together resources and information in one central place.
    USABFA does so with a message from the heart toward...


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    Blended Families

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    Real Life w/Real Talk invites you to join us for Season 4! With hosts D. Smith, Yarima Karama, Ms. Freak and Real Talk Tiff, get ready to go deeper than we've EVER gone before! Brace yourselves for Real Conversations with Real People! RLwRT is ALWAYS Real Talk!!!

    Blended Family: a family consisting of a couple and their children from this and all previous relationships. Made most popular by the show The Brady Bunch.

    Navigating successfully through the many types of blended families can be challenging. Tonight, we will discuss the various types of blended families, the challenges that come with them & some tips on how to overcome these challenges.

    Peace and Blessings...

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    Blended Families

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    Join us as we will be discussing blended families. Just because two adults get along , love each other and want to spend eternity together does not mean their children feel the same. Or even happy for them. Many ups and downs come with putting two families together. We will be discussing some of the problems as well as logical solutions when dealing with combining families.

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    A Look Inside The Blended (STEP) Family

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    Half of ALL Families are divorced or part of a Blended Family Dynamic. Two out of Three Step-Families breakup. If WE could share with YOU a way to almost fail proof YOUR current or next relationship, WOULD YOU LISTEN? Join Us and our very special guest Jeannette Lofas, Ph.D as we embark on a 5 part series on "The Blended Family". 

    The show will be in two parts. First half will feature an indepth discussion with Dr. Lofas and the second half will feature guest Co-Hosts, Lorinda "Rin" Reddie, Edward & Debbie Smith and Derrick & Sonya McCollum for a round-table discussion. 

    Bio of Jeannette Lofas, Ph.D., LCSW
    America’s pioneering authority on divorce, remarriage and children Counselor, Lecturer and Spokesperson President and Founder of the Stepfamily Foundation, Inc. Certified Divorce & Co-Parenting Mediator - See learn more about Dr. Lofas and her organization please visit: at: www.stepfamily.org

    Please be sure to invite family and friends YOU don't want to miss this discussion. 


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